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NaruHina Honeymoon by Racefan1992

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NaruHina Honeymoon by Racefan1992 Empty NaruHina Honeymoon by Racefan1992

Post by racefan1992 Wed Apr 22, 2015 8:53 am

Happy Birthday too this site! ^_^

Note: This is VERY word heavy and long.

I also threw in my created character...... i hit a road block with this and had too him too help me along.

I hope anyone who reads it enjoys it.

"Day 1"
*It is a few weeks after the wedding. Naruto and Hinata are summoned too Kakashis office*

Kakashi: Well hello you two.
Naruto: What is this about?
Kakashi: Have you two planned a honeymoon?
Naruto/Hinata: "Honeymoon?"
Kakashi: It is what newly weds do after they are married. Spend time together.
Naruto: We HAVE been spending time together.
Kakashi: Off-duty and being on missions does not count. Ninja time and personal time are two completely different things Naruto.
Hinata: I think i get what Lord 6th means.
Kakashi: (Atleast Hinata understands what i'm trying too say.) It has been sometime since you were married and everyone who showed up was woundering when the your honeymoon would start. But since it seems neither of you planned on it, we here have set it up for you.
Naruto/Hinata: !? You..... You have?
Kakashi: Yes. Here is where you two are going.
*Kakashi gives Naruto a note*
Naruto: Not that i am complaining but how long will we be gone?
Kakashi: 2 weeks. Honeymoons are usually shorter but we will deal with anything that comes up while you two are gone. Sakura set everything up, so go too her before going out.
*Naruto and Hinata have nothing too say but Kakashi can tell that both of them are happy. Naruto and Hinata leave quietly, pack their things and go too find Sakura*
Kakashi: Now i just have too wait until the final expenses come in. I know they deserve the best but not overboard......
*Naruto and Hinata eventually find Sakura*
Sakura: You two ready? *smile*
Naruto/Hinata: Y... Yes.
Sakura: Here are your train tickets and a map of the village you two will be staying at. Things are marked so you can visit when you want. Honeymoon starts when you get there, have fun you two. *smiles and walks away*
Naruto: I... I guess we should get going.
Hinata: Yeah.
*Naruto and Hinata walk too the train station, board and head off toward their honeymoon spot. They pass the time by discussing recent missions, Naruto reads the train brocher, Hinata knits while Naruto watches her knit and watch scenery pass by the window. A day later they depart from the train and take the short walk too the village. When they arrive, Naruto uses the map too find the hotel they will be staying at. They soon arrive at the hotel and approach the desk.*
Desk Clerk: Can i help you?
Naruto: Yes, we are supposed too have reservations here?
Desk Clerk: Names please?
*they give there names*
Desk Clerk: Oh, the new married couple. This way please.
*the desk clerk escorts Naruto and Hinata upstairs*
Desk Clerk: This is our honeymoon suite. Here is your key *hands Naruto the key* Enjoy your stay! *leaves*
Naruto: Well...... lets see what have here. *inserts the key and opens the door* HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hinata: *shocked gasp*
*They enter the room and Naruto proceeds too act like a happy kid*
Naruto: Look at this place! This living room is huge! We have a TV! Good size Kitchen... with a FULLY STOCKED FRIG!!!!!!! Big bathrooms!........ holy shit again, we have a hot spring!!!! *continues too run around. Mean while Hinata, shuts the door and sits down on the couch. Naruto stops running around and notices Hinata is quiet. he sits down next too her*
Naruto: What is the matter?
Hinata: I........ I can not believe...... they did this for us. I"m not upset........... i'm overwhelmed. All of this is nice but all i want is too be with you and only you Naruto-kun.
Naruto: *smile* I know. But it doesn't mean we can't be comfortable well we are away. I bet this cost alot of money.
*back at the village*
Aide: Lord 6th?
Kakashi: Yes.
Aide: We have the final expenses report for Naruto and Hinatas honeymoon.
Kakashi: Let me see that.
*Kakashi looks at the report*
Kakashi: 125,000.................. 125,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAKURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*some distance away*
Sakura: *devilish smile* Hehehehehehe, i hope those 2 have fun.
*back at the office*
Aide: L..... Lord 6th.
Kakashi: WHAT!?
Aide: Here is another piece of it sir, labeled "donations."
Kakashi: Huh? Let me see that. *reads it* Add it up please. I have too calm down. *opens his prono book* Oh, i left off at a good part.
*The aides fingers move faster then the speed of light*
Aide: Finished sir.
Kakshi: Well?
Aide: With everything, i covers about 65% of the bill.
Kakashi: Well...... that is manageable i guess. Sakura, you were one step away from cleaning bathrooms for the rest of your life too pay that off.
*Back at the honeymoon, Naruto and Hinata settle in for the day. They do not go anywhere, just unpack. However Hinata falls asleep on the couch at nighfall. Naruto covers her up and falls asleep on chair next too the couch. *

Day 2
*Naruto and Hinata awake too a bright sunny morning. After freshing up they plan their first "real day" of their honeymoon*
Naruto: *opens map* Where too Hinata?
Hinata: How about that lake Naruto-kun?
Naruto: Sure.
*Hinata makes them a big lunch and dinner. They head out for the lake. When they reach the lake, they head up too a hill overlooking the lake*
Hinata: Here looks good.
Naruto: Yeah.
*they sit down*
Hinata: Want something Naruto-kun?
Naruto: Yeah, rice ball please. *Naruto begins eating the rich ball* Why is this so good?
Hinata: *blushing* Do not worry, i made more. *smile*
Naruto: You are the best Hinata! *proceeds too eat more*
Hinata: Save me some!
Naruto: I'll try. *shovels more rice balls into his mouth*
*15 mintues later*
Naruto: I saved you some Hinata.
Hinata: (only 5 of them). I'm going too go down the water and dip my feet Naruto-kun.
Naruto: Ok Hinata.
*Hinata takes off her sandels and runs down too the lakes edge and goes ankle deep into the water. She admires the scenery while breathing in the fresh air.*
Naruto: (I'm..... i'm so luck too have her in my life.) *Naruto watches her stand at the waters edge, the breeze gently swaying her long hair from side too side* (I think i'll go join her) *Takes off his sandels and walks down too join Hinata*
Hinata: ?
Naruto: Mind if i join you?
Hinata: *smile*
*They stand next too eachother for a while, listening, watching nature and enjoying eachothers company*
Naruto: Come on Hinata
Hinata: Huh?
Naruto: Come on. Lets walk.
Hinata: On the water?
Naruto: Yeah. *smile*
Hinata: Ok.
*They both walk on the lakes surface and go too the center of the lake*
Naruto: You know Hinata, it toke me some time too learn too walk on water.
Hinata: Really?
Naruto: Yeah. It didn't have good control of my chakra back then so it was difficult. (and somebody wasn't being very helpful)
Kurama: (Oh, it is MY fault? I see where this is going.)
Naruto: (Yeah, it was YOUR fault. You were being an airhead.)
Kurama: (An airhead? Takes one too know one.)
Hinata: How long did it take you too walk on water?
Naruto: A couple of days. You?
Hinata: A couple of tries.
Kurama: (Ouch! The wife: 1. Naruto: nothing)
Naruto: (I hate you.)
Hinata: Naruto-kun, can you wait here?
Naruto: Why?
Hinata: I want too get something. *Hinata rushes back too the picnic area and then goes back too Naruto*
Naruto: A camera?
Hinata: *blushing* Well.... i was hoping too take pictures of us during our honeymoon. So we can show people and....... well we can remember this later on.
Naruto: Oh..... hehe ok Hinata.
* Hinata takes a few practice pictures, then takes one of Naruto, then Naruto takes one of her. Then they take one together selfie style. Naruto holds the camera in front of them, Hinata is hugging him *blushing alittle* and Naruto is being himself. After taking pics they head back too their picnic spot and finish up the food Hinata made. While going back they come across a photo booth and they get the pictures developed. Back in the village they visit shops, Hinata buys more knit stuff and Naruto buys more film for the camera.... alot more film. It is nightfall and they sit on a bench*
Naruto: Well i guess we should get back too the hotel.
Hinata: ........ yeah.
Naruto: I had fun today Hinata........ *thud* Huh?
*Hinata leans against him*
Naruto: Hinata?
*He checks her and finds out she is sleeping*
Naruto: *smile* I guess i'll carry her back.
Kurama: (be gentle lover boy)
Naruto: (Oh i really need your support right now *rolls eyes*)
*Naruto carries Hinata and all the goods they bought back too the hotel room. When there he takes off Hinatas sandels and puts her in bed.*
Naruto: (Sleep Hinata, i'll be in shortly) *Naruto unpacks everything, watchs alittle TV but soon gets sleepy. He gets ready for bed and enters the bedroom. The room is quiet all he can hear is the sound of the wind in the trees and Hinatas gentle breathing*
Naruto: (She is so peaceful.) *approachs the bed but stops*
Kurama: (What are you waiting for?)
Naruto: (Eh?)
Kurama: (Get next too her. You ARE married. It is what couples do.)
Naruto: (I'll wake her up. And what do you know? Your not even human!)
Kurama: (I was with your mom. Your mom and dad it all the time. And stop being a wuss!)
Naruto: (Fine, fine. And i'm not a wuss)
*naruto cautiously gets into bed next too Hinata. Much too his happyness, he doesn't wake her up. Naruto shuts off the lights and gets comfortable. He rolls over and puts his arm over Hinatas side. As he gets too sleep he feels a pressure on his hand*
Naruto: ? *looks over and sees Hinata holding his gentely holding his hand, he smiles and snuggles closer too her. Then falls asleep.)

