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Arcana Heart Fanfiction character

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Arcana Heart Fanfiction character Empty Arcana Heart Fanfiction character

Post by racefan1992 on Sun Apr 03, 2016 4:41 pm

No the series isn't anything i've made up, it is actually real but hardly anyone knows about it. It is a fighting game with 24 females..... all females. Learn about it here:

However this character is my own creation.

Ryoko Kenichi

Character Information:
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 18 (19 years old)
Height: 5ft; 10in
Weight: 110lbs
Measurements: That is classified top-top secret. GET CLEARANCE!!!!!
Blood type: O+

Personal Stats:
Organization: None
Favorite Subjects: Gym, Music, Home Ec., Math (Physics), History
Least Favorite Subjects: Art, Math (everything else)
Fighting Style: Judo, Military, Wrestling hybird

Biography: Daughter of a Japanese mother and American father. Ryoko has her mothers and fathers first names. Ryoko starts seeing Arcana at age 10. Her father dies when she is 16. For the past 3 years she has been living in Japan by herself. During the Spring, Summer and Fall she is a Professional Racecar driver, in the Winter she goes too College, although she already has a 4 year degree from a college in America (graduated high school early).

Apperance: Ryoko has fair skin. Her hair is down too her shoulder blades and is in a pony tail. Her clothes are that of military camo of varying colors, at least the pants and shirt she wears. She wears tennis shows that are black and white. The necklace she wears has her fathers dog tags. Her father was in the military and she wears them at all times in his memory. Ryoko also has traditional Japanese and American clothing that she wears at certain times.

Personality: Ryoko is a outgoing and polite girl but very disciplined. Ryoko can make friends very easily and always addresses people polity unless they offend or upset her. Then she'll show her military side and curse words are a plenty. Ryoko is highly intelligent, having graduated high school at 15, while attending college as well as furthering her racing career. Ryoko HATES losing at anything. Ryoko sees the world differently and brings a different point of view in conversations and debates.

Relationships: Ryoko knows some of the girls in Arcana Heart series. Meeting them in a varity of ways. (going in alphabetical order) Will put all of them in spoilers.


Akane Inuwaka: Ryoko met Akane while she was out singing and playing her guitar. She gave her a tip. Akane asked why and Ryoko said she was good, mentioning she plays herself. Akane let her play her guitar, she plays as good if not better then Akane does and isn't a bad singer. Ryoko mentions she could see her Arcana and knows why it is attracted too her. The girls hang out once in a while, enjoying each others music. And Akane is a ninja, which helps.

Angelia Avallone: They have never met but Ryoko has heard of her.

Catherine Kyoubashi: These two had a run in after Ryoko and Kira had a "fight." Ryoko apologized for beating Kira up, Catherine said not too worry. Ryoko marveled at her robot and Catherine showed it off. Catherine asked what she had too show off and Ryoko had nothing even close but mentioned something that was worth alot of money. The girls have a good friendly relationship and are able too talk about advanced topics like physics.

Clarice di Lanza: Their first meeting wasn't pleasant. Ryoko accidentally bumped into her sister Elsa and apologized. Clarice butted in and accused Ryoko of trying too "win over her sister." Ryoko asked her too back off or she'd "punch her in the face." Clarice evily asked if that was a threat or a promise. Ryoko said "both." They fought and Clarice lost. Clarice played dead so her sister could pay her attention, though Ryoko pointed out she was faking it. Elsa apologized and demanded Clarice did as well. She did and Ryoko toke her leave. Ryoko tries her best too avoid her.

Dorothy Albright: Ryoko and Dorothy have a friendly relationship. Ryoko was at one of Dorothys shows in a panic. One of her assistance was out sick and she could find a replacement, Ryoko offered too help. Dorothy finished her show and thanked her afterword. Ryoko was happy too help out since she asked. Ryoko goes too Dorothys shows when ever she has free time.

Elsa Da Conti: Unlike with Clarice, Ryoko and Elsa actually can have a friendly conversation. Although they do not hang out very much or talk.

Eko: Ryoko has never seen Eko but is very interested in her ability too make drawings come too life.

Fiona Mayfield: Ryoko and Fiona are able too hold friendly and casual conversations. Ryoko ran into Fiona while she visited the Material Plane. She ask if she was lost or needed anything. Fiona said no but ask if she knew where a certain place was. Ryoko knew where it was and walked Fiona there so she wouldn't have too do it alone. Fiona thanked her for walking with her, got what she needed and left the Material Plane.

Heart Aino: Ryoko was introduced too Heart in Home Ec. class. Ryoko was called in because their normal teacher was out sick for a week. Ryoko is a classically trained chief and threw out what the normal teacher wanted them too do. The whole class made sweets, Hearts stood out. Ryoko gave Heart a A+. The week after Ryoko was on school grounds and Heart approached her. After a brief conversation Heart declared them friends, Ryoko didn't object. Ryoko likes Heart for her positive energy, attitude and carefreeness. But notes she is a bit dense, undisciplined and well.......... silly. Ryoko also notes Hearts power far out does hers. Heart calls Ryoko "Ry-Ry" with Ryoko calling her "Heart-Heart" sometimes.

