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Like An Astronaut (Bleach)

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Like An Astronaut (Bleach) Empty Like An Astronaut (Bleach)

Post by racefan1992 on Mon May 15, 2017 5:19 pm

Kai has Ichigo and Orihime in tow with him too an old airport. Everyone else is in a mini bus behind them. A long drive ends with the airport in sight. Ichigo comments the place looks like a dump but Kai warns that "looks aren't everything. For me it has everything i need." As they get closer Ichigo and Orihime see what Kai was on about. Tents, plastic K-rails, and semi-trailers... a lot of them. "There is where you and some others will learn proper driving today." When they arrive a course is already setup, everyone that is driving is given a fire suit, helment and neck restraint. A car is already out on the makeshift circuit, tearing around.

Orihime: Who is that?
Kai: You'll find out.
The car comes too a stop and the driver exits.
Orihime: *surprise* Akane-san?
Ichigo: She drives?
Kai: Yes. She runs SCCA events in America. She has an amatuer license too race.
*Akane approaches them*
Akane: Track is perfect... don't change a thing.
Kai: Good. Alright everyone!!! Gather around!!!
*Everyone gathers around Kai, awaiting instruction.*

Kai: I invited all of you here for not only a learning experience but also some fun. I raced from when i was 8 years old too 28 years old. Only injury prevented me from going further. Though i still raced here and there. I wish too pass on at least some of my knowledge too a younger generation. Today you will drive many different types of cars, from performance street cars, boardline race cars too full blown racecars themselves. I'm not forcing you too drive all of them or any of them. It is your choice but it WILL be a challenge. It isn't supposed too be easy. Food and drinks will be proved by me and Akane so you can fuel yourself through the day. Any questions?
A young person asks "Why are you qualifyed too give us this? What have you done?" Kai response by showing off his ENTIRE trophy collection from his racing life and replys "Any questions?" No one has any.
Kai: The cars that will used too today are as follows, follow me everyone.
*Everyone follows Kai too a row a trailers, with cars coverd by a big sheet. One by one he reveils each of them.*
Kai: 2005 Mitsubishi Evo, 1990 Mazda MX-5, 1990 Ford Sierra Cosworth, 2001 Subaru WRX STi, 2000 Porshe Boxster S, 2002 Lotus Elise, 1995 Mazda RX-7, 1968 Chevy Camero, my personal 2010 BMW M3, 2011 Catherham 7, 2003 Honda S 2000, 2002 Noble M12, 2009 Ford Fiesta. All the cars have been upgraded with full roll cages and racing seats.
Orihime: You said 'full blown racecars' Kai. What about those?
Kai: Well okay then. Since you asked.
*Kai takes everyone too the 'special' cars.*
Kai: 2015 Chevy Corvette Daytona Prototype, 2014 Corvette C7.R, 1986 Audi S1 Quattro, 2005 BMW M3 GTR and something very special.
Ichigo: Where did you get all these?
Kai: I have A LOT of connections. Enough talk, time too start.

Kai takes each of the cars out first with the invites as passangers. After a few laps it is their turn too drive. Each is different from the other. When it is Orihimes turn she gets the Ford Fiesta.
Kai: Ready?
Inoue: *unsure* Well.....
Kai: You'll do fine. Didn't you want too be an astronaut?
Inoue: Huh?
Kai: Ichigo told me. You may never get into a space shuttle or a rocket but this is as close as you can get. think of these things as land rockets with wheels. And YOU control them.
Orihime lowers her helmet visior and starts off. The Fiesta drives well being front wheel drive. Kai teaches Orihime how too deal with the different characteristics of a front wheel drive car. She quickly gets the hang of it and finds the car very fun too drive. When finished she exits and waits for her next drive.
Ichigo: Having fun?
Inoue: Yes. When i get my license i may get that car.
Ichigo: Well as long as your having fun Orihime. That is all i care about. *Everyone else also agrees.*
Orihime watches the others go around, learning and watching. Seeing mistakes and high a speed wipe out. The driver bows out after wiping out and car is checked for damage. The car has none and everything resumes. Orihimes next drive is in the Mitsubishi Evo and Subaru WRX back too back. Each car has 4 Wheel Drive, so there is plenty of grip. But the Mitsubishi handles differently then the Subaru. The Mitsubishi also has more power then the Subaru and has one less gear with 5 then 6 in the Subaru. But Orihime enjoys the Subaru more do too its blance, engine sound and proper number of gears. She takes a brief break too get a drink of water before joining everyone else in watching.

Ichigo: (I really shouldn't bother her. Orihime seems very focused.)