Day 3
*Naruto awakes too the sun warmly beating into the bedroom. Hinata, still sleeping is facing him now. Naruto gently moves her hair from her face*
Naruto: *starts tearing up*
Kurama: (Why are you crying?)
Naruto: (I....... I don't know.)
Kurama: (You don't know? Oh come on.)
Naruto: (I really don't know. I'm happy she is next too me but..........)
Kurama: (Whatever.)
*Hinata starts too wake up*
Hinata: *yawn and wipes sleepies from her eyes*
Naruto: Good morning. *smile*
Hinata: *blushing* Hi.
Naruto: Sleep well?
Hinata: *nods* I take it... you carried me here?
Naruto: Yeah.
Hinata: Thank you.
Naruto: Don't mention it.
Hinata: What do you want too do today?
Naruto: Well let us decide after breakfest.
Hinata: Ok, i'll make us breakfest, let me freshin up first.
Naruto: I think i will too.
*Naruto and Hinata freshin up and Hinata makes eggs, meat and friut for breakfest. As they eat, Naruto pulls out the map and marks off the lake they visited*
Naruto: How about this theme park?
Hinata: Ok
*Naruto and Hinata finish breakfest and head too the theme park.*
Hinata: Wow.
Naruto: You said it.
*The park has alot of rides and attractions. They visit as many as they can, ride as many rides as they can and take as many pictures as they can. They even visit a haunted house, much too Narutos disgust and Kuramas delight. After the haunted house, they take a break for lunch at one of the food stands*
Naruto: I hate haunted houses and ghosts!
Hinata: I'm sorry.
Naruto: (I"m so going too kick your ass)
Hinata: Naruto-kun..... where too now?
Naruto: Anywhere but where we were before.
*After lunch they walk around the theme park. Soon they find a putt-putt golf course. Having never seen one before, they enter the shop and ask about it. The desk clerk explains the rules and tells them that they are 2 course, a "kiddy" course and the "real" course. Naruto wants too play the "real" course but clerk says it isn't ready yet. But it will be in a few days for a tournament. The clerk welcomes them too sign up for it, they both do. They play the "kiddy" course, during which Naruto endlessly complains about how the small the hole is, why the ball has dipples in it and just generally about how "lame" this game is. Hinata however finds it fun and enjoys herself.*
Kurama: (You are being a big crybaby right now.)
Naruto: (The biggest one you've every seen.)
Hinata: I made it! It went in!
Kurama: (This isn't ment too be taken seriously. Hinata is having fun. Why do not you relax?)
*Naruto sees how much fun Hinata is having despite not being very good at putt-putt golf*
Naruto: (Your right.)
*They finish and head too club house*
Naruto: Hinata?
Hinata: Hm?
Naruto: I"m sorry for being a party pooper. (somebody isn't being helpful again)
Kurama: (I.... oh nevermind *snort*.)
Hinata: It is ok Naruto-kun. Want too play again?
Naruto: Sure. (Only way i'll get better is if i try again.)
*They pay for a second go around. This time Naruto gets a hang of it, Hinata does better too. After they return the balls and putters they head back too the hotel for dinner. After dinner Naruto and Hinata watch a movie together. After the movies end they go too bed.*

Day 4
*Naruto once again wakes up too the sun beaming into the room in which he and Hinata sleep. And like yesterday, he tears up when he sees Hinata laying next too him. After collecting himself, he freshins up. He leaves a note for Hinata and leaves for a bit. Hinata soon after wakes up and notices Naruto is gone but sees the note on his pillow*
Note: "Good morning Hinata. Don't worry, i'll be back. Had something too take care of. ^_^ Love, Naruto."
Hinata: *smile* I guess i'll get breakfest ready then.
*Hinata readies herself for the day. As breakfest is finish Naruto returns.*
Naruto: I knew somebody was up by the smell of the food. *big smile*
Hinata: Good morning Naruto-kun! Where did you go?
Naruto: Can't tell you. It is a secret. *wink*
Hinata: Oh come on! *annoyied look*
*Naruto walks over too Hinata*
Naruto: Us men have too have some secrets *kisses Hinata on the cheek* you'll have too wait until the last day of our honeymoon.
Hinata: (darn it.) Breakfest is ready.
Naruto: Awesome.
*As they sit down and eat breakfest they decide on the next leg of their honeymoon*
Naruto: *Xs off the theme park* Where too today?
Hinata: Heard of a nature trail some distance from here from someone in town. Good place too get more pictures.
Naruto: It isn't on the map but ok.
*After breakfest they ask around town for the nature trail. The locals help them find it but it is by small too get too it. After booking themselves the boat and taking the ride they arrive at the start of the nature trail*
Naruto: Oh my god......
Hinata: This..... this is the most beautiful place i've ever been too.
*Before them lays acre after acre of cherry blosome trees. As they walk through the trail the sun light doesn't make it all the way through and it gives the trail an atmosphere that Naruto and Hinata had never felt before. It is peaceful, quiet and serene.*
Naruto: Hinata...... this place reminds me of you.
Hinata: *blushing* Really?
Naruto: Yeah. It is peaceful and serene. But also beautiful, outside and inside. *Naruto starts taking pictures of Hinata and the tress.*
Hinata: *red faced*
*Both of them walk the trail, taking it all in. Naruto uses 3 rolls of film taking pictures, mostly of Hinata. The path is long, so it takes them some time too finish it. When they finish the trail they take the boat back and get the pictures developed. By the time they finish everything, the sun it pretty low in the horizon. So they head back too the hotel for the rest of the night.*

