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Hello! Welcome to the official NaruHina Forums! If you're new make sure you register and introduce. :)

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Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules

Post by Yuri Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:31 pm

Please be nice and follow the rules in order to keep the harmony in this NaruHina Forum~~! <3
Breaking any of the rules will result in a warning the first three times. The fourth time will result in a ban of 2 weeks and the fifth time will result in a ban of 1 month. If you break the rules more than 5 times you will be permanently banned.

No double accounts.

Double accounts are forbidden for the sole reason of preventing spamming and/or trolling.
You can request a username change here.


1. No bashing: Bashing/flaming any characters/mangaka/manga is prohibited.

2. No hate: Verbally insulting or harassing another member is prohibited.

3. No racism, discrimination and homophobia: This speaks for itself.

4. No trolling: Trolling even if for fun is forbidden.

5. To other pairing fans: Opinions about your pairing shall only be posted in the debating section which is located here https://naruhina.forumotion.com/f39-debating-section. It is not prohibited that you start racket in sections dedicated to NaruHina. The debating section was created for debating against the NaruHina fans of this forums. This forum is a family forum where everyone shall feel comfortable with expressing their opinions. If you didn't come here to debate or just discuss in the media/off-topic, you're not welcome. This forum is simply a NaruHina forum and not a place where other pairing fans ruin the comfort of others.
*debating section only.

6. Accept each other's viewpoints: Bashing or hating on someone for having a different viewpoint than yours will bring no one good. Therefore it is correct to have a discussion without insulting another member.
*Applies everywhere else on the forums.


1. double posting
Double posting is seen as a form of spam and is punishable. If you have anything else to add to your post, simply edit it.

2. Limited thread posting
please keep in mind that you are only allowed to post 3 threads a day as a limit. This is to stop the cause of useless topics and spam. If anyone is posting more then 3 threads a day, moderators have full privilege to warn you.

3. Picture/1 word replies
Picture replies you consider funny and is rude, with no text before or after the post is considered spam and annoying. 1 word posts such as "spam" ":P" "lol" are considered spam as-well and moderators will take full action if this rule is violated.


Any spoilers from the manga/anime/movies should be put under the Spoiler tag. Here is an example for those of you who don't know how it works:

[ SPOILER ] Type in here whatever you want to put under spoilers [ / SPOILER ]

Now remove the spaces and you get something like this:

Type in here whatever you want to put under spoilers
No duplicate threads.

Please refrain from creating threads with similar/same content as already existing threads as this helps to keep the forum in a neat state.

Signature size.

Keep in mind that wherever you post, users will be able to see your signature. So in order for it not to disturb other users we will kindly ask of you to keep it as close as 450x450 as you can.

Large images/posts

If you have a large image to show, or if you have a large post then please put it under the spoiler tag.

Adult content.

This is a family forum and therefore it is strictly forbidden to post anything unappropriate.
*Breaking this rule will result in immediate ban.

Foreign languages

We are here to discuss about NaruHina/Naruto altogether, and it would be better to do it in a language that everybody will understand. If you really insist in discussing stuff in another language then you are free to do so in the Multiculti Corner.


Added rule on May 22nd, 2013:

If you've come to this forum with just intentions to bully other members, we will be allowed to change your username to something embarrassing for 1 whole day.

This rule was made in order to prevent people with bad intentions to come here and disturb the harmony. And to teach them to show respect to users with different viewpoints than they have.

After the user's name gets changed back to normal, he/she will be put in detention for 2 weeks and it will be the ANBUs job to ban this member immediately if he/she is to break any of the rules again.

Rule Added 16th June 2013

Rules Written By Crow; you are always to abide by these rules at all times when debating/posting.

Rule Added 19th July 2014

We as the mods felt inclined to add in this rule as it has become an issue lately that needs to be addressed; never, ever alter any changes we as the mods make to your post(s). We are here to make sure this forum continues to be a friendly, welcoming place for everyone, and to do so, we try our very best to keep things in order, but when you directly go against a change in a post we've made that we deemed inappropriate or against the rules of this forum, it is highly disrespectful not only to the job we're trying to perform here, but to the established guidelines of this forum, and will no longer be tolerated.

One must never forget to be polite, even over this site and even all over the Internet. Mentioning another member, by name, in any derogatory way isn't very polite, and is quite frowned upon. So from here forth, when mentioning any user, regardless of their alliance, in particular only one thing will happen; You will be punished via the severity rule breaking matching your actions. No one is exempt from the rules.

This includes posting links to another website that contains a post or remark that another person has made and you want to counter, since once you do that it stops being anonymous.

And secondly; Not everyone thinks the same as you, we are human, we are different. So, when you add content to any remark or post, if it is unsavory in accordance to the intent of this forum (NS content), do not fret, but do not leave it in the open, put it in a spoiler. So as to relieve any unnecessary stress or hate that could or would be brought upon you by other members.

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