Orihimes next drive is in the Caterham. Being lightweight with such little power makes it a hand full for her. She spins out many times. Kai rides shotgun and gives her some advice. She gets the hang of it but overall doesn't like it. She gets another back too back with the Porsche and Lotus. The Porsche is faster then the Lotus. Both cars handle well though but Orihime prefers the Lotus. Afterword she takes a break in one of the trailers, too get away from the noise and eat something. Ichigo checks on her and leaves her be after a brief conversation. When everyone asks what is the matter Ichigo replys "Just wants a minute alone." She comes back a half hour later and approachs Kai.

Kai: Ah Miss Inoue enjoying yourself?
Inoue: Yes but i have a request.
Kai: Yeah?
Inoue: I want too drive the Audi.
Kai: *surprise* You sure?
Inoue: Yes.
Kai: It is one of the most powerful cars here. It is 30 years old and lacks a lot of modern things in it. But for its time it was advanced. People died driving it. I'm not trying scare you, just giving you the facts.
Inoue: I know. Everything i've driven so far is modern. I want a challenge.
Kai: If you say so.
Kai has the crew prepare the Audi for its run around the course. Her friends are curious about what it can do so Kai explains it as a "2.1 litre Straight 5, 500hp turbo charged monster." Everyone questions why she would want too drive it, Kai simply says "Ask her." Kai and Orihime take the Audi on a siting lap. Kai doesn't push the Audi at all just takes it easy. After the lap Orihime takes the helm of the Audi and fires it up.
Kai: Alright, 3 laps. That is all you get. You got 30 seconds too ready yourself.

Inoue nods and shuts the door. She will be on her own. No other cars are track. The interior of the Audi is stripped bare and there are plenty of gauges. However on their siting lap Kai notes what she needs too worry about, speedomiter, RPM gauge and boost gauge. As well a device that will tell her when too shift gears.
Kai: 20 seconds.
Inoue revs the Audi. She notes the boost gauge hardly moves. The Audi also makes a distinct engine note.
Kai: 10 seconds.
She tightens the belts and puts the car into gear. The klank is heard by everyone outside.
Kai: 5.... 4.... 3
Inoue plants her right foot, while pulling the hand brake, reving the engine pinging the limiter. The boost gauge response by going too full boost. The whole car vibrates too the fury waiting too be unleshed. Outside spites of fire emitt from the exhaust and everyone covers their ears from the sound. Inoue takes a deep breath...
Kai: 2... 1... GO!!!
Letting the hand brake go, the Audi digs its claws into the tarmac. The 4WD system takes all 500hp and lauches the car forward. Pressing Orihime into the racing seat. it takes her breath away, by the time she catches her breath the car is riding the rev limiter. She changes into second and then third. Right after switching too 4th she brakes for the first corner. She brakes too early as the Audi has fantastic brakes but no Anti-Lock Braking System so she locks the brakes. Quickly adjusting and too avoid leaving the track surface, she makes the corner at a very slow speed. It takes a few moments for the car too get back up too speed due too the turbo lag.  After a complex of right and left turns Inoue is at the far end of the track. Featuring a long sweeping right hand turn before a acute hair pin. Inoue takes the sweeping corner at quater throttle.

Kai: Car has more then enough aero and mechinal grip too take that corner flat out.
Inoue takes the acute hairpin well and begins her return trip toward everyone. The final stretch is full of corners that put Inoue too the test in such a powerful car. She passes by everyone too start her second lap.
Kai: Got 2 more Inoue.

Inoue does the first corner much better then last time. She is beginning too understand her limits and cars limits. Her limits are far below what the car can do. But the car gives her a lot of leyway do too the amount of grip it produce. Inoue takes the wide sweeping right hander at half throttle. The remaining corners are handled better then the previous go around. She flies by everyone for her final lap.
Kai: Last one Inoue!
Inoue: (It maybe 30 years old and its limits far exceed my own. But lets see what i can do with it)

Orihime throws caution too the wind and pushes herself too the max. Here she enters a state where hardly anything registers too her. She experiences 'tunnel vision' and a heightened sense of focus. She takes the sweeping right hander flat out and chucks the car through the acute hairpin. In the final corner she enters hot, the back end steps out. Due too either Kais teachings or simple reaction on her part she steerings into the slide then out of it, letting the 4WD drive system pull her out of the slide. Smoke is thrown from the tires as they scream in protest against the tarmac. She crosses the line.
Kai: Alright, back it down, back it down. Bring it back too us.
Orihime brings the car back too the paddock area and exits.
Kai: Was that fun or what?
*Inoue take off her helmet*
Inoue: Wow!!! Oh my god!!! *shaking*
Kai: See? That is a adrenline rush
Inoue can't hold her hand still even if she tried too. her heart is racing and her ears ring from the sound of the engine. She sits down too collect herself. Akane talks too her as she slowly calms down.
Ichigo: Orihime?
Inoue: That is  the most amazing thing i have ever done Kurosaki-kun. I want too do again.
Akane: One thing at a time Orihime.
Akane helps Inoue with streching and breathing too calm down. After a while Orihime is ready for her next drive. Kais personal BMW M3 is available.
Kai: I've had this car for 6 years. Had BMW put in the 6 speed manual. Makes it a drivers car.
With Kai riding shotgun they set off. Orihime enjoys the comfy ride, the luxery and overall styling. And one other thing.

