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My created Naruto Character Re-dux

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My created Naruto Character Re-dux

Post by racefan1992 on Wed May 13, 2015 2:05 pm

Clean it up and explained things more. Might do it one more time when Part 3 is over.

General Information:
Name: Akiba "Saskei" Arisaka
Birthdate: October 18th
Age: Part 1: 47/48 Part 2: 50-51 The Last: 53 After TL: 54
Height: Part1/2/TL 6ft 2in
Weight Part1/2 200lbs TL: 195lbs
Blood type: 0+
Classification: Retired/Advisor
Affiliation: Leaf Village, ASF, Wolf Village
Team: Team 14
Clan: Arisaka Clan
Family: Father, Mother deceased
Kasumi Arisaka: Ex-wife deceased
Ryoko: God Daughter
Kinasato: God Son
Yuna Hyuuga Arisaka: Wife
Erika Hyuuga: Step Daughter
Rank: Jonin Part 1/2, Advisor TL
ID number: 114167
Acadamy Graduation Age: 13
Nicknames: Twister, Nemo, Saskei (first name really but changed it too Akiba later)

Part 1:
Saskei "Akiba" Arisaka was born roughly 46 years before the start of the Naruto series. After his mother and father were ready they moved back too the Leaf Village too raise him (moved out so they could enjoy the birth in private.) As soon as Akiba was able too enrolled in the Acadamy, his parents retired. Even tho he was being taught by teachers, his parents thought it would be best if they passed on their knowledge and skills onto him (his mother was a medic and Genjutsu expert as well as a sword user, his dad was a taijutsu expert, with some skill in ninjutsu as well as a bow user). Akiba learned quickly but wasn't the best student in his class (middle in terms of scores and grades). Akiba could have graduated sooner but decided too stay in school too learn as much has he could (and train too improve). Once he graduated he was assigned too Team 14. After some growing pains, the team worked like a well oiled machine. Through the years he and his team grew in skill and bond, becoming a close nit family. Another person whom he concidered a part of his family was a girl named Yuna Hyuuga. They were in the same class together but knew eachother. After the prelims, Akiba and Yuna started training together in order get ready for the finals. During that time, they formed a relationship. After the finals, Akiba made Chunin but Yuna didn't. However they had grown closer too together and had fallen in love. But been so young, they keep it a secret for as long as they could but their parents eventually found out. After 7 years, Yunas father broke them up (for reasons unknown). Leaving Akiba and Yuna devestated. Eventually Akiba got Yuna out of the village and stayed in touch with her. At 24 years old Akiba met Kasumi while out on a solo mission. Kasumi was tired and scared and Akiba helped her out. Eventually they fell in love and got married. Kasumi had however not told Akiba that she was a run away nin. One day Kasumi was captured by her fathers ninja and taken back too her village. Akiba was attack by one of the ninja but Akiba captured and tortured him (something he is not proud of). After getting information, he went too get Kasumi. He fought through the ninja (non-lethally) and found Kasumi about too be executed. Akiba stopped the execution. Kasumis father made threats against his life but Akiba stood firm. Even stating that he'll die next too her because he loves her. After hearing that, her father had a change of heart (reminded of his late wife). He decided too spare her life and forgive her running away. Even taking blame for making her run away. This action strengthened Akibas and Kasumis bond, along with their relationship. 7 years later Akiba had learned his sensei passed away, Team 14 met up too honor their late sensei. Their honoring was short lived as the 9-tailed fox attacked the village. Team 14 reformed (including Kasumi) and protected the village as best they could. They succeeded, however Kasumi was injuried. So much so she could not bare childern. After the attack, Akiba went downhill. He began drinking endlessly. Kasumi left him because of his new found habits. Lord 3rd removed Akiba from active duty because he couldn't do mission effectively. 2 years later a friend of Akibas found out about what he was doing too himself and rang his bell about what he was doing too himself but also his marriage. Akiba hit rockbottom after that and vowed too change himself. He did and Kasumi returned too him too see if he had changed. Kasumi was happy he changed back too his old self. Lord 3rd eventually was made aware of Akibas changes and allowed him back too active duty. Akiba became a successful memeber of the Leaf Village once again.