Day 5
*Hinata wakes up first this time, she gets up and opens the shades that cover the windows, it is raining outside.*
Hinata: Oh man.........
Naruto: What's up Hinata?
Hinata: Oh, good morning Naruto-kun..... its raining outside.
Naruto: Really??? Damn it. *gets up out of bed*
*They watch the rain for some time but eventually freshin up. They eat breakfest and since according too the TV the rain will last all day. They have too find ways too keep busy.*
*knock on door* "MAIL CALL!"
Naruto/Hinata: ?
*Naruto opens the door and finds the mail at his feet. He grabs the mail and heads inside*
Hinata: What is it Naruto-kun?
Naruto: 3 letters...... one for me, read that later. One for us and a notice the tournament thingy we signed up for.
*Naruto pushes his letter aside, Hinata reads the the tournament notice and Naruto reads the letter for both of them*
Naruto: What is say Hinata?
Hinata: Just say that the tournament will start tommorow instead of today because of the rain, what about the letter too us?
Naruto: From the Leaf Village "We hope you are enjoying yourselfs on your honeymoon. Nothing big has happened since you've been gone, just a few minor things that were taken care of. Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon. Signed Kakashi and everyone." *they both smile*
*As the rain beats down outside Naruto is edgy, he wants too go out with Hinata. But it is raining so he can't do that. Hinata keeps herself busy by kniting. However eventually Naruto gets fed up.*
Naruto: I can not take it anymore. *gets up and goes too the bedroom*
Hinata: N.... Naruto-kun?
*Naruto comes back a few minutes later in his mission clothes*
Naruto: I"m going too train outside. There has too be a place where it isn't wet out there.
*Naruto goes outside near the hot spring. Much too his delight he finds a spot rain free with a decent amount of space. He warms up then starts training*
Hinata: N..... Naruto-kun?
Naruto: Yeah?............ !?
*Naruto sees Hinata not in her casual clothes but in her mission clothes*
Hinata: Do you..... do you mind if i train with you?
Naruto: ...... Yeah sure Hinata.
*They both start training. However it turns into 'check the other out when the other isn't looking.'
Kurama: (You two are funny. Instead of training you are checking each other out WHILE training.)
Naruto: (*blushing* I"m doing no such thing!)
Kurama: (Oh is that so? Ok then answer me this; why are your cheeks red?)
Naruto: (I"m training!)
Kurama: (Uh-huh. Whatever lover boy *rolls eyes*)
*Naruto and Hinata stop too take a break*
Hinata: Naruto-kun?
Naruto: ?
Hinata: You think you can spare with me?
Naruto: Spare with you?
Hinata: Yeah.
Kurama: (This is will be good.)
Naruto: (Shut up.) Hinata i could......
*Hinata gently grabs his hand*
Hinata: I'm not asking you too use your full strength, i'm asking you too give me a challenge. Whatever you throw at me i can take. My father has trained me in our clans Senbon training, where i trained 1000 times in a row without a break.
Naruto/Kurama: (1000 times in a row!?)
Hinata: Please?
Naruto: O....ok Hinata. If this is what you want.
*Hinata gets ready and Naruto summons shadow clones too surround Hinata. They attack one at a time, Hinata deals with them easily. Impressed, Naruto has them attack her 2 at a time then 3 at a time. Eventually Hinata dispells all the shadow clones. The clones land a few blows but nothing that hurt her too much. Hinata then chrages Naruto himself. Suprised Naruto is put on the defensive as she attacks. While not giving 100% Naruto notices there is a sting with her blows.*
Naruto: (She is actually trying too hit me!)
*Eventually Naruto goes on the offensive. While they spare Naruto has a flashback of Hinata fighting Neji during the chunin exams. Dispite not being Narutos equal, Hinata is keeping him honest. Naruto manages too trip Hinata up but she quickly recovers almost lands a blow that would have sent Naruto back a bit. After what seems like forever, Naruto hits Hinata and knocks her too the ground*
Naruto: Oh my god, are you ok!? *runs too her*
Hinata: Eck, yeah. I'm ok.
Naruto: You sure?
Hinata: *smile* Yeah, of course i am. *grabs his hand*
Naruto: *sigh of relieve*
*Hinata gets up and dusts herself off. Naruto transforms and heals whatever injuries Hinata has, also helping Hinata regain her strength.*
Naruto: You know Hinata..... you are the first person i ever shared my life with.
Hinata: ?
Naruto: Yeah. When i held your hand for the first time and shared my chakra.... my life with you. I didn't understand then what i did but now i do. We connected that day.
Hinata: I had no idea you had such power. When you shared your chakra with me, my strength overflowed. I have never felt such strength before in my life.
Kurama: (*flexes muscles*)
Naruto: (*rolls eyes*)
Hinata: Even now, i'm amazed my your strength.
Naruto: *blushing* Your father told me about your experiences during the war. You out lasted Neji, fought for two days with little rest, completed one of your clans most powerful techinques and used your own original move with it. You AMAZE me.
Hinata: *face turns red*
Kurama: (Hey what is this? Kuramas House of Healing!? Take her back inside and makeout or something!)
Naruto: (Hey! We are having a moment here! Now butt out!)
*Naruto eventually returns too normal and they go inside and change back into their casual clothes. Having got it out of his system Naruto sits back and relaxes while Hinata finishes her knitting. Before they go too bed, they recieve another mail call, the tournament they signed up for has a meeting at 8am which will explain rules at 9am there is a one hour practice and at 10am players draw for playing partners then proceed too the course too begin play.*

Day 6
*Naruto and Hinata wake up well before 8am too get ready for the tournament. As they arrive at the theme park they see all the people who entered standing around the club house (roughly 100 including Naruto and Hinata.) Right at 8am the meeting starts and rules are:
Can from hit from 1st shot or putt from 1st shot (a few hole must hit too green)
6 shot limit (for pace of play)
OB (out of bounds) is 2 shot penalty
Water hazard is 1 shot penalty
A ball can be hit from a water hazard IF the ball isn't completely covered in water
No grounding club in bunkers (1 shot penalty)
2 rounds in one day
Top 50 advance too final 2 rounds plus ties
newcomers get coaching should they want it
top 20 get invited back next year
When the meeting was over everyone goes too the practice range. Naruto and Hinata toke the coaching option and used the hour well. Hinata has good bunker play and Naruto has good planning. Naruto uses the standard putter and Hinata (at her coaches advice) takes the long putter and both get high loft clubs because a few bunkers on the course are rather deep and a few tee shots are over water. After practice everyone draws playing partners. Sadly, Naruto and Hinata are not paired together but aren't far from eachother, Naruto is three groups ahead of Hinata. As they start their 1st round they find a rude awaking, The course is alot harder then they previously thought. Hinata adapts too the difficulty but struggles finishing tied for 50th (+1), Naruto is stone dead last(+10). As they change pin places on the course everyone has lunch. Naruto and Hinata find eachother and talk about their round. Hinata cheers Naruto up about how bad he is doing. After lunch the pin locations have changed. Hinata finds some too her liking, getting a 2 (birdie) on 4 holes. Finishing in solo 37th (-3). When everyone is done they met in the club house too see the tournament standings. Everyone 50th and above advances, however there are ties. Hinata is relieved too hear that Naruto is on of those tied for 50th(+6). After the meeting they find eachother and congradulate eachother on their performence. Naruto buys Hinata dinner at a cafe. After dinner they are both tired from their long day and go back too the hotel.*