Instead of using traditional racing techqinues, she cavemans her way through the corners. Lighting up the rear tires and throwing smoke all the way.
Kai: (thank god the crew put on old tires)
Hime: *glee* EEEEE-HEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!! So much fuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!!
Kai: (Atleast there is nothing for her too hit.)
Hime: *glee* YEAH!!!
Kai: Alright that is enough. Return too the poddock please.
Hime: *pout* Awww.

Inoue returns. The rear tires are rags as they are replaced. By this time in the day the sun is low in the sky. Everyone has driven many laps around the track and had a great time. As well as a wonderful learning experience. There is enough daylight for a few more runs.
Inoue: Kai?
Kai: Yes?
Inoue: Can i take Kurosaki-kun out?
Kai: Well as long as he wears the proper safety equipment then yeah. Which car?
Inoue: The Corvette.
Kai: Okay. The crew will get it ready.

Kais crew prepares the Corvette while Kai informs Ichigo of Orihimes request. He is surprised by it but gets ready. With the proper safety equipment in place and the car prepared it is rolled out on track. Kai and Akane help them strap in the car. Kai explains what everything does on the steering wheel and control panal.
Kai: Remember a warm up lap and then 3 normal ones.
Inoue nods and Kai shuts the door. The dash lits up with activity, as does rear view display. Inoue presses the 'start' button on the steering wheel and the car roars too life. The Corvette sounds American, loud and animal like. Unlike the Audi she drove before, the Corvette has a modern flappy padel 6 speed gearbox.
Inoue: Kurosaki-kun... are you ready?
Ichigo: Eh as i'll ever be.

Inoue starts off slowly. She weves back and forth across the track too get the tires up too proper tempurture (including some peel outs). When ready for her 3 laps Inoue set free all the power the Corvette has too offer on the straights. In the corners she take it more easy but do the aerodynamic grip the car produces she could take the corners faster. Ichigo experiences the thrill of a life time. A part of him wishes he could drive it but settles riding with Inoue. The 3 laps go by quickly and Inoue returns too the paddock area.
Inoue: *glee* Well?
Ichigo: Incredible. I really can't believe you did that for a living Kai.
Kai: Well yeah. One of the reasons why i enjoyied it. Other then the thrill of victory. Say Inoue, i want too show you something.
Inoue: What?
Kai: Follow me.
Kai takes Orihime too a hauler with the door closed. Kai enters and lowers the door, inside is something Orihime has never seen before. The body is shaped too look something from the street but the inside is completely bare. Only thing inside is a bunch of roll bars, a dash board,  2 seats and steering wheel. Inoue knows that it is ment for speed and speed only.
Kai: This is my championship winning car from America. Used it for 2 years and won the championship with it in both years.
Inoue: Wow.
Kai: Want too go for a ride?
Inoue: *surprise* Really?
Kai: Sure i'm a bit rusty but it would go fine.

Kai changes into his racing uniform and car is wheeled out too the start line. strapped in and ready too go Kai fires it up. it is loud and brutal. Kai sets off with vigor. Inoue gets a first hand experience of a professional racecar driver in his element. Even though Kai hasn't driven professionaly for years, he still has 'it.' Fast, smooth, consistant and precise. Even with a big heavy car with a lot of power at Kai right foot. Inoue can feel the car lumber through the corners but Kai makes do with skill. Her 3 lap run ends with a whole new understanding of Kais abilities too drive, as does everyone else.
A few more people go out for runs on the track. After that things end for the group. Things get packed up and shipped off. On the drive back too town Orihime falls sleep next too Ichigo in the back of Kais car.
Kai: Someone had fun today.
Ichigo: *smile* Yeah she did.
Kai: She'll sleep good tonight. I'll take her home first.

When they arrive at Orihimes house Ichigo gently takes her into her house and into her bedroom. Covers her up and kisses her on the cheek.
Ichigo: *whisper* Sleep well Inoue. See you in the morning.
Ichigo is almost out of her bedroom when he hears Inoue stur.
Inoue: Kurosaki-kun?
Ichigo: Yes?
Inoue: Today..... i felt like an astronaut. I made my dream come true..... sort of.
Ichigo: That you did.
Inoue: *tears* And you were with me for it.
Ichigo: I know... Get some sleep Inoue. I'll see you in the morning.
Ichigo leaves. The next morning Kai continues his instruction of Orihime. Reading her for her road test.

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