Part 2, Before The Last:
Even years after been let back on active duty, Akiba worked tirelessly too make up for lost time. He rarely toke time off and builded a heathly relationship with is god kids. He even helped protect his home when Pain attacked and helped rebuild. When the 4th Great Shinobi War approaching Akiba, threw his name in along with his old teammates. They were put in the same divison. They all fought too protect Naruto when the time came. But like everyone else, fell victim too IT when it was cast. When IT was dispelled by Naruto and Saskue, Akiba used his medical knowledge too help heal the injured. He attended Nejis funeral. After a few months, dispite dislike leading teams, he decided too offer his service in the field, too which Lord 6th accepted. He when lead missions ranging from D rank too A rank. However it pleased him by leading younger ninja, that the world was in good hands when he would finally step away. After being handed a mission with Ino, Sakura and Hinata. He retired, stating that the world was in good hands with ninja like Ino, Sakura and Hinata in it. And toke an advisory role between the Leaf Village and the Wolf Village (Kasumis Village).

The Last:
Akiba was at the Leaf Village when meteors fell from the sky. He, along with everyone who was able, defended the village. However old injuries held him back from going 100%. After the world was saved, Akiba had surgery on his injuries. Had Tsunade too his left knee and a friend do his lower back. After healing up, Akiba resumed his role as advisor.

After The Last:
While attending a meeting Akiba was made aware that his wife Kasumi had fallen ill. When arriving at the hospital, it was revealed that is was the illness that toke her father. Dispite catching it early and advances in medical technology and techquines, they could do nothing too stop it. Kasumi only had a few short days too spend time with those she loved. During that time, Kasumi past on the role of Heiress too Ryoko and head of the village too Kinasato. Dispite beening young, they accepted. Akiba, servely depressed about losing her, Kasumi told him "Do not worry. I'll always be with you. Do not be affraid of finding happiness again Akiba." Kasumi then had a private conversation with Yuna. With everyone in the hospital room Kasumi told everyone there that she loved them and will watch over them. She then quietly past on too the afterlife. Before Kasumi was buried, Akiba began too find comfort in his old habits. However Yuna discovered this and confronted him. They had a verbal altercation, in which Yuna confessed she loved him and she'd never love anyone else in the world. And ask him why she never married. She then left him too decide when too do. After falling asleep with a bottle of whiskey next too him, Kasumi visited him in a dream telling it is ok too be happy, even if it is with Yuna or someone else. And that it is ok too let go of her. Akiba woke up and threw the bottle of whiskey away and vowed 2 things: be happy and never touch a drop again. At Kasumis funeral, they held a funeral prye. It is a family tradition that has gone back generations. Akiba laid his wedding ring in his wifes urn filled with her ashes, bidding her goodbye and that a piece of him will be with her. After a few months, Yuna approached him and asked him how he was doing and he said he was doing fine. But ask her about what she said before what her loving him. Yuna re-confessed that she did and never stopped howver she respected their marriage and was glad they atleast stayied friends (even saying that her feelings almost completely faded away). Akiba then felt the old feelings he felt for her return too him and confessed that he did too. He tells her that she never replace Kasumi but he always felt happiness around her and that Kasumi would want him too happy. Taking it slow at first, Akiba and Yuna eventually feel comfortable about being together in private and public. Some months later they decided too get married, however if it doesn't work out, they will stay together but be partners instead. They have a small cermony with only a few people attending. They decide not too have a honeymoon as they are "too old for that stuff." And resume their duties with little delay.