Day 7
*Naruto and Hinata go back too the club house in the morning. Again their is a meeting about how the rest of the tournament is handled. They are also allowed another 1 hour practice. After practice they are paired with someone near them in the tournament standings. Since Naruto is so far back in the standings, he is first too go. Starts out decent, scoring 3 on his first 4 holes.Then shots 4 the next hole. After shooting 3 on his next 5, he shoots 2 on 3 of his next 4 holes. But shots 3 on his remaining holes. Naruto is +4 in a tie for 41st place. Hinata starts later do too her being higher up in the standings. Hinata starts out well shooting 2 on 2 of her first 3 holes. Then shots 3 on her next 4, however puts her ball into a water hazard on her 8th hole. However gets lucky as the ball isn't under the waters surface and only shots 4. Comes back the next hole and shots 2, then adds a pair more of 2s on her next 2 holes. Shots 3 on her remaining holes. Hinata is -7 in a tie for 22nd place. After the 3rd round the players go and get lunch and the pin placements are changed too the hardest locations for the 4th round. Naruto finds Hinata, Hinata openly admits she is nervous. She is only 6 shots from the leader and anything can happen. Naruto encourages her and Hinata relaxes. In typcial Naruto fashion, when things get tough, he gets tougher. With pin in the hard locations possible, Naruto on his first 9 holes has 3 2s, on his back 9, he has 2 more 2s. On the 18th hole (due too his 'hero status') Naruto gets a standing ovation from the 18th hole, however before he hits is 1st shot he is interupted*
*loud cheer followed by applause from behond them*
Naruto: !?
Playing partner: I guess someone did something amazing.
Naruto: I guess so.
*Naruto hits his ball with 25 feet of the hole, as he walks too the green he gets another standing ovation. He gives them another reason too cheer by stink his putt for his 3rd 2 on his back 9. Naruto shots -6, his total score for the tournament is -2 in a tie for 29th place. As he signs his scorecard word goes around that the loud cheer was because someone made a hole-in-one. A rare feat, especially when the pin locations are at there hardest. Eventually someone tells Naruto that HINATA made the hole-in-one on a hole that does not give up Aces (hole-in-one) very much, in fact only 2 aces have been recorded on the 7th hole in the tournaments 50 year history. Naruto finds Hinata on the 14th. Inbetween shots Hinata sees Naruto and he waves too her. She waves back. On the 18th hole Hinata gets a standing ovation from her explots on the 7th hole. However she hits her first shot into a bunker and must hit it out (one of the few deep ones on the course.) However Hinata hits the ball out too within 1 foot of the hole and gets a 3. Hinata shots -5 for her last round for a tournament total of -12 in a tied for 11th place. After the last of the players have played, the awards are given out. Hinata gets top rookie honors, been the highest finishing first timer in 20 years. Also her hole-in-one gets recongition. As her prize she gets too choose either a small amount of money or concert tickets. Hinata chooses the concert tickets. Do too the amount of people around, Naruto has a hard time finding Hinata. However, he eventually finds her. She is being interviewed by a local reporter. Naruto doesn't interfer and lets Hinata have her time. When the reporter asks her if she will come back, she says "i'm on my honeymoon. So next year or at anyother point in the future.... most likely not. I'd like too, i had fun here." After her interview the top 20 take a photo together (a tradition) and Hinata gets a copy. After the photo op, Naruto approaches Hinata and gives her a big hug. They eat at a cafe and share their experiences at the tournament. Naruto can tell Hinata had fun and well he did too. While they eat Hinata mentions that a replay will be shown on the TV later on tonight. Naruto says he'll record it. After they get back to the hotel they watch TV on the local channel. Naruto gets too see Hinatas Ace on the 7th hole and he records it too show everyone one back home. After watching Hinatas interview (which Naruto records too), they go too bed.*

Day 8
*Naruto wakes up and like in the past few days, tears up seeing Hinata next too him. After freshing up they decide on what too do for the day. Since the tournament is over and the putt-putt course has shut down for the year. They have too find something else too do. However nothing comes too mind.....*
Hinata: Naruto-kun?
Naruto: Hm?
Hinata: How about we train for today?
Naruto: Today?
Hinata: Yeah. It is still you and me time. The concert doesn't start for another 4 days so we might as well keep ourselves sharp.
Naruto: Yeah, i guess you are right. We will still be together but we will doing something we both enjoy doing. *smile*
Hinata: Ok, i'll make us a lunch, dinner and drinks since we will be out all day.
*Hinata makes the food and packs everything in a basket and change into their mission clothes. They find a spot near the lake from before that is out of the way and no one will bother them. They train from the moment they get there too sunset. All the while growing stronger together, they even connect like they did during the war too try different manuvers. They however get back too the hotel before dark.*
*Naruto and Hinata both collapse on the couch*
Naruto: I'm wore out
Hinata: Been awhile since i've trained that hard.
Naruto: I thought you trained hard all the time?
Hinata: Well i do.... but when i'm with you..... i feel like i can push myself more.
Kurama: (Aw, isn't that sweet.)
Naruto: (Ugh, here we go again.)
Hinata: *takes off her sandels*
Naruto: ....... here Hinata, i'll massage your feet.
Hinata: *blushing* M.... massage my feet!?
Kurama: (smooth move Naruto)
Naruto: Yeah, come on. I will not do anything funny. *smile*
Kurama: (oh yes you will.)
Naruto: (Shut up.)
*Hinata shyly puts her feet on Narutos lap and starts massaging her feet. After a few moment Hinata relaxes. However Naruto plays with Hinatas toes.*
Hinata: *giggle*
*Naruto stops so Hinata can relax some more. Although Kurama endlessly teases Naruto about doing that, so Naruto punchs Kurama out.*
Hinata: I think i'll go take a shower.
Naruto: That hot spring has been calling me since we got here.
*They go there seperate ways, Hinata takes a long hot shower and Naruto takes a long dip in the hot spring. After their relaxation time, they go too bed.*

Day 9
*Naruto and Hinata wake up around the same time. After washing up they decide on what too do. Naruto notices on the map that there is a hiking trail not far from the lake. They take along some food and water and start hiking. However midway through the hike....*
Hinata: *foot slips on the rock and falls* Ouch!!
Naruto: *gasp and runs too her* Are you ok Hinata!?
Hinata: I think i sprained my ankle.
*Hinata tries too put weight on her ankle but quickly sits back down*
Hinata: Yeah, i sprained my ankle.
Naruto: Oh man.
Hinata: Well...... there goes our day. *sad face*
Naruto: Its ok Hinata. *put his hand on her cheek* We will adapt, we always do. *smile*
Hinata: ...............
*Naruto picks Hinata up bridal-style with little effort*
Hinata: Eeeek!
Naruto: Lets go back too the hotel and treat your ankle.
*Naruto carries Hinata all the way back too the hotel room. When there Naruto looks for some healing ointment that Hinata makes but Hinata didn't make any this time around, so Hinata tells Naruto too alternate hot and cold clothes on her ankle too help the soreness and swelling.*

