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Misbehavior? Empty Misbehavior?

Post by Azuula on Sat Jun 15, 2013 1:42 pm

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Due to recent misbehavior we've decided to add two rules, if they are not followed we will act and punish accordingly. These new rules will be treated as regular rules from now on, and should be respected just the same. If you've not read the original rules, you should do so now, I've linked them at the bottom.

We've grown to love this site, so it would be a shame if its name were to be besmirched by crudeness or impoliteness. 

Member Mentioning.
One must never forget to be polite, even over the Internet. Mentioning another member, by name, in any derogatory way isn't very polite, and is quite frowned upon. So from here forth, when mentioning any user, regardless of their alliance, in particular only one thing will happen; You will be punished to the degree matching your actions. No one is exempt from the rules.

NS content.
And secondly; Not everyone thinks the same as you, we are human, we are different. So, when you add content to any remark or post, if it is unsavory in accordance to the intent of this forum (NS content), do not fret, but do not leave it in the open, put it in a spoiler. So as to relieve any unnecessary stress or hate that could or would be brought upon you by other members.

The aforementioned link: https://naruhina.forumotion.com/t2-forum-rules

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Misbehavior? Empty Re: Misbehavior?

Post by Strawberry on Sun Jun 16, 2013 1:30 pm

I'd like to add this note from my fellow ANBU moderators.

We've posted enough reminders as it is. This rule is now official and ANY mention of ANY fan is prohibited. Bear in mind that the rule doesn't just apply to members of this forum, but it also applies to fans in general.

From now on, we will start taking action against those who break this rule. Mentioning the fans, bashing them, making fun of them in any way is prohibited. Breaking this rule will result in an immediate warning from an ANBU moderator. Please, keep that in mind when you post.

Thank you, and happy posting!

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Misbehavior? HR5PqFk

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