His sensei once described him as "shy, quiet if somewhat timid. But, open minded, intelligent, caring and brutally honest. He'll tell you what he thinks and he does not expect you too like it." Yuna described him as (when not being shy) "kind, talkative, caring and sweet." Of course this when he was younger, as Akiba got older he became more open about his opinion but still weighs his words carefully sometimes. Has a quick wit and can speak in a sarcastic tone but means no harm in his sarcasm. Can crack a joke in certain situations and make people laugh. Is sometimes overally serious but lightens up when made aware of it. Also as a natural sense of curiosity about things and tries too get as much knowledge as he can about whatever interests him.

Akiba and his parents dearly/deeply loved eachother. His parents always cared about his happiness and growth as person and as a ninja. Even when he was in the Acadamy, they past on their knowledge, skill and love too him. When his parents past away, he kept their head protectors with him most of the time. And visits their graves (which are not in the Leaf Village) whenever he can.

Kasumi Arisaka
It is safe too say Akiba and Kasumi loved eachother dearly. After saving Kasumi they formed a relationship... eventually fell in love and got married. Akiba saving Kasumi from her father, their bond and love grew. However after the 9-tails attacked the village, Akiba and Kasumi had a falling out because Akiba new found habits. But after 2 years Akiba got rid of his habits and Kasumi returned too him. Many years later Kasumi fell ill with the same illness toke her father. Akiba was at a lose over the fact his wife was dieing and he could do nothing about it. Kasumi told him it is ok too find happiness with someone else and that he shouldn't be afraid too find happiness. Kasumi was buried in her clans traditional way, Akiba placed his wedding ring in her ashes so that a piece of him can be with her. Even in death Kasumi visited Akiba (in a dream), telling it is ok too let go of her and knowing he'll never forget her. Akiba has not forgotten her. And is happy have met her and have been with her.

