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Some Things I want to see in the TimeSkip.

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Some Things I want to see in the TimeSkip.

Post by IIRUNEII on Thu Oct 03, 2013 8:43 pm

Well first off theres some things i want to see in our next gen, or a pre timeskip.

I would like to see a funny scene, maybe a flashback, of naruto having funny moment with his kids..
Like his little girl trying get him up and acting like his mom XD while hinata giggles.

Drawing made by Yarami on Deviantart.

THEN i would also like to see some kinda play date of sorts between NH kids and another PreGen Nin's kids,

Drawing made by annria2002 on Deviantart.

LASTLY, a sweet kiss / epic moment, when naruto goes off to the now yearly kage summit,
to wish his perfect wife far well...

Drawing made by luzhikari on Devinatart.

What Are things you, my friends, would like to see from the TimeSkip?

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