Kamui Tokinomiya: Ryoko greatly respects Kamui. Always calling her by her title (Millennial Guardian) and bowing in respect. They are friendly terms and talk frequently about the world and events. Kamui is also curious about Ryokos chosen career path.

Kira Daidouji: Ryoko hates Kira. She doesn't like her attitude, selfishness and general way she carries herself. They have meet 3 times and each time led too a fight. Ryoko calls Kira "a selfish wanker whom has a ego the the size of Jupiter and acts this way because she enjoys being miserable and has no friends. She is a user and abuser."

Konoha: Ryoko and Konoha get along great. Mostly because Konoha is a real life ninja. Ryoko had dreamed of being one but knew it wasn't possible. But now she knows one and it make her childhood dream come true. Ryoko pets Konoha but not has much as Kamui (and certainly not as much as Heart). Ryoko has trained with Konoha a few times.

Lieselotte Achenbach: Ryoko and Lieselotte are on speaking terms. Ran into her while Kira was openly mocking Liese. Ryoko asked why Liese was taking it, she responded "I'm close too killing her, let her feel like she is winning." Ryoko stepped up and beat Kira up. Liese expressed disappointment that she didn't hear Kira scream in pain. Ryoko then talked too her in her native German, Liese responded in kind (with a little surprise). When they do talk, it is in German.

Lilica Felchenrow: They are on speaking terms. Ryoko doesn't like Lilicas attitude toward some people and the fact she is lazy.

Maori Kusuga: Ryoko and Maori have a great relationship. Ryoko respects Maoris duties and clan. Maori respects Ryoko for her different views and understanding on things. Ryoko once gave Maori a ride home and they talked about things. Maori came away with a different view point on certain issues she was having. Ryoko visits her once in a while.

Mei-Fang: Ryoko and Mei-Fang get along, unlike her handler (Mei-Lang) they threat each other with respect. Being a humaniod, Ryoko is curious about a walking machine. Mei-Fang reminds her of robot cartoons that she watched as a kid.

Nazuna Inuwaka: Ryoko likes too avoid Nazuna. She doesn't dislike her or anything but just wants too avoid any potential conflict. Akane speaks highly of her little sister too Ryoko.

Petra Johanna Lagerkvist: At first Ryoko didn't like her, viewed her as a "rich prick" but quickly reversed her paradigm. Always salutes her when approached by Petra. Petra asked her "Weiss got too you didn't she?" Ryoko responded "My father taught me too treat those of higher rank then you with a salute and respect... ma'am. But yes.... Weiss did get too me. A little." Petra respects Ryoko for her disciplined and teachings from her father.

Saki Tsuzura: Like Heart, Ryoko met Saki in Home Ec. class. Saki didn't do as well as Heart but gave Saki a passing grade. Ryoko notes Sakis shy and protective traits and wishes too help Saki open up. But doesn't push the issue. Each girl is on friendly terms with the other.

Scharlachrot: Ryoko hopes they never met. Because it will not end well for each of them. Though they both find Clarice annoying.

Weiss: Being raised in a military way, Ryoko understands Weiss. Ryoko can tell the horrible things Weiss has done in the past. Each treat each other with respect and are on friendly terms. Like Kamui, Weiss is curious about Ryokos career choice.

Yoriko Yasuzumi: Ryoko gets along with Yoriko. And Ryoko doesn't take any of michealangelos BS and gives it back. Ryoko helps Yoriko be more open.

Zenia Valov: Ryoko and Zenia are on speaking terms. Much like Liese, Ryoko speaks too Zenia in Russian when they do interact and Zenia likes Ryokos cookies.

Trivia (in spoiler too)
Ryokos 4 year college degree is from a highly respected culinary college in America. She also studied automotive tech (wheels, brakes, suspension) and psycology at another college.

Ryoko is a accomplished racecar driver, both in America and Japan. She dreams of returning too America and racing in a top tier series.

Her favorite foods are from the southern US and Japan but her "sinful" foods are hamburgers, biscuits and gravy, chili, fried chicken, pizza and steaks. These foods are all hand made by Ryoko herself.

Although Ryoko can be considered a "army brat." Her father only taught her how too be displained, she still maintains her girlish traits.

Unlike the rest of the girls in Arcana Heart, Ryoko has a boyfriend who she met in Japan. Oddly enough he too is from America.

Ryoko runs a auto repair shop in shinjuku. She only charges for parts.

Ryokos father taught her too speak Russian and German, her mother taught her how too speak Japanese.

Ryokos house is outside of Tokyo near the mountains. Can either drive there or take a train.

Ryokos music interests are based on what she is doing, racing is rock or rap. Working on cars is music depending on the year car she is working on. Cooking is the 90's and 00's. Normal driving is anything really.

Ryokos Arcana name is Tigris. It is a Arcana of the Wild. Its fur is all black and Ryoko also calls it "Darkside." When using its power her eyes change too that of a tigers.

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