Yuna Hyuuga Arisaka
Akiba and Yunas relationship goes back too when they were at the Acadamy. They knew eachother but only on a small level. However come the Chunin Exams, Akiba and Yuna met in the forest of death. They had the same scrolls from the start of the FofD part so nothing was going too be gained by hurting eachother. Akiba helped Yuna pick herbs too heal one of her injuried teammates. Akiba told Yuna that he wouldn't tell anyone that he saw her, this suprised Yuna. When it came time too cut down the number of genin, they held prelim rounds. Akiba was the one of the first ones too start. People doubted him but Yuna didn't and cheer on Akiba in a small voice. But when Akiba won, she was not suprised. She believed in him. After Akiba was brought too where everyone was and healed by his female teammate, Yuna listened as people praised him for his strength, skill and toughness. When she thought no one was looking, Yuna gave Akiba some healing ointment and kissed him on the cheek. However her sensei saw her and noted Yunas feelings. Akiba missed both his teammates figths but woke up in time too see Yuna fight. At first Yuna was unsure if she would win but when she Akiba watching her, she felt stronger. Although it was a tough battle for her, she ended up winning. Since alot of genin remained, they held a tournament too decide who would become Chunin, like all Chunin Exams, there would be a 1 month break before the finals. Akibs sensei decided too train his other teammates but not him. And Yunas sensei trained one of her teammates that made it, her other teammate was serverly injuried and couldn't not help her. Akiba and Yuna happened too cross paths with eacother and tell their situation too eachother. They decide too train together. For the next 30 days they grow in strength but also begin too understand eachother as ninja and as people. Yuna finds out that Akibas wants too be a Chunin, and wear the jacket like this parents wore. Yuna had no goals but secretly supported Akibas 100%. When the finals starts Akiba and Yuna were in the same bracket but seperated. Each fougth and won their first 2 fights. However Akiba faced another oppoent who was very strong, having easily won his fights. Akiba did well but hit by a lucky shot and knocked out. Akiba woke up just as the ref called the battle. Akibas oppoent belittled him, bring him too tears. Yuna, hearing the insults was moved too a boiling rage, so much so that she could be seen visibly shaking. Yunas oppoent back out due too injury and had too face Akibas oppoent instead. He insulted her in the same way he insulted Akiba but Yuna didn't give him any satisfaction with a reply. Yuna fought with everything she had and toke an emense beating but never gave up, even from being launch high into the air and landing on her head. However her oppoent finally landed a blow the kept her down. The ref called the match before she could be killed. The ref checked on her and saw she was crying. When ask why, she responded that she couldn't protect him (Akiba), it toke the ref a few moments too realize who she was talking about. The ref reassured her that she did and told her that Akiba would be a Chunin. After the finals, those who were nominated were presented but only 5 would be Chunin. Akiba was chosen last, Akiba cried happily in tears and Yuna did too. Yuna was in the hospital for 2 weeks. When released, Akiba waited for her. For the next few weeks they hang out when they could. One such occasion they had lunch together. While eating lunch, Akiba asked Yuna why she fought like she when she never showed anything like that before. Yuna shyly says that hearing Akiba getting insulted made her angery and that she wanted too stand up for him. Shocked, Akiba asked why (as no one had ever done that for him). Yuna again shyly says that she deeply cares about him and ever since they trained together she supported his dream of becoming Chunin. At a loss for words, Akiba asked why she cares so much, Yuna said he give her hope and a sense of happyness she had never had before. And that she felt peacful when around him. Akiba then understands and even admits too Yuna that he finds it hard too be around her sometimes and had never had the feelings going through him around any other girl. They then share a kiss. For the next 7 years Akiba and Yuna had the best time in their lifes and always tried too spend 1 hour a day together. Akiba was going too ask her hand in marriage but they were forceably broke up by Yunas father. Even tho not a couple anymore, they were still friends. When Kasumi fell ill, Akiba didn't handle it very well. In their private conversation, Kasumi told Yuna too watch over him in case he went down the wrong path again and pointed out that Yuna still loved him. And she was ok with it, even stating that if he left her too get back with Yuna she would have been ok with it. Yuna says she could never replace her. Kasumi said that both of them hold a place in Akibas heart and she would not be replaceing her. They both have given Akiba love and happiness. Yuna attended her funeral and bid her friend goodbye. When Yuna discovered Akiba was drinking again, she confronted him. After telling him she loved him and would never love anyone else, she left Akiba too decide what too do. A few months later Yuna re-confesses her feelings for him and Akiba felt his old feelings come back. They started dating again but toke it slow. After a some months, they decide too get married but made a vow that if it doesn't work out they will stay together but be partners instead. Yuna has found peace with her past and has found happiness in her life and being with Akiba again makes her more happy. Akiba finding happiness keeps Kasumis parting words alive with him.

Ryoko and Kinasato
Akiba loves his god kids greatly. Kasumis father asked him before he passed away too watch over them. Akiba was there at their born and named them. While he was away when he had his issues, he returned too watch over and take care of them. Even tho he isn't their biological dad, they still love him as if he were. Ryoko has suprisingly taken after Akiba more then Kinasato, such as setting up Akiba for a sarcastic joke or been curious about things and urge too learn but is shy and quiet like when Akiba was younger and dislikes leading. Even though their Aunt is gone, they are happy their "god-papa" is happy. They even attended Akibas and Yunas wedding. Kinasato in more like Akiba "the ninja." A hard worker who learns by endless study and training. Akiba has passed on his knowledge and skill too each of them, readying them for the challenges they face in the future. But they also wish too one day take care of Akiba in return for all he has done for them.

Erika Hyuuga
Akiba and Erika have a good relationship. Although they have not spent alot of time with each other they still communicate with one another. When Yuna and Akiba got married, she attended the wedding. Erika openly stated that she glad too "have a father that gives a rats butt about me." Akiba is proud too see Erika accomplish so much in such a short time and will be there for her if need be.

Team 14
This is one of Akibas closest bonds. At first it was bit a touch and go. But eventually Akiba won them over with his skill, drive and caring nature toward them. The more missions they went on the stronger their bond became. Even when they went their seperate ways, they stayied in touch. However his female teammate retired in her early 30's, citing lack of drive and wanting too settle down. And his other teammate retired in his early 40's, already having a family. Akiba has hung on the longest. However they reformed when the 9-tails attacked the village and when the war was waged. They even honored their sensei when he passed away. They still stay in touch with eachother, showing how strong their bond and friendship is. They have both attended Akibas weddings with Kasumi and Yuna.

