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The Anti-NarSak Thread **READ FIRST POST**

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The Anti-NarSak Thread **READ FIRST POST** - Page 40 Empty Re: The Anti-NarSak Thread **READ FIRST POST**

Post by ThisIsMyNinjaWay on Sat May 31, 2014 8:42 pm

This is so true! Finally got ahold of a computer, my phone erased my whole reply =_= . Anyways, NaruSaku was made as bubbles said by wanting Naruto to want [win? in other words] the girl who never gave him a chance, that can do better then her original crush Sasuke. For some reason, as some have said, NaruSaku tends to not look at what Sakura wants, only of what she deserves or SHOULD have. But in all honesty I personally feel after all the attempts of Sakura saying no since before Hinata's confession, Sakura being end game to say yes is lame. Considering the ships foundation stands on hopes and hero's first choice.

I feel its stupid to say we have to be Pro-NaruSaku to be Pro-Sakura. I love both Hinata & Sakura. They are my top 2 favorite characters, Hinata 1st because of her kind, pure nature of a personality. Compared to the other girls imo shes unique. But anyway, NaruSaku's has 2 blindspots, which are NaruHina & SasuSaku, yes some don't support SasuSaku I'm well aware of that but its basically the most common go to pairing if one got the other. These are the 2 obstacles in NaruSaku's way, and this ship will hope Hinata's character gets over Naruto, or let him love Sakura. And the ship will hope Sasuke dies and Sakura realizes Naruto has always been the one. Where we have both, Sakura & Hinata who both have genuinely shown their true feelings to Naruto & Sasuke, very serious deep moments. Where Naruto & Sakura's most serious moment to me was her failfession. Which explains itself.

What gets hold onto as well is the CPR, how when Naruto finds out [if] he finds out, he will act like the same old Naruto, and show he is not growing feelings for Hinata. And then theres what Naruto said to his dad back in chapter 631? The way and what he answered can be argued, since its not completely clear, and this is basically ticket 2 to the pairing becoming canon in NS opinion, and then theres the parallels, oh the parallels. *rubs head*

I feel like NS ignored Part 1, or didn't read the manga. Fillers may have been a part of NS thinking certain things or even the movies. The manga is basic to the point of whats going on. Not saying fillers aren't fun to watch I mean hec we even see NaruHina in there.. I just feel the only other reason NS is a ship is because of the hate on Hinata's character and Sasuke's. I just don't know if we are reading the same thing sometimes.

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