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GFX L Rules

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GFX L Rules Empty GFX L Rules

Post by Azuula on Mon May 20, 2013 1:55 am

Please follow these rules:

1) like every other section, this section must also account the global rules, so you are expected to abide by the global rules at all times. Any rule breaking, we enchant notability to report this right away so moderators can lock it and anbu can infract that certain rule breaker.

2) do not spam threads, this will affect the database, therefore we are really big on this, and so if you have more than 2 works to show.. Please place them in the same thread instead of making separate threads for all of them.
Breaking this rule will give you a temporary ban if it goes out of control.

3) post your own work, if you would like to show other people's gfx work, PLEASE give them the credit.

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