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Things (Big&Small) About Love

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Things (Big&Small) About Love Empty Things (Big&Small) About Love

Post by racefan1992 on Mon Jan 23, 2017 12:41 pm

It is Winter, the Leaf Village is covered in a light dusting of snow. As the snow falls Naruto and Hinata are enjoying the snow but also their own company. It is their first winter as a couple. During the time they have been together Naruto has discovered many things, some big and some small about love.

Small: If it is cold wear gloves right? Well what if you do not have any? Well hold hands of course. It may be a simple thing but it is one of Narutos favorite things too do. Hinata once told him that "the simple things will suffice." Naruto toke this too heart. He does the simple things as often as possible. He likes holding Hinata hand (Hinata likes holding his too). Her hands are always soft and gentle, much like she is. They walk around the village.

Naruto: Want something too eat?
Hinata: Sure.
Naruto: Ramen?
Hinata: Sure. Perfect for a day like today.

They walk too Ichiraku Ramen and order take out. They walk back too Narutos apartment.

Small: Naruto loves Ramen obviously. Hinata once told him that he can express his feelings by getting her a bowl of ramen. Again very simple and small but meaningful.

They arrive at Narutos apartment and settle down for a nice warm meal. They say a prayer and dig in.

Big: Time. Naruto gets too spend time with Hinata. For a long time he didn't get too spend time with anyone but himself. Now he makes every second count. Every second is precious too him. Regardless of what they are doing; talking, hanging out, studying for a mission or at their secret place. It is time well spent.

Naruto: *slurps away on his ramen, forgetting his manners*
Hinata: *Politely and quietly enjoys her ramen*
Naruto: Hmmmmmm, good as always.
Hinata: All done.
Naruto: Huh?
*Hinata has indeed finished her meal*
Naruto: How did you do that?
Hinata: Slow and steady wins the race. TeeHee.
*Naruto does the famous Uzamaki pout*
Naruto: I still can't figure out how you eat more ramen then me and faster.
Hinata: It is a secret. *razz*
*Naruto intensifies his pout*
Hinata: May i have yours?
Naruto: NO!!!
*Naruto inhales the rest of his food*
Hinata: Naruto-kun you are cute when you are pouting.
*Naruto does the most intense Uzamaki pout ever done*
Naruto: Knock it off.
Hinata: okay... i will. TeeHee.
*Hinata lens against Naruto, holding his hand*
Hinata: Your warm...... reminds me of when we are at are secret place.

Big: Secret Place. A place that Naruto discovered by random chance. It a place holds much meaning for the both them. It is a place where Naruto discovered his feelings for Hinata. It is a place where Hinata discovered his feelings by feeling what he feels for her. It is a place where Hinata help banish the darkness in him that returned over conflicts within him. It is a place where they find out that their love for each other goes beyond the physical world. It is a place where when they enter a deep meditative state (or sleep) their consciousness combine too form one, although they must remain close too each other. It is a place where it reacts too their love. It is a place where they can be open with each other, about whatever they want too be open about.

Naruto: Yeah. Too bad it is cold out. I wish too there with you everyday if we could. You make me warm, you've given me warmth. You have given me so much. I wish i could give more too you.
Hinata: You don't have too. Being with you, seeing you happy is more then enough for me.
Naruto: I know, i can't help it. But i did get you something.
Hinata: You did?
Naruto: Yep.
Hinata: What is it?
Naruto: *wink* It is a secret.
Hinata: *frown* Oh come on tell me please.
Naruto: *razz* Nope.
Hinata: Darn it.

Big/Small: Gifts. Naruto can't help but get her things. From 'thank you' cards too other things. Hinata is always deeply touch by his gifts and doesn't turn them down. She has quite a collection. Though she reminds him that she doesn't deserve such things but Naruto says she does deserve it. However he has always wanted too give her something like the red scarf she give him.

*Hinata crosses her arms and does her best Uzamaki pout. But they have done this before and like the previous times Naruto begins making funny and goofy faces trying make her laugh. And like the previous times Hinata soon has a hard time maintaining her pout. Soon the funny and goofy faces he is making at her make her start giggling*

Small: Laugh. Hinata doesn't laugh much but Naruto does his best in this regard. Either making a joke or doing something goofy or silly things. He always enjoys seeing and hearing her laugh. Once he cried hearing her laugh, seeing her happy.

*Hinata giggles away, Naruto surprises her by planting a kiss on her. Hinata gets greatly embarrassed and flustered, her skin turning a deep red shade. She covers her face too hide. Seeing that he got one her, he hugs her, giggling away*

Hinata: *muffled* Naruto-kun!!!
Naruto: hehehe
Hinata: *muffled* No fair!!!
Naruto: hehehehehehehehe
*Hinata lets out an embarrassed/flustered grunt, Naruto releases her*
Hinata: *flustered* Why did you do that!?
Naruto: Because i can? Heheh, besides i think it is fun.
Hinata: *sulk* I don't think it is very fun.
Naruto: That is because you act like that. Heheh, your so cute Hinata.

