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Birthday Contest Submissions

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Birthday Contest Submissions Empty Birthday Contest Submissions

Post by Strawberry on Fri Apr 18, 2014 9:56 am

~Submissions Thread~

Here, you will be posting your work for the NaruHina forum's 1st birthday contest. ONLY SUBMISSIONS ARE TO BE POSTED ON THIS THREAD. If you want to say something about the submissions, post it on this other thread. NO DISCUSSION HERE, only submissions.

When posting your submission, follow this format:

Type: Fan-art/Fan-fiction/AMV/MMV/Poem/GFX
Work: (Post your submission here. If it's too large, please post it under spoiler tags)
Image credit: (If you edited a fan-art that doesn't belong to you, link to the artist's work here. If it doesn't apply to you, just post N/A.)

That's it, I think. o: Have fun everyone, and good luck!
Sincerely, the NaruHina Forum's Staff.

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Birthday Contest Submissions Empty Re: Birthday Contest Submissions

Post by Irielo on Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:37 am

Here is my participation to the contest.

Type: Fan-fiction
The first rays of sun are reaching Konoha. The village is slowly waking up. Some people are already busy to set up everything they need to before starting their respective daily business. Some Shinobis are leaving the village because they have been sent on a mission. Naruto is still sleeping at his place, dreaming about the fine day he will have...

 Hinata as usual is already up. Everyday after getting up, she does some body stretching followed by moves which look like those performed by Baguazhang/Taijiquan practitioners, somewhere in the Hyuuga compound. This is her way to begin the day and to feel fit.
However, today, it's different... After getting up, Hinata goes directly to the kitchen. Thinking with a smile on her face:

Today is a special day! It's Naruto-kun's birthday and already one year passed since the war is over. We are also celebrating our first year together... I feel so happy about it... I must hurry to finish these sandwiches...

 Indeed, Naruto and Hinata became a couple the day the war was over and that happened on Naruto's birthday. The plan for the day was: a romantic walk - meaning Naruto and Hinata only - outside the village to a nice and cool place near a mountain... The night was reserved for Naruto's birthday's celebration at Ichiraku Ramen with all the friends of the K12, Kakashi-Sensei, Iruka-Sensei and Tsunade.

 After meeting in front of the village's main gate, Naruto and Hinata start their short journey. As usual, Naruto does not miss the opportunity to hold Hinata's hand like he always does when they walk around in the village together. He is so proud of his dear and sweet Hinata...
Reaching their destination, both sit in the middle of high grasses and start to enjoy the cool breeze...

Naruto: Hey Hinata! I don't know how to say it but I would like us to do something for us to remember each year we are sharing together...

-I know what you mean Naruto-Kun... I was thinking the same...

-HeHe! Like it's often the case!

-(Hinata smiles) I thought we could maybe... for instance, write a kind of poem together... for each other...

-That's a good idea Hinata! Let's try...

Hinata takes a sheet of paper out of her bag and both begin to share their ideas and feelings which leads to this:


Never going back on our words,
Always caring for others.
Reading in each other's heart,
Unforgettable moments.
Tenderness and passion...
Our deep connection.
Holding your hand,
I feel your strength.
Nothing surpasses the warmth,
And the charm, of your beautiful smile.
Tenderness and passion...
A wonderful connection.
Image credit: N/A

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Birthday Contest Submissions Empty Re: Birthday Contest Submissions

Post by Zoey on Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:46 pm

Birthday Contest Submissions 3896715641   Here is mine:
Type: GFX

Link to the image(the picture is actually too big-800x600- so it doesn't really fit the "forum's space".That's why I'm giving a link to it ^^): [click]
Birthday Contest Submissions NaruhinaSub_zps9e619623
Image credit:

Birthday Contest Submissions Serenitys_zpses9jjrpa
|Tumblr| Credit: AlbertoSanCami for the picture|

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Birthday Contest Submissions Empty Re: Birthday Contest Submissions

Post by Rayleigh on Sun Apr 20, 2014 1:05 am

Type : Fan art
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Birthday Contest Submissions Empty Re: Birthday Contest Submissions

Post by Y2Crouch on Mon Apr 21, 2014 4:46 am

Hello there, fellas :D
A newbie appeared and instantly got into the contest... Is that ok?
Anyways, here's the stuff:
Type: Fan Art
Birthday Contest Submissions 20140411
Visit my ImageSchack account
for more photos of the artwork ('cause my phone is sloppy and I don't have a working scanner to get this done in good quality, so I did multiple takes of it).

