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Forever- A NaruHina Romantic comedy.

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Forever- A NaruHina Romantic comedy. Empty Forever- A NaruHina Romantic comedy.

Post by MichaelInsanity on Tue Oct 29, 2013 6:31 am

Naruto is looking for Hinata...Where could she be...?

Naruto walks out of his apartment that morning in search for Hinata..

"Walking" Naruto thinks to himself "Almost seems like I never do this anymore"... Today was different though...

Was it something in the air? Did he catch wind of a beautiful flower's scent blooming in the wind?


Back and forth he paced, from one end of the village to the other.. North, East South and West.

"Hinataaaaaaa?" Naruto quietly yells, not wanting anyone but Hinata to hear him.

(Enter Sakura)

"Naruto!" Sakura yells "I've been looking for you all d-"

"I don't have time right now Sakura. Have you seen Hinata?" Naruto asked impatiently.

"Wh- Hinata, no, wait, did you just interrupt me?" Sakura asked, irritated "And another thing, why are you being so impatient all of the sudden?"

"I said I'm looking for Hinata, have you seen her or not?" He repeats.

"Why, is it important?" Sakura asked, genuinely curious now...

"Well yea, you see... I uh- Look I just need to talk to her ok?!" He nearly screamed it... uh-oh

"WELL EXCUSE ME FOR NOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU, YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SH-" She was interrupted.. AGAIN... Damn these interruptions.

"Naruto, Sakura, what are you yelling about this time? You're always bickering... what a drag." It was Shikamaru!

"SHIKAMARU! HOW DARE YOU INTERRUPT ME!" Sakura roared at Shikamaru, who was now, visibly shaken..

"...nows my chance..." Naruto used a shadow clone as a distraction while he sneaked away...

Naruto heads back toward his apartment... Maybe then he could think about what he wanted to say...

As Naruto headed back to his apartment, he noticed someone pacing... walking very slowly in circles, twiddling their thumbs.. As if they were waiting...

"H-Hinata...?" He whispered to himself... His heart started pounding... Hard.. He was never one to be nervous or shy around girls.. Foolish maybe, but never nervous...

"HINATA!" He yelled this time... A little more forcefully than he meant to...

"N-Naruto-kun..?" Hinata turned slowly to find Naruto sprinting toward her, full speed ahead...

"N- NARUTO KUN?!" Hinata's eyes widened, as she turned beet red, she started to feel dizzy.. Passing out... Again... God dammit...

Author Notes:
Hey guys, thanks for reading, I'll be updating this story as I go along, but only if people actually want me to continue it. Thanks for reading! -Red

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Forever- A NaruHina Romantic comedy. Empty Re: Forever- A NaruHina Romantic comedy.

Post by Azuula on Sat Feb 01, 2014 10:42 am

ahaha, Sakura being interrupted and her temper rising was spot on. I really though more would happen at the end but.. xD you got me there. Well done! Thanks for sharing this with us. :)

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