Lighting Release
Fire Release
Water Release
Wind Release
Expert in CQB and CQC (perfers non-lethal methods but isn't afraid too use violence)
Fathers ninjutsu attacks (modernized as time as passed)
Always had trouble with Genjutsu but can dispell it easily (thanks too his mother).
Can use medical techineces (basic ones, few mid-level ones)

Phyiscal Abilities:
In his younger years Akiba was tall with above average build and physical strength. Was not the fastest ninja but could turn it up a gear when he wanted too. Akiba would concider his 'physical prime' when he was in his 20's and mid-30's. Even when he got older, he is still in great physical shape and maintained a decent amount of physical strength. Do it his constent training, Akiba learned 4 elemental releases too suit his fighting style. He also has great chakra control, something his mother helped him with. Akiba also has a high pain tolerence, able too take a beating and still fight on. His strength is as such that he can pull his bow back when set too max tension with ease. Akiba also has quick reflexes. When Akiba started using a sword he had too increase his flexability, which he has but not too extent of Kasumi or Hinata for example.

Akibas scores and grades were not the highest in his class (middle tier). But due too his constent studies, Akiba has a vast knowledge of the ninja world. Akiba also is easily tought, meaning he can learn by reading about it, doing it or watching it. Akiba can formulate plans and execute them in the heat of battle. Even if it doesn't go according too plan, he has "several" back ups. His sensei once said "There is a method too his madness. If you can call it 'madness' too begin with." Even at his is age, Akiba is still quick of thought and planning, using his vast experience and knowledge.

Shadow: A raven that helps him in battle. While not used for attacking in general it helps Akiba site targets at distance (long distance) and used for recon. Can become invisilbe in shadows (hench his name). Is capable of speech.
Darkside: A big black bull that his sensei gave too him (under a different name before given too Akiba). Darkside is capable of high speed ram attacks and has great jumping ability. Akiba uses Darkside and Shadow together at times. Capable of speech.
Kamikirimusi: Name translates too "God of the Eroding Slash." Uses Wind Release and swings her weapon around with ease. He created her because he felt like it, however she has personality all her own when summoned. She is based on ancient tomb he found while out on vacation and had drawings of her on the wall. When summoned, she asked him not too disclose the tombs location. Somehow, her sprite had gotten into the scroll too summon her and can now live on. Can talk like a human and in her native Oni language.

Prototype Recurve bow: A weapon that toke him sometime too make. Since wooden bows are not long lasting (reliability and durability wise). He decided too come up with something different. This bow is a made of light weight metals and plastics for the frame and has layers of fiberglass for the limbs (as well as other materials for strength). Uses a pulley system instead of a straight pull like old bows (he does realize that this increases the amount of failures you can have). He does not mind maintaining it. The bow is lightweight and has great manuverability, although it is abit bigger then other bows. It can be used in certain situations too block attacks and used in close quaters situations. Can use Fire, Wind and Lighting Releases with it. Dispite its strengths, it has limitations. The weapon has the ability too adjust tension of the string for more or less powerful shots. Akiba normally keeps it at medium tension for general purposes. At max tension the bow is at its most lethal capability (with Akibas skill it is lethal at any tension setting) but do too the amount stress that the bow endures it can crack under the stress, further use can cause it too break (which almost happened once). Overall, it is a weapon that in Akiba hands has ability too turn the tide of battle or end it before it starts. After the war, Akibas bow design is starting too be used in villages across the world but Akiba has not given the 'exact' design specs too anyone.
Arrows used:
General Purpose
AP (Armor Pierceing)
High Explosive
Tranq (sleep)