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Birthday Contest Submissions Empty Re: Birthday Contest Submissions

Post by funnyface on Mon Apr 21, 2014 4:54 am


“Why the hell is this so hard”
Seriously though. He couldn’t understand why. He was one of the strongest shinobis that ever lived. He defeated Madara  . He was a war hero. Accomplishing those were hard, sure .He also started kage training. But nothing he ever faced was as hard as this.

Naruto Uzumaki couldn’t decide what he should get Hinata Hyuga on her birthday, which precisely was tomorrow.

He’s been thinking about it for the past 15 days ,still with no success .

Why  would he think so much for present? Well he didn’t quite know it himself. He didn’t love Hinata. Thought he didn’t but. He did like her though. A lot. He did as he got to know her better and got to see the person she really is, during and after the war. But he wouldn’t call it love. Not after his previous experience with the subject. He thought he loved Sakura when he was a kid because she was pretty. Thought that was love. But as he matured, It didn’t take him long to differ childish crushes, friendship love from real love. From then he was more careful about Love.

He was walking his way to ichiraku’s after a training session with tsunade. She’s mentoring him about being a kage, not jutsus obviously but manners and right ways to talk. And learning those were a pain in the ass.

“uahh” Naruto groaned.

He shouldn’t be thinking about any thing else.Hinata’s present. He even passed ichiraku’s. He asked Sakura yesterday about it and wasn’t satisfied when she said “Yourself”. He didn’t quite get it. Stupid Sakura.

He has to think fast. Him and Hinata did spend a lot of time together after the war, as friends of course. It’s been six months science the war ended. He didn’t get much free time, as it became mostly about fixing the alliance with the Nations. Even though he wasn’t kage,He had to be present in those stupid conventions .Hinata was busy with he clan too. The reason she couldn’t give him any presents for his birthday was that she went to some other village with her clan elders with some affairs for a month.Naruto really missed her then.

Ino suggested to add flowers with what ever he gave her. Even handed him a boutique of red flowers he forgot the names of. But he was suspicios.He knew most flowers have hidden meanings in them. And he was angry at ino when he found out those flowers meant ‘I love you’.He couldn’t give Hinata those.He’d rather give flowers you give someone who loves you.


Just the thought of it got him thinking about it.She loves him.Naruto hardly believed it when he heard those lines from her ,words nobody ever said to him. He practically Thought about her confession everyday .She looked so sincere, so brave, so truthful at that moment.  .Even though they did have a lot of conversations after it somehow both of them managed to not bring up the confession,which was ironic because it should’ve been the first thing he confronted Hinata about but didn’t.He was so unsure of what to do and didn’t knew what to say so he thought not mentioning it would be better. But her words meant so much to him and it still does.
Naruto smacked his head before he starts to get distracted with other thoughts again. Thinking about Hinata’s present is his top priority now.
And just like that he spent the whole day just thinking without actually coming to a conclusion until it was December 27.Hinata’s birthday. Damn it. He has to Think of something before noon . that’s when her surprise party’s gonna start.Sakura and the rest of the K11 are behind it.Hinata had some family affairs for her birthday meaning she’d be spending the morning with her family in her compound. After that Hanabi’s supposed to lure her to their spot without her actually knowing anything.It wasn’t any place too special. just a fancy restaurant. But scence two war heroes Naruto and Sasuke’s attending,It didn’t take much effort for them to get the whole place for their selves .
He didn’t have much time so Naruto spent the past two hours in a jewelry shop Finally choosing a necklace with  lavender colored jewels in it. Obviously he was disappointed with it. But he was in a hurry. It’s the best he could do.