Day 10
*Hinata gets a decent nights sleep but Naruto gets about 4 hours. As he is constently changing clothe on Hinatas ankle. But gets up when she does.*
Naruto: Good morning Hinata.
Hinata: Good morning Naruto-kun.
Naruto: Anything i can get you?
Hinata: Some tea would nice please.
Naruto: Ok. *naruto makes her a cup of tea and gets himself something too eat* How is your ankle?
Hinata: Sore, the swelling has gone down.
Naruto: Good.
Hinata: *stomach growls*
Naruto: Some one is hungery. *smile*
Hinata: *blushing* i guess i am. I didn't make a snack last night.
Naruto: What do you want?
Hinata: Make me what you feel like making me.
Naruto: ???
Hinata: *smile*
Naruto: (Oooooooooook) I think of something for you.
*Naruto walks out of the bed room and into the kitchen. After standing around for a few minutes he has a brain storm.*
Naruto: Ok, let see here. *runs the frig and gets some lettuce, a tomato, bacon and an egg. Naruto fries the egg and bacon up. Grabs some bread and puts it in the toaster*
Naruto: (what else am i forgetting? ........ Fruit!)
*Narutos grabs some mixed fruit and puts it on a plate. The toast is finished but burned too a crisp*
Kurama: (Haha)
Naruto: (I'm ignoring you)
*Naruto puts new bread in the toaster and carefully watchs everything*
Hinata: It smells good Naruto-kun!
Naruto: Its coming Hinata!
Kurama: (overcooked and burnt too)
Naruto: (*sigh*)
*Everything finishes at the about the same time and Naruto assembles the sandwich. But is forgetting something.....*
Naruto: (i'm for forgetting something else.......... cheese!)
*Naruto grabs some chedder cheese and puts it on the bacon and it quickly melts. After putting all together, Naruto grabs a vase and puts a flower in it and gets a small try too Hinata can eat while in bed. When ready he goes too the bedroom*
Naruto: TA-DAA!!!! *big smile*
Hinata: Oh my!
*Naruto sets the tray on Hinatas lap and she stares at the sandwich*
Naruto: Has everything a growing ninja needs, meat, egg, bread, veggies, cheese and fruit!
Kurama: (That was terrible)
*Hinata cuts the sandwich in half and takes a bite*
Kurama: (This is going too backfire)
Naruto: (NO IT IS NOT!)
*Hinata chews her bite for a few moments and swallows*
Hinata: This is good Naruto-kun!
Naruto: (YES! I AM THE MAN!)
Kurama: (*falls over* When did you become a good cook!?)
Naruto: (I learned from the best. *big smile*)
*Hinata eats the sandwich and fruit in record time*
Hinata: I'm full now. *burps*
Naruto/Kurama: O_O
Hinata: *blushing* Excuse me.
Naruto: *smile* (She is awesome)
*For the rest of the day, Naruto treats Hinata like a princess, tending too her every need. Although she doesn't ask for very much. Only thing she needs help with it walking around but Naruto lets her handle girl business herself. At the end of the day Naruto puts Hinata too bed but as soon as he layes down on the bed he is out cold*
Hinata: *pulls covers over Naruto and cuddles up too him* Sleep Naruto-kun. I'll be here when you wake up.... i will always be here when you wake up.

Day 11
*Hinata wakes up first, after coming too she sees Naruto still sleeping soundly. Hinata kisses Naruto on the cheek and walks around the hotel room too see how her ankle feels. It is still sore but she move around alittle bit better then yesterday. Hinata looks out the window and sees some activity*
Hinata: I guess they must be getting ready for the concert tommorow. Maybe when Naruto-kun gets up we can see what is going on.
*Hinata returns too the bedroom and lays beside Naruto, patiently waiting for him too wake up. Eventually Naruto does wake up*
Naruto: *streches and rubs his eyes*
Hinata: Good morning Naruto-kun. *pinkish color too her cheeks*
Naruto: Hello there.
Hinata: Sleep well?
Naruto: Like a rock.
Hinata: They are getting ready for the concert in town. When we get ready, do you want too check it out?
Naruto: How is your ankle?
Hinata: Sore but i'll manage Naruto-kun.
*Naruto and Hinata freshin up and eat breakfest, then head down too the village. As they reach the concert area, they are amazed by how big it will be. Alot of people are getting stage ready and Hinata notices someone she has seen before*
Hinata: ...... i know that person.
Naruto: Who?
Hinata: *points* that person........... Akiba.
Naruto: Eh? Akiwho?
*Hinata speed walks too too where Akiba is*
Hinata: Akiba!
Akiba: Hm? *looks left* What the hell?
*Hinata approaches Akiba*
Hinata: Hello Akiba.
Akiba: ?...... What are you doing here?
Hinata: Long story. Why are you here?
Akiba: One of their band memebers is sick, i'll be playing guitar.
Hinata: You play instruments?
Akiba: Yeah. Have for quite some time. Kasumi is here too, she will be taken part. This band does lyric and non-lyric music.
Hinata: Oh ok. Are Ryoko and Kinasato here?
Akiba: Not now but later. Why are you here again?
Hinata: ................. i'm with someone.
Akiba: Who?
*Naruto approaches them*
Naruto: Who is this Hinata?
Akiba: I'm.......... I know who you are... Naruto Uzimaki.
Naruto: (i hate my popularity sometimes) Who might you be?
Akiba: No one famous, just someone who has been around a while.
Naruto: ??????
Hinata: Naruto-kun this my team leader from a mission i had serveral months back, Akiba Arisaka. Sakura-chan and Ino-chan were with me.
Naruto: Oh. You a sensei?
Akiba: Nope, never have been, never will be. But i am a special advisor too the Leaf Village and my wifes village at Lord Kakashis request.
Naruto: I've never seen you before anywhere in the village.
Akiba: I'm sure we have seen eachother but have never met before Naruto.
Naruto: Oh that makes sense.
Akiba: Well Hinata, i know who you are with but WHY are you here?
Hinata: *blushing* well Akiba..........
Naruto: We are married.
Akiba: *jaw drops* You two are married?
Hinata: Y.....yes Akiba.
Akiba: (ok, kind of young don't they think?) How long you been married?
Naruto: A few weeks, this is our honeymoon.
Akiba: Have you two had fun here?
*they both nod*
Akiba: Good. We share something in common, me and Kasumi spent our honeymoon here.
Naruto: You are married?
Akiba: Yep, happily.
Naruto: How long?
Akiba: Well my marriage is older then your current ages.
Naruto: Oh..... ok.
Akiba: I have too get back getting ready, come see me before the concert.
Naruto/Hinata: Ok
*They part ways. As Naruto and Hinata walk about the concert area, Hinata tells Naruto about Akiba, their mission and his past, including his past relationship with someone from Hinatas clan. Naruto then understands how Akiba knows Hinata. After checking out the concert area, they head back too the village. They find a entertainment shop and rent some movies. They head back too the hotel room and watch movies for the rest of the day.*

Day 12
*The concert starts at sunset, so Naruto and Hinata scount out a good spot, it is a place above the concert area with a good view and they can hear everything really well. After finding their spot they head too the common area and ask about how many songs will be playied. They are informed they many different pieces of music will be playied for the 2 days, including what the band calls "couple hour 2" a segement of time for the 2nd day of the concert just for couples that lasts 2 hours. Armed with the information, they go out and search for Akiba. They find him and Kasumi (which they introduce themselves) and past the next 30 minutes chatting about things. However 30 minutes before the concert begins, Akiba and Kasumi go and warm up. At concert time they find a spot that gives them a great view of the concert and the crowd but gives them privacy too.*
Band Leader: How are you doing tonight!?
*loud cheer*
BL: That is good hear. We have 2 days too make your hearts race, ears bleed and make you lose your voices as well. How about we get started?
*loud cheer*
BL: Alright then!
*For the next hour the band rocks the house. Even though her ankle is sore, that isn't stopping Hinata from enjoying herself, dancing (sort of) and clapping. Naruto is suprised by how much energy Hinata is displaying, causing Kurama too tease him. However Naruto ignores Kurama saying that he can not hear him because the music is too loud. At the 1 hour mark the band takes a break.*
Naruto: *Stares at Hinata*
Hinata: What?
Naruto: I've never seen this side of you before Hinata.
Hinata: *blushing* Well............. i guess i can not control myself.
Naruto: Yeah, whatever you say Hinata. There is a party girl inside that shy, quiet extierior. *laughs*
Hinata: *face turns red*
*After the bands break, the rocking of the house resumes. Again Hinata "can not control her self" but Naruto finds a few tunes too his liking as well. When the concert ends Hinata is exhausted from her energetic display but makes it back too the hotel room with Naruto and goes too bed.*