*Naruto pats her on the head. Hinata experiences immense flustraion (flustered/frustration) and her head is covered in the cloud of steam.*

Hinata: NARUTO-KUN!!!
Naruto: Okay i'll stop Hinata. *reaches under his bed*
*Hinata grumply looks at Naruto. Whom isn't paying attention too her grumpy flusteredness.*
Naruto: Here. *pulls out a small box*
Hinata: ???
*HInata takes the box. It is wrapped in green paper and has a red bow on it. She gently unwraps the box and removes the lid. Inside is an envelope and a container that is very familiar too Hinata.*
Naruto: Do you remember?
Hinata: Yes..... yes i do. *happy*
*The container is the one Hinata gave too Naruto during the Chunin Exams. It still has cracks in it from when Naruto about broke it out of anger. Hinata takes out the envelope and opens it. From the envolpe is card, on the front is pictured darkness, with a violent storm featuring pouring rain, lighting and wind. On the inside left of the card is still showing a violent storm but with a ray of sunshine piercing it too the ground below. Inside the ray of light, is a flower in bloom. On the right side is Narutos hand writing.*

"Even through the darkest, most violent storms. There is a light that shines. You are the light that shines Hinata. Whenever i was in darkness, you where there too guide me, lead me... give me warmth. You protected me from the darkness. Sheltered me from the storms. With everything you had. I love you more then what i can say in words. But i think my actions will speak for me. Look inside the ointment container Hinata and you'll see what i mean."

*Hinata tears up. Hinata opens the ointment and container and reaches inside. What she pulls out makes her openly gasp aloud. What she has in her hand is a heart shaped pendent. Well has too 2 heart that are open, one is connected too the other upside down. Hinata is visibly shocked and speechless by what she has in her hand.*

Naruto: *smile* Here let me show you something.
*Naruto takes the pendants and moves them together too form one heart shaped pendent.*
Naruto: Do you know what this means?
*Hinata is on the verge of losing control*
Naruto: Two hearts can become one. Whenever we are at our secret place, i feel so close too you. I feel like we are one person. Our minds.... our hearts are one.
*HInata lets her tears fall, which helps her out*
Naruto: Come on, say something. I know you want too.
Hinata: it's...... *sniffle* it's beautiful...... so beautiful........ it's too much.... *sniffle* too much....... so much..... my heart can't take this.....
Naruto: You will take it..... i know you....... You'll cherish it.
Hinata: Cherish isn't the word........ this...... this goes beyond it. *sniffle*
Naruto: Let it out..... I'm here.

*Hinata cries. The red scarf she made for him ties them together but one could say the heart shaped pendent completes it. Hinata has always thought something special was between them. But everything up too this point in time makes it certain. Their love goes further then anything else imaginable and deeper. Their bond is so deep that they may never fully understand how far it goes. But right now, they have each other.*

Big: Perhaps the biggest thing is, Hinata is happy. Regardless of what gifts or gestures Naruto gives her. Although Hinata has expressed gifts aren't key but Naruto can't help himself. Her happiness is what makes Naruto happy.

*Naruto cups Hinata face in his hands and they share a kiss.*

Naruto: I've learned that there big and small things about love. But i know i have much more too understand about love. Big things, small things... they all matter. Merry Christmas Hinata and happy birthday.
Hinata: *sniffle* Thank you..... Naruto-kun.
Naruto: But there is something else...
Hinata: What?

Big: The Tickle Monster. This is a monster that can not be stopped. It gives its victim endless tickles and yields not pleas of stopping or mercy.

Naruto: *evil* The Tickle Monster.
Hinata: O//////O OH NO!!!!!!!!!!
Naruto: *evil* Oh Yes. The Tickle Monster has his prey in sight. Tickling starts now.

*The Tickle Monster is relentless in its tickling assault. Hinata briefly manages too escape*

Naruto: *evil* No one is coming too save you. Muhahahahahah.

*Few minutes later*

Naruto: The Tickle Monster is undefeated. heheheh.
*Hinata ladies on the floor completely and utterly defeated*
Kurama: (I"m inside the body of a 5 year old. *smirk* You still kissed Saskue first)
Naruto: (*furious* STOP BRINGING THAT UP!!!!!!!!)
Kurama: (*smirk* You enjoyed it, used too tongue too)
Naruto: (*furious* NO WE DIDN"T!!!!!! STOP IT!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Kurama: (Geez, can't take being teased can ya? But your still a 5 year old.)
Naruto: (Bye.)
*Naruto proceeds too ignore whatever else Kurama has too say. Hinata recovers from her Tickle Monster attack and they enjoy the rest of their day full of love.... and ramen.*

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