The party was a blast and probably ended all to quickly for naruto’s tastes .He was having so much fun that he forgot to notice it was time for gift opening . Everybody gave her great gifts which made him wondering if his’ll ever stand out.she’s not gonna like it. But all his worries swept away when he saw how happy she looked with his present .She even wore it in front of everybody with a huge smile on her face and occasionally giggling. She looked so cute when she did that. Naruto realized he was probably staring at her a bit too much because When her eyes met his she turned pink and to  the fact that he noticed a very mischievous looking sakura smirking at him.
After the party ended everyone started to leave waving good-byes and it was time for Hinata to go home too. For some odd reason he found himself standing infront of the restaurant with hinata While none of their friends seemed to be nearby. How did this happen? ...Of course. SAKURA.
“well guess we should leave too”.Naruto said. “come on, I’ll walk you home”.
She didn’t protest but there was a slight shade of pink in her cheeks.God she looks so cute when she blushes. and the thought of it turned him a bit red too.Good thing Hinata was watching the road to notice it. “T-Thanks for the present”.Naruto looked at her. “You liked it?” He says . “I loved it. It’s great”.She spoke so softly. He couldn’t think of a response so an “um-thanks” was all he could master. They started walking and nobody said a word.
It was killing him. He has to think of a topic to talk with. Some thing to get their conversation started. “So how’s your clan treating you?”. Well that was  Lame .  he’ll never be a smooth talker. But she brightened up “Great . Most of the elders think I’m suitable to be the next head so father already started training me for it” .
“That’s awesome! You’ll be amazing ,trust me.”
and that’s also how they started chatting. Both oblivious to the fact that they stopped walking nearby the training fields.It was almost evening. The sun threatening to go down. They talked about their training,Her family and a whole lot of other things.Things were going well until they started to talk aboud couples.It’s no secret That shikamaru and Temari were a thing now.They were doing a good job hiding it until gaara told Naruto Who told Sakura Who Told Ino and That meant the whole village’ll know by 24 hours.Sakura was still after sasuke but he seemed to still have no interest in romance and relationships at all.
Hinata didn’t look bothered to talk about couples but Naruto took it diffrently science he was talking about love and relationships with HER.He was thinking something different.
“Do you still feel the same way about me?”
Of course she does.How could he even think of it.He noticed Hinata getting a bit shocked and that’s when he realized  He spoke his thoughts out loud. oh-no . How did that happen?
“um..ah.”.Hinata was getting nervous,he could tell.Maybe he pushed her too far and he surely didn’t mean to spill that out loud. “It’s okay” He tried assuring her but Hinata quickly composed herself,Her eyes beaming with determination “Yes” She spoke confidently “I’ll always love you, Naruto-kun”.
He stared at her eyes, probably the most beautiful orbs he’s ever seen.It sent butterflies ripping his stomach. His heart constantly skiping beats as he came down with realizations.He already knew she loved him but hearing it from her again was something totally different . He didn’t know why but he did the next most unsuspecting thing his heart told him to . He cups Hinata’s cheeks leaning closer.Their lips inches apart before Naruto decides to close the distance and as he did, a spark broke through his body.It was like heaven.His lips tracing hers.Her hands were on his chest felling the poundings of this heart.The whole thing felt right.It felt so goddamn right . And right now Naruto realized so many things.He realized why he spent so much time for a present, why he wanted to talk to her so much,why he wanted to know her better ,why his body tensed these days just by the sight of her,why her voice was like music in his ears.He realized why he couldn’t muster an answer for her confession,why He felt unsure of his feelings .. So many unanswered questions with just one ansewer.

He Loved her.

Note:First fanfic ever so sorry for possible typos..