Sword/s: His mother teached him self-defense with the blade but no offensive moves. Akiba wanted too learn how too use one for offensive purposes, so he taught himself over time but hardly put it into practice. However after saving Kasumi from her family, Akiba was taught by one of the sword masters of her clan in the 7 forms they use. Akiba specialises in 3 of the 7 forms:
Form 1: a random style with no fancy moves, just random fury of attacks. A basic style that anyone can use.
Form 3: All defensive style with no attacking what so ever. All about letting your enemy wear themselves out while you expend as alittle energy as possible too stay alive.
Form 6: A "jack of all trades, master of none" style. Takes bits and pieces from all other styles and molds them into one. No real strengths but no real weaknesses. Akibas prefered form.

Akibas sword itself is different from other swords, it has no hilt guard and it slightly longer then most swords. It is also straight with no curve what so ever. Made from same metals used in swords of the time but with more fancy metals make it slightly lighter and stronger. It also has a blunt style and cut style. Cut style is lethal, Blunt style is none lethal, more of a bash style too beat people into submission without killing them. Akiba has another sword of the same type, which can be used too make a sword staff but only 2 people have seen this in combat (and they are both dead). After the war, Akiba forged a new sword with the same look but different metals in it, making it more durable and more lethal (but still has the blunt style).

Standard Leaf Village flak jacket but no leg holster (perfers throwing kunai from his jacket).
Akiba normally wears black sweat pants, t-shirt and depending on season, a hoody or heavy jacket (in his young years). Now he wears the same outfit but when on mission he wears a suit with hard points too protect vitale areas from attacks (amount of protection is limited), knee and elbow pads. As well as sunglass and a mask that is below the sunglasses. His mission outfit gives him maxium protection without losing mobility and flexibility.

In his younger years Akiba played sports. It helped with his training and physical well being. As he got older he looked for sports that would help his endurence, stamina and flexibility. He toke up long distance running and golf. Akiba also lifts weights but can not do as much as he did when he was younger.

Dispite being on alot of missions, Akiba can say he has never been injuried enough too be concidered "life-threating." However do too the amount of punishment he has taken over the years, it has taken its tole on him. His lower back and left knee were giving him trouble when the village was threaten by Toneri but has had surgery too fix those issues. Akiba does his best too keep himself rested just in case worst comes too worst.

When Akiba isn't training, relaxing, maintaining his equipment or at meetings, he is cooking. Akiba loves too cook and was on par with Kasumi while she was alive according too her clan. Even Yuna says Akiba is a great cook.

Akiba loves listening too music, even during his younger years he listened too music while training. Even plays a few instruments. While not a professional musician but Akiba can play guitar very well and is a good drummer. Akiba is also a decent piano player.

Akiba is right and left handed. But when using the bow he is right handed. When Akiba golfs he is left handed.

Akiba does not have a talent for Genjutsu. Or atleast prefers not explore the area of Genjutsu. However his mother helped him disspell most genjutsu with ease.

Akibas view of the ninja rules has always been concidered "black and white", meaning what he agrees with and what he does not agree with. However he understands that rules are there for a reason but can not be applied all the time too every situation or circumstance.

Akiba used too be a smoker but quit.

Akiba dislikes using violence too accomplish something. However he understands that violence and death are unaviodable part of a ninjas life. However Akiba has created a moveset with non-lethal ways of dealing with a target. The moveset is good enough too take on someone from the Hyuuga clan.

Akiba has gotten too know all of the rookies while being on various missions with them (before and after The Last.) Due too knowing (and now married too) Yuna he is good friends with Hinata. His other relationships with the rookies come from holding special training classes between clans from the Leaf and Wolf villages.

When Akiba was born his parents retired. Very young in fact they were only in their mid 30's when they retired. For a time they were concidered the best in the Leaf Village.

Akiba played sports when he was younger, futbol (soccer) was his best sport and playied goalkeeper. He was so good he won a prize at the Konoha Grand Sports Festival. However he soon stopped playing sports but in his mid-30's he toke up golf and now plays whenever he gets the chance. He is a 8 handicap.

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