Day 13
*Naruto lets Hinata sleep in and goes too take care of an errand, however is back before Hinata gets up. During breakfest they talk about the concert and about how good of a guitar and drum player Akiba is and about Kasumis voice. They spend the rest of the day at the hotel waiting for sunset. When sunset arrives they head back too their spot from yesterday and wait for the band too start playing. The music this day different from yesterday, it is mostly non-lyric and but the same frantic pace but Naruto and Hinata enjoy it. Aroung the midway point the band leader makes an announcement*
BL: Ok, no offense too you single folks out there but leave the area please, it is time for the couples too get their time alone with their special person.
*the single people leave quickly*
BL: Ok, those of you still here, hold him or her close too you, don't let go of that person for the next 2 hours. It is just you time.
*The band starts playing soft, serene music. After a few songs, Naruto stands up*
Naruto: Come on Hinata. *extents his hand*
Hinata: I.... i can't dance. And my ankle is still sore.
Naruto: We don't have too really dance, just hold onto eachother. You rest your foot on mine. *smiles*
Hinata: ok
*Naruto and Hinata embrace eachother (sort of) and move too the slow beat of the music. After getting comfortable, Hinata layes hear head on Narutos chest. After a few moments, she can hear his heart beat. Soon, Hinata can no longer hear the music but Narutos heart beat only*
Hinata: (i've almost.... almost lost this sound before.) *flashes back too the war and seeing Narutos heartbeat growing weaker* (I never want too lose this sound.) *Hinata holds onto Naruto tighter*
Naruto: ? *looks down and sees Hinata with her head on his chest. But he smiles and almost on instinct transforms and surrounds himself and Hinata with his chakra. Feeling the warmth around her Hinata looks at Naruto who softly smiles back at her. Hinata smiles back and lays her head back his chest. Naruto kisses Hinata on the top of her head and rests his cheek on the top of her head. The 2 hours fly by for Naruto and Hinata, soon the band asks everyone too return and finishes the concert with a flury of music that leads the crowd too give a standing ovation when over. Naruto and Hinata take their time walking back too the hotel, letting the excited feeling running through them subside so they can relax when back in their hotel room.*

Day 14
*Naruto wakes up just as the sun is peaking over the horizon. Hinata is still sleeping, he moves her hair away from her face and kisses her on the forehead. Then grabs a small box and leaves a note his pillow and exits the room. Hinata wakes up as the sun peaks into the room*
Hinata: *yawns* ............ Naruto-kun? *gets up and walks around the room* Where is he? *Hinata looks everywhere but eventually returns too the bedroom* I guess he must be out then.... *sees a note his pillow* Hm? *picks up the note and reads it*
Note: "Good morning Hinata, since your proably reading this by now, i'm not there but i'm not far away. Go too the front desk too get another note and go too where it says. I love you, i have suprise for you at the end of this journey. ^_^"
Hinata: ??? I guess i'll go too the desk then.
*Hinata goes too the front desk and receives another note, it tells her too go too the lake. When at the lake, she finds another note on a tree, that note tells her too the theme park near the putt-putt course that note tells her too go the nature trail. When there a note tells her too find a bench down the trail. When at the bench Hinata sits down, after a few moments a piece of paper falls in front of her. She picks it up and reads it*
Note: "Look up"
Hinata: *looks up and sees Naruto in front of her on bended knee with his hands behond his back* n...... naruto-kun?
Naruto: Hi. I have something for you Hinata.
Hinata: ???
Naruto: Close your eyes and hold out your hands.
*Hinata closes her eyes and holds out her hands and Naruto puts a small box in her hands*
Hinata: ??? *uncertain look*
Naruto: Open it Hinata.
*Hinata opens the box and within an instant the look in her eyes goes form uncertainy too shock and amazement.*
Naruto: Do you like it?
*Hinata pulls out a necklace from the box. It has the Uzamaki and Hyuga clan symbols on it. It looks like it toke sometime too make and cost alot of money too make. It shows craftsmanship.*
Naruto: Well?
*Hinata looks at Naruto but she can't say anything. Her mouth opens but no words come out. For the first time Hinata can not speak too person she loves. Naruto has left her speechless, much she left Naruto speechless apon hearing her say "I love you" for the first time.*
Naruto: Here Hinata, let me put it on.
*Naruto gently removes the necklace from the box and puts it around Hinatas neck. Hinata stares at the hers and Narutos clan symblos. After a few moments, tears fall from her face onto her hands and the necklace.*
Hinata: It's............... it's beautiful. You........ didn't have too give this too me.
Naruto: You gave me the scraf Hinata, as your symbol of love for me. This is my symbol of love from me too you. I'll give you the world Hinata, i love you that much.
Hinata: I...... i don't want the world. I have all i need. I have my family....... my friends....... and i have the one person whom i've always wanted too be with...... here with me right now. Whom i love so much.
Naruto: I don't think i can get out of that habit Hinata but i'll try.
*Naruto lets Hinata regain her composer*
Naruto: There is something i want too tell you Hinata.
Hinata: ?
Naruto: Ever since we got here, some mornings i would wake up and start crying.
Hinata: Why?
Naruto: For a while i didn't know but now i do...... *starts tearing up* it is because i'm not empty anymore.
Hinata: !?
Naruto: When i was young i was alone but also empty. As i met people, i gain friends and formed bonds. But i was still empty inside. My parents had long since passed and Pervy Sage had been killed. I had no family. But with you...... with you i HAVE a family. For the first time since i was just a baby. I HAVE someone too come home too, i HAVE someone too wake up next too, i HAVE someone who will say "good morning" , i HAVE someone who will say "good night." I HAVE you Hinata, YOU. Because of YOU i'm no longer empty inside. Because of you the empty part of me is filled too the point of bursting. And that is reason why i've woken up some mornings and cried. I am no longer empty because of you Hinata.
*With that said Naruto can no longer keep his tears in check and cries in Hinata lap. Hinata too can not keep her tears in check and cries along with Naruto. They aren't crying tears of sadness, Naruto is letting out all the emptyness and pain he has felt throught his life. But is also happy too have Hinata in his life, filling him with love and warmth...... and his start too a family. And Hinata is crying tears of happyness. For filling Naruto with so much her love and for been the start for him having a family. After a few minutes they both regain themselves and look into eachothers eyes*
Naruto: You are my light and strength Hinata.
Hinata: You are my inspiration and role model Naruto-kun.
Kurama: (Aw, look at this. Such wounderful fluffy feelings going around. Too much, too much you two. *snicker*)
Naruto: (*pulls a wisker out of Kuramas face*)
Kurama: (*screams a noise so loud, that if he were out in the open and not inside Naruto, glass windows would shatter, babies would cry and the seas would part*)
Naruto: The reason why i had you come out all this way is because like i said before, this place reminds me of you. When i'm here, in this place. I feel like i'm surrounded by you. That you are always with me. Come too think of it, you have always been by my side. When we were kids, when we were in the Chunnin Exams, for the war even. We may have been friends early on but you were still there for me.
Hinata: *smile*
Naruto: But one more thing Hinata.
Hinata: ?
Naruto: When the world cast in the dream world for reasons of which i do not understand, i heard you call out too me. I heard "Naruto-kun." Then i had a urge too go and get you but Saskue stopped me. That is something that i still do not understand.
Hinata: Like you said before Naruto-kun, we connected that day..... became one. We are one, we are the same. We have endured alot in our lives but......... that is what you and i do: endure. For all the suffering and pain we have felt, it has lead you and me too this moment, this place. What we feel is not pain and suffering, but happyness, joy, peace...... love. Love has changed us, made us stronger. We share many things but too me the most important thing is the creed we share. The creed that helped me find a way out the darkness i was in, the creed that helped me save you from darkness. Do you remember what it is Naruto-kun?
Naruto: Of course Hinata.
Naruto/Hinata: I never go back on my word and i never run away. That is OUR nindo, our ninja way.
Hinata: Yeah. *giggle*
Naruto: *smile* Hinata it is the last day of our honeymoon and i want too spend our last day here, in this forest. I've brought us breakfest, lunch and dinner. I want too be by you here. I feel so peaceful here with you.
Hinata: I want too enjoy our last day here too Naruto-kun.
*Hinata gets up from the bench and they walk the trail. Naruto transforms and stays that all the whole day, much too Kuramas objection but Naruto pulls another wisker from Kuramas face and he shuts up. They also hold hands the entire time. At night the moon light gives the nature trail a completely different atmosphere, as they walk it for the final time the only thing they experience is the silence, the gentle noise of nature, the moon light scattering when it hits the trees and the light admitted from Naruto himself. When they finish the trail, they take a different way back. The way back leads too a cliff over looking the village. The village is all lite up and the moon is full. They stand on the cliff overlooking village, watching the people and the moon.*
Hinata: Naruto-kun?
Naruto: Yes Hinata?
Hinata: I"m..... i'm glad we could spend these last 2 weeks together. Because well.... i was hoping too spend time with you.
Naruto: We did Hinata.
Hinata: I mean what Lord Kakashi said, just us..... a honeymoon. And i'm so glad we got it. These past 2 weeks are more then i ever could have hoped for Naruto-kun. I got too spend time with the person i love..... my sun shine.
Naruto: Huh?
*Hinata grabs both of Narutos hands and softly, serenely sings for him.*
Hinata: You are my sun shine, my bright sun shine. You were there for me, when skies were grey. Naruto-kun you know how much i love you. You are the sun shine in my life.
*For the second time that Naruto can remember, he is left speechless by the person standing in front of him. His vision gets blurry with tears because of her words*
Naruto: ..................................................................
Hinata: You are my sun shine. The brightest, warmest star in the sky.
Naruto: *looks at the moon* You are............ my moon. The light in the darkness that help guide me throughout my life. I"m so glad too have met you in my life, i'm glad too have you as a friend, i'm glad..... too have you by my side for the rest of my life.
Hinata: Your words are my words Naruto-kun.
*They then share a kiss. They hold eachother as long as their breathe will allow them too*
Kurama: (*blows nose*)
Naruto: (*disgusted look* What is your problem?)
Kurama: (Hinata is the most wounderful perosn i've ever seen in my life)
Naruto: (Now that i will agree with you on *hands kurama another box of tissue*)
Kurama: (Thanks *blows nose*)
*They release eachother and watch the village and moon for a while longer. ***** However do too all the emotion they have shown during the day, they soon get tired and had back too the hotel room for their final night of their honeymoon. When Hinata wakes up she finds Naruto already up, watching the sun rise. She makes some tea and they watch the sun rise together..... hand in hand. When ready they return the room key and thank the hotel manager for the room they got, they board the train and return too the Leaf Village. They go too the Hokage office and report for duty.*
Kakashi: Did you two enjoy yourselfs?
Naruto/Hinata: Yes Lord 6th!
Kakashi: Well good.....
Aide: Lord 6th!
Kakashi: What is it?
Aide: There is a distrubence in The Land of Waves, we need ninja there as soon as possible!
Kakashi: Well you two?
Naruto: *looks at Hinata* Shall we?
Hinata: *smile*
Naruto: We will go.
Kakashi: Ok then, take a few others with you.
*Naruto, Hinata, Sai and Kiba go too the land The Land of Waves and deal with a rowdy bunch of ninja causing trouble. The ninja are easily dealt with and soon everyone returns home too report mission successful. After that (and getting payed) they go there seperate ways. Naruto returns home too his apartment, as soon as he sits down too relax, a knock on his door gets him up*
Naruto: Now who could that be?
*Naruto opens the door and sees Hinata standing there*
Naruto: eh..... yes Hinata?
*Hinata hugs him*
Naruto: *blushing* What.... what is wrong?
Hinata: I"m not going too let you sit here by youself Naruto-kun.
Naurto: *returns the hug* Thank you Hinata.
*They spend the rest of day together, even off their honeymoon. They hang out together at his apartment. However in the morning Naruto is summoned too the Hokage office and given a mission that will last 1 week. When leaving, with Shikamaru and Shino, Hinata sees him off. They give them their space.*
*Naruto and Hinata share a good bye kiss*
Naruto: I'll be back in a week.
Hinata: I'll wait for you.
Naruto: You don't have too Hinata.
Hinata: I will wait. I'll be there when you get back...... i give you my word.
Naruto: *smile* (She'll have a mission or clan duties)
*Naruto sets off with Shikamaru and Shino. The mission is exhausting for all 3 of them. When they return they report in. Then go there seperate ways. As Naruto approaches his home, he sees no lights on. With a slight sigh, he opens the door too his apartment. When he closes the door and turns on the lights he sees something that leaves him speechless. Hinata has made a big dinner for him, complete with candels and proper set up.*
Hinata: *big smile*
Naruto: *drops his gear and buries his face in his hands and cries.*
Hinata: *walks up too him and warmly hugs him* Welcome home Naruto-kun................. welcome home. *Naruto removes his hands and Hinata wipes his tears away* Come on, lets eat Naruto-kun.
*they then sit down and have dinner together.*