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Birthday Contest Submissions Empty Re: Birthday Contest Submissions

Post by Bubbles on Mon Apr 21, 2014 8:05 pm

Alright, finally finished my submission!  Birthday Contest Submissions 1307054839 
Type: GFX
Birthday Contest Submissions Mkkitt
Image Credit: Naruto Manga by Masashi Kishimoto. x3

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Birthday Contest Submissions Empty Re: Birthday Contest Submissions

Post by Batokusanagi on Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:04 am

Type: Fanfiction
Hinata's birthday was tomorrow and Naruto Uzumaki could not, for his life, think of anything to get her. After racking his brains for the last week, he gave up and asked Hinata meet him at a cafe to ask her directly. He knew this was the lamest way possible to go about giving a birthday present –especially to the girl you're dating–, but he guessed it was either this or Hinata's birthday would pass without her getting a present from his boyfriend, which would be worse and may lead him to be secretly attacked by white-eyed shinobi in some dark alley at night. And in this fine sunny afternoon, Naruto found himself in front of the cafe and from inside it Hinata was looking at him with a blank face. Naruto hesitated for a few seconds and then went in.

"Hello, sir, may I...", a waitress started to say, but Naruto cut her off impatiently.

"Someone's waiting for me old lady", Naruto said walking past her –he didn't notice the waitress' smile waiver at being called an old lady– and making his way to the table were Hinata sat, still not letting any emotion show on her face. When he got to the table Hinata smiled a smile as inscrutable as her blank expression.

"Please", she said laconically, pointing to the chair on the opposite side of table. Naruto sat down slowly as if trying to delay an inevitable disaster. He looked around the cafe: mostly couples filled the rest of the tables. "Can all those guys figure out what to get their girlfriends for their birthdays?", Naruto thought. "I can't be the only one, right?"

"Naruto-kun...", Hinata's voice snapped him back to reality and out of his thoughts. Naruto fumbled for something to say, but only came up with buying more time, so he raised him hand and called to the waitress, a young girl with ponytails came almost skipping with a pen and a notepad, ready to take their order.

"Before we talk about that, let's order something; all on me", Naruto said putting on his best smile. Hinata said she wanted tea and went silent again. "uhmm... yeah, what she ordered". The waitress nodded and left. Once she was at a distance Naruto thought she wouldn't hear their conversation he said, looking as pleading as he could "look, I know what you want to say, but I swear I tried my best this year. It didn't work". He looked around again, silently asking for help; he found none, he was on his own. In this moment he wished he was as smart as Shikamaru, maybe he'd be able come up with a plan to get out of this mess.

Hinata didn't respond and the blank expression was back. Her eyes looking straight at his –in any other circumstance it would romantic, in this one it was rather ominous– under her long bangs. "Last year...", she started to say and Naruto's already pointy hair stood on its end, "it was ramen", she finished emphasizing the word ramen and went silent again. And there it was as he had expected, the already legendary story of how the Savior of the World walked into the Hyuuga compound with only a bowl of ramen as  a birthday present for the heiress –and not even the most expensive one available at Ichiraku– and of how he almost didn't make it out alive. Even after a year his friends still didn’t let him live it through and villagers still joked that maybe the ramen had been a little too spicy for lord Hiashi.

“That was a mistake, but you know ramen is the food a love the most, so if I give it to you that means I love you the most, right?”, Naruto said completely out of ideas. He was at her mercy. In an untimely manner the waitress chose this moment to come with a tray, two teacups perfectly balanced on it. She put them on the table, said “please enjoy” and left. Naruto took a sip hoping for a moment that it was poison.

“Then two years ago, the ‘The Sexy no Jutsu performance’, how do you explain that, Naruto-kun?”, the smile was back and with a pinkish tint on her cheeks. “It was so embarrassing”, she added looking away like she was feeling the embarrassment all over again. Naruto had nothing to say and slumped, defeated, on his chair. That was another story that made Konoha laugh for months: the story of how the Savior of the World, with his trusty sidekick, Konohamaru, gave what he called a ‘Sexy no Jutsu performance’ to his girlfriend as a birthday present and was almost beaten to death by both the Hyuuga and Sakura. “But at least it was funny, right?”, Naruto thought. “Funny?”, Hinata said as if reading his mind, “yeah, it all feels like joke, so that’s why I fee…”

“No!”, Naruto stood up, his chair fell back. “I know I