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history of the narutoverse up to the end of part 1

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history of the narutoverse up to the end of part 1

Post by itachi75 on Fri Jan 10, 2014 12:38 pm

Warning this is very long lol
1. juubi creates the world
2. Juubi creates nature and chakra and human life
3. Sage's mom eats of the forbidden fruit providing humanity with chakra
4. Juubi goes berserk and seeks out to destroy its creation
5. Sage defeets the juubi sealing it into himself
6. Sage has two sons and grants them his powers
7. Sage creates the bijuu's and throws the body of the juubi in the sky and creates the moon
8. The two sons fight causing friction between the world
9. after years of fighting Hashirama/madara is born
10. Hashirama and madara form a plan to create a village system to stop the fighting and end the cycle of hatred
11. eventually Hashirama forms the system with madara, however Madara has other plans.
12 Madara steals the kyuubi and tries to fight Hashirama to become the leader of one of the village but loses
13. Hashirama meets the kage of the other villages to discuss the situation of the bijuu
14. Jin-sealing techs are created
15. Madara awakens the rinnegan
16. Madara extracts the juubi's body from the moon
17. Hashirama and tobirama tell Hiruzen that he will become hokage soon
18. Hashirama dies
19. Tobirama dies making hiruzen hokage
20. Hiruzen leads the village and mentors the three sannin Jiryia, Tsunade, and Orichimaru
21. Madara gives Nagato the rinnegan
22. The third great ninja war arupts.
23. Jiryia meets Nagato, yahiko, and Konan and trains them, and is reminded of the Great sage toads prophecy and knows that one day he will mentor the child of prophesy.
24. Jiryia leaves and with the help of his teamates begin to turn the tide of the bloody war
25. Jiryia hears that Nagato, yahiko and konan have apparently died.
26. Minato leads Kakashi, obito and Rin to the enemies territory
27. Rin is captured.
28. Obito is wounded after saving Rin.
29. Obito gives Kakashi his Sharingan and apparenlty dies.
30. Obito is found by madara
31. the third great ninja war ends and the three sannin depart.
32. Minato becomes hokage, allowing Hiruzen to retire.
33. Obito leaves madara and sees Rin being killed by kakashi.
34. Obito and Madara plot to take over the world.
35. Obito attempts to destroy the hidden leaf village with the 9-tails after Naruto is born
36. Minato soundly defeats obito and dies along with Kushina sealing his/kushina's/and the kyuubi's chakra into naruto so that they can help him master the power of the 9 tails and to keep track of the seal
37. Naruto becomes shunned for having the fox inside him.
38. Nagato, yahiko, and konan try to bring peace to the world, however they were betrayed by Danzo and is ordered by Hanzo for Yahiko to die
39. Yahiko dies, however Danzo's and hanzo's lust for blood is unquenched. this leads Nagato to kill all the anbu squads and Hanzo almost instantly
40. Nagato meets up with Obito, obito offers him to join an elite organization known as the akatsuki
41. eventually Nagato and obito join together and begin creating the akatsuki.
42. Orichimaru turns evil and leaves the leaf village.
43. Shisui attempts to bring peace to both village VIA genjutsu prowess but is betrayed by danzo, and danzo steal his eyes. Shisui then gives Itachi his last eye and leaves. allowing Itachi to awaken the Mangekyou sharingan
44. Itachi is ordered/manipulated/threatened by danzo to slaughter the entire uchiha clan, except his brother. in order for the uchiha's to die and be known throughout history as a proud and noble clan, instead of backstabbers, and the instiquaters of a fourth great ninja war. Hiruzen eventually agrees with notion and Itachi starts to begin his mssion
45. Itachi meets up with Obito and gets obito's help to destroy the uchiha clan
46. the entire uchiha clan is obliterated with the exception of sasuke.
47. Itachi reveals to sasuke that he was the one who murdered the entire clan, making it seem that he was evil or a villain.
48. Sasuke is knocked unconcious due to the events and Itachi
49. Itachi sheds tears and meets up with Hiruzen and bowed to the man who ordered him to kill his entire clan and respectfully asked him to make sure Danzo didn't kill sasuke.
50. Sasuke decides to become an avenger and kill Itachi
51. Itachi joins the akatsuki
52. Orichimaru attempts to defeat Itachi and steal his sharingan, but is quickly and effortlessly defeated.
53. Orichimaru decides to one day to become immortal and steal the sharingan.
54. orichmaru leaves the organization.
55. Kisame meets up with obito. and joins the akatsuki
56. Orichimarau begins to form the hidden sound village with the help of kabuto.
57. Itachi effortlessly soloes deidara, allowing Deidara to join the akatsuki.
58. Orichimaru begins to devise the edo tensie.
59. tsunade leaves the village to become a gambler and a drunk
60. Naruto learns what friendship is through the help of iruka sensie.
61. Naruto becomes a ninja and forms a team with Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura.
62. Kakashi tests the skills of his new team(team 7), and they learn the value of teamwork.
63. Kakashi leads team 7 to meet up with the bridebuilder
64. Naruto and sasuke officially become rivals
65. Team 7 is attacked by zabuza,
66. Kakashi is defeated by zabuza, and Naruto and sasuke fight as hard as they can to try to free him, even nearly dying attempting to save their sensie, they eventually suceed and Kakashi defeats zabuza who is wisked away by haku
67. team 7 protects the bridgbuilder as he attempts to rebuild his bridge.
68. the bridge comes under attack by zabuza, and naruto sasuke and Kakashi once more fight with their entire lives, and Sasuke is eventually knocked out and temporarily killed,
69. Naruto using the power of the kyuubi enables him to defeat haku
70. Zabuza is defeated by kakashi, as Zabazu's master appears.
71. Naruto TNJ's Zabuzu into a good guy, and Zabuza kills his master, and is redeemed as he meets up with haku
72. Kakashi enlists team 7 to go inot the chuunin exams
73. Naruto meets up with the rest of the KH12.
74. Orichimaru meets team 7 in the second test of the chuunin exams
75. Naruto and Sasuke fight for their lives against orichimaru, but are soundly defeated.
76. Orichimaru brands Sasuke with a curse mark and leaves the two teamates under the care of sakura
77. Sakura with the help of Rock lee, ino, shikamaru, and choji attempt to protect sasuke and naruto from the sound ninja who want to bring Sasuke back to their village, however they are effortlessly defeated
78. Sasuke has a dream remembering Itachi and awakens with curse power around him and quickly overpowers the sound ninja and makes them leave, terrifying everyone
79. Hinata, Kiba, and shino find out that Gaara is blood-lusted and willing to kill without mercy
80. Kabuto meets up with naruto, sasuke and sakura, and helps them fight off another trio of ninja.
81. Team 7 learns the meaning of the second exam
82. Kabuto relays information on all the competitors in the chuunin exams to orichimaru
83. The pre-lims of the chuunin exams begin
84. after Sasuke wins his match, kakashi seals up orichimaru's curse mark.
85. Orichimaru meets up with kakashi. and leaves after Kakashi threatens to fight him to the death.
86. Naruto fights with all his strength against kiba and barely wins.
87 Hinata begins to falter but is encouraged by naruto to never give up, as she begins her match with her cousin Neji
88. hinata and neji begin a ferocious battle, but it actually a battle of wils, and while Hinata lost the battle of brute strength she won the battle of wills.
89. Naruto picks up some of hinata's blood and vows to avenge her in the next round of the chuunin exams
90. Rock lee fights ferociously against Gaara but is defeated and is near death.
91. the pre-lims end and Naruto gets a week to prepare for the third and final round.
92. Naruto meets up with Jiryia and begins training with him
93. Naruto learns the summoning jutsu and more chakra control.
94. Naruto and shikamaru see the true maliciousness of Gaara as he attempts to murder Rock lee
95. Orchimaru and the sand village begin rally their forces to attack and destroy the leaf village
96. Naruto begins to tremble with fear at the prospect of having to fight neji, but he is encouraged by Hinata to never give up, and he tells her that he likes people like her.
97. Naruto defeats Neji and Tnj's him to be a strong warrior, ending the hatred in neji, and neji brings peace to his life
98. Shikamaru proves his intelligence by outmanuevering and nearly defeating temari, even though she was vastly more powerful then him.
99. sasuke and gaara begin their fight
100. the battle between orichimaru, the sound village, and the sand village against the leaf village begins.
101. Kakashi sends team 7 with shikamaru to go hunt down and defeat Gaara.
102. Hiruzen and orichimaru begins their conflict.
103. Sasuke attempts to defeat gaara, but even with sakura's help is soundly defeated
104. Naruto fights gaara and defeats him and tnj's him to be a good guy, realizing the power of love
105. Hiruzen is defeated by orichimaru, but hiruzen sealed Orichimaru's arms making Orichimaru and the sound village to retreat, and the sand village follows suit.
106. the village mourns the death of Hiruzen.
107. Itachi returns to the leaf village with kisame and reminds Danzo that should he attempt to murder sasuke he will reveal information that will show Danzo's misdeeds.
108. Itachi and kisame fight Asuna, Kakashi, and Kurenie, and are about to quickly defeat them, but Gai sensie arrives, and Itachi spares thier lives and convinces Kisame to retreat
109. Sasuke meets up with Itachi as they pursue naruto.
110. Sasuke is reminded of his purpose as Itachi effortlessly defeats him, and shows him images of the uchiha murder so that Sasuke will not give up and become stronger
111. Jiryia arrives and chases off itachi and jiryia
112. Itachi leave with Kisame and report their dealing to obito
113. Jiryia and Naruto bring sasuke back to the village.
114. Naruto and Jiryia leave to find Tsunade to desperately heal Sasuke and Rock lee, and for her to become the fifth hokage.
115. Jiryia and Tsunade are reunited, and Tsunade agrees to becme the fourth hokage if Naruto can master the Rasengan in a week.
116. Tsunade meets up with orichimaru, and is offered to have her brother and lover that were killed in the third great ninja war to be brought back in exachange for her to unseal his arms.
117. tsunade refuses the request, and Naruto masters the rasengan and defeats kabuto as the sannin battle
118. Orichimaru is defeated and retreats and Tsunade returns to teh village as the fifth hokage
119. Sasuke becomes enraged at Naruto's growth and the two have a brief scuffle, stopped only by Kakashi
120. Orchimaru sends out the sound 4 to retrieve sasuke
121. Sakura meets up with Sasuke as he is leaving the village, she begs him to stay and confesses her love to him. Sasuke thanks her for everything she has done for him, but knocks her out, and leaves
122. the sound 4 place Sasuke in a sealed barrier so he can unlock the true power of the curse mark
123. Goku laughs at everyone and flies away after being soloed by itachi
124. Tsunade sends out Kiba, neji, choji, Naruto, shikamaru, to retrieve Sasuke
125. Sakura makes naruto promise to bring Sasuke back, and Naruto agrees
126. after a ferocious battle that makes the team grow, and become severally injured, they are eventually joined by gaara, temari, kankuro and rock lee, who helps them defeat their opponents.
127. Finnaly naruto and sasuke begin their final conflict.
128. Sasuke after a ferocious battle manages to defeat naruto and joins orichimaru
129. Naruto returns to the village and promises sakura that he will suceed.
130 the entire kh12 begins to grow stronger.
131. Jiryia and naruto leave to train for 3 years.
132. the akatuski meet up and start preparing to start the bijuu hunt.


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