Made a band playlist (because i was bored)
Day 1:
Glacial Skies by Keiki Kobayashi, Testukazu Nakanishi, Hiroshi Okubo and Junichi Nakatsuru. (Ace Combat Zero OST) 2:54
She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult 4:30
One Little Victory by Rush 5:06 (Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2) (Kasumi vocals)
Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World (NHL 2003) 3:31
Dance The Night Away by Van Halen 3:10 (Akiba Guitar)
Cars (instrumental) by Fear Factory 3:36 (Test Drive 6) (Akiba Guitar)
Lackluster (instrumental) by Saliva (Test Drive Umlimited) 5:30
S.O.S by Earl Greyhound 5:09
Summer Sunshine by The Coors (Kasumi vocals) 2:50
Should I Stay Or Should I Go by The Clash (Far Cry 4) (Akiba Guitar) 3:12
Condsecending by P.O.D (NASCAR 2009) (Akiba guitar) 4:02
Hresvelgr *Intro* by Keiki Kobayashi, Testukazu Nakanishi, Hiroshi Okubo and Junichi Nakatsuru (Ace Combat Zero OST) 1:59
Hresvelgr by Keiki Kobayashi, Testukazu Nakanishi, Hiroshi Okubo and Junichi Nakatsuru (Ace Combat Zero OST) 4: 07
Take On Me by A-Ha (Instrumental Remix) 3:48
Get Away by (Hed) Pe (NASCAR Thunder 2003) 3:24
Won't Get Fooled Again (Cato remix) by The Who (Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012) 3:39
Weatherman by Dead Sara (Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012) (Kasumi vocals) 4:21
Prelude by Agustin Barrios Mangore and arranged by Katsuro Tajima (Akiba solo) (Ace Combat 4 OST) 2:23
Enjoy the Silence by Breaking Benjamin 3:31
Homeland by stellastarr* (NHL 2K8) 3:55
Go Faster by Black Crowes (NASCAR 2006) 4:04
Deny by Default (NHL 2003) 4:04
Hundred Million by Treble Charger (NHL 2003) 3:10
Sick With You by Gob (NHL 2003) 3:29
Speed of Sound by Coldplay 4:55
It's Only a Paper Moon by Ella Fitzgerald and The Delta Rythm Boys (BioShock 2) (Kasumi vocals) 2:41
Steamworks by Presets (Need For Speed Carbon, Driver: San Francisco) 4:22
99 Red Balloons by Goldfinger *English version* (Gran Tursimo 3) 3:44
Ordinary by The Buzzhorn (Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2) 3:06
Doom 3 Main Menu Theme by Tweaker (Doom 3) (Akiba guitar) 2:47
Rejected by Jug (Destruction Derby 2) 4:05
Crash&Burn by Automatic Black (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004) 4:30
Poem by Taproot (True Crimes Streets of L.A.) 3:09
Blueside by Rooney (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004) 3:17
Strong by Greenwheel (NHL 2003) 3:19
The Quiet Things No One Ever Knows by Brand New (NHL 2004, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004) 4:02
Orpheus by Ash (NHL 2005) 4:16

