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Post by Yuri on Wed May 08, 2013 11:00 am

We have ANBU as moderators on this forum.The ANBU, are responsible for keeping the order in the forum. This group is responsible for sending warnings to those who break the Forum Rules, and in the worst of cases, the Anbu are the ones responsible for handing out banishments.

Staff List XL0HFcB Yuri - Forum Creator

Staff List IUaMo5a Azuula - Forum Developer
Staff List UuL89MH yukine
Staff List LH4U2YZ NekoKimio
Staff List WfPcGD3 Bubbles

Global Moderators
- Anbu
Staff List DjLaLUR Strawberry 
Staff List GjQpZI7 Irielo
Staff List La8cuaY 51-Mustang

Staff List GVnBUsR Lily567
Staff List 7zuErKa Zoey
Staff List DLPD2oj racefan
Staff List C0W6XZN Lickstermik

Developer's Team
Staff List IUaMo5a Azuula
Staff List Cjkgjbe Onihikage - Designer
Staff List Hnu7GKP Rayleigh - Designer
Staff List LhGDNNw Tenten - Designer

Former Staff Members

[*]Twin Steps

If you have anything important to report, please do so to either one of the administers.
We plan to make of this forum a pleasant place to pass the time in~~! ^___^

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