Day 2
From Out Of No Where by Faith No More (NHL 2005) 3:22
St. Tropez is not too far by Plasillna Mosh (True Crime Streets of L.A) 3:15
One more Regret by Kesshin (Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Chaos Theory) 3:06
Minerva by Deftones (NHL 2004, True Crimes Streets of L.A.) 4:17
Mt. Sakura Country Club Theme (Hot Shots Golf 6) 2:17
Medla Of Honor Frontline Theme (MofH Frontline) (Kasumi Vocals) 5:32
Kagurayama Country Club theme (Hot Shots Golf 6) 4:27
Shall Defend Dubai Night Assault theme (Ace Combat Assault Horizon, Ace Combat Inifinty) 4:28
Menu by Testukazu Nakanishi, Keiki Kobayashi, Hiroshi Okubo, Junichi Nakatsuru and Katsuro Tajima (Ace Combat 5 OST) 2:11
Prevail by Tetsukazu Nakanishi (Stardust remix) (Akiba guitar) (Ace Combat 4 OST) 2:02
The Inferno by Keiki Kobayashi, Testukazu Nakanishi, Hiroshi Okubo and Junichi Nakatsuru (Ace Combat Zero OST) 3:12
Sitting Duck by Tetsukazu Nakanishi (Akiba guitar) (Ace Combat 4 OST) 3:16
Supercircus by Testukazu Nakanishi, Keiki Kobayashi, Hiroshi Okubo, Junichi Nakatsuru and Katsuro Tajima (Akiba guitar) (Ace Combat 5 OST) 4:31
Going Down On It (instrumental) by Hot Action Cop (Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2) (Akiba guitar) 4:44
Hrimfaxi theme by Testukazu Nakanishi, Keiki Kobayashi, Hiroshi Okubo, Junichi Nakatsuru and Katsuro Tajima (Ace Combat 5 OST) (Akiba guitar) 5:42
1st garage theme (Grid 2) 11:04
Tongue Tied by Eve 6 (Test Drive 6) 3:09
Dancing in the Street by Van Halen 3:45
Heavy Metal by Sammy Hagar (Twisted Metal 2012) 3:47
You Were There (ICO Main Theme) (Kasumi vocals) 4:26
Ether by AFI (NASCAR 2009) 3:34
Aquila by Testukazu Nakanishi and Hiroshi Okubo (Yellow Squadron theme Ace Combat 4 OST) 3:32
Blockade by Testukazu Nakanishi and Hiroshi Okubo (Ace Combat 4 OST) 4:49
Green Park by Akihisa Yamaguchi & Shunji Suzuki (Gran Turismo 5) (Akiba guitar) 4:15
Twilight Moon by Keiji Inai (Gran Turismo 5) 4:07
Spitting Games by Snow Patrol (MVP Baseball 2004) 3:51
Robbers by Hometown Hero (MVP Baseball 2004) 2:53
Good Love by Kram (DIRT 2) 2:39
My Delirum by LadyHawke (DIRT 2) (Kasumi vocals) 4:14
To Lose My Life by White Lies (DIRT 2) 3:10
Crash by The Primitives (Kasumi vocals) 3:13
Far Away by Jose Gonzalaz (Red Dead Demption) (Akiba guitar, Kasumi vocals) 4:39
I Lived by OneRepublic 3:55
Everybody Wants too Rule The World by Tears For Fears 4:12

Bonus ***** Dialogue (look for after they stop kissing on Day 14)

*As Naruto and Hinata watch the moon and village. Naruto looks at Hinata, seeing how happy she is. But while looking at her, he gets flashbacks of when he all most lost her or couldn't not help her when he could have. He suddenly feels guilt about not noticing her sooner. He decides too talk too her, knowing she'll listen.*
Naruto: Hinata?
Hinata: Yes Naruto-kun?
Naruto: I've been through a lot in my life. When i look back at my choices, i know that some i'm proud of making, some where tough and some make me say 'why did i do that.' But when it comes too you...... i fell some sense of regret.... sadness even.
Hinata: !?
Naruto: When Pain hurt you, i felt rage. Seething rage. Not at Pain...... but at myself. I couldn't protect you.
Hinata: I made the choice too jump in Naruto-kun.
Naruto: I still should have done something. I didn't care if dismembered myself breaking from those rods holding me down. I didn't care if i died. I wanted him dead for hurting you..... i admitted as much too Great Toad Sage. I also regret not noticing you sooner.... your feelings. I was able too understand others feelings but couldn't understand my own. It was not until i was put in the genjutsu that was finally able too understand your feelings........ it left me speechless Hinata. But i still should have noticed, even after the war, when we hung out so much together. I still didn't understand. It toke me so long...... i've missed out on so much of your love for me...... and you as a person. *looks away in sadness*
Hinata: *softly places her hand on his cheek* It is ok too have regrets Naruto-kun. It is normal, we are human. Weither we let regrets weight us down is up too the person. But you shouldn't let your regrets weigh you down. While i do not regret it anymore, i wish i could have been more open about my feelings too you.... been more obvious. But you figured it out Naruto-kun. I do not blame you for not understanding, you didn't know. We can not make up for what we both didn't do back then but we can make the most of what time he have together now. Even when we are old and grey, we will still be together. And even when we are both passed on..... we will still be together. Our love will endure.
*Hinata words reach him. Making him feel better. But reinforcing that Hinata will forever be by his side.*
Naruto: Thank you Hinata....... i feel better now.
Hinata: Whenever you have something too say Naruto-kun.... you can talk too me. I'll be here.
*They return their gaze too the moon and village, watching both hand in hand*

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NaruHina Honeymoon by Racefan1992 Empty Re: NaruHina Honeymoon by Racefan1992

Post by H. Uzumaki Wed Apr 22, 2015 10:52 am

Cute story, thanks for sharing. :)
H. Uzumaki
H. Uzumaki

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NaruHina Honeymoon by Racefan1992 Empty Re: NaruHina Honeymoon by Racefan1992

Post by Irielo Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:12 am

Nice my friend! Thumbs up! Thanks for reminding us about the forum's birthday!

Regarding some of the contents of your NaruHina fan fiction, as a married couple, are Naruto and Hinata not living together?

Besides, I don't think couples go to bed everyday on a honeymoon without some sensuality... NaruHina Honeymoon by Racefan1992 676744975  

NaruHina Honeymoon by Racefan1992 309t11w

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NaruHina Honeymoon by Racefan1992 Empty Re: NaruHina Honeymoon by Racefan1992

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Irielo wrote:Nice my friend! Thumbs up! Thanks for reminding us about the forum's birthday!

Regarding some of the contents of your NaruHina fan fiction, as a married couple, are Naruto and Hinata not living together?

Besides, I don't think couples go to bed everyday on a honeymoon without some sensuality... NaruHina Honeymoon by Racefan1992 676744975  

I"m going by the premise they do not have enough money yet too go and buy a house for themselves. As Naruto isn't very good with money too begin with. Like i said in my fanfiction, it has only been a few weeks since they got married.

If you want senuality, i'll direct you too some. Even sensual stuff makes me uncomfortable. They are 18-19, if they were in their 20's, i'd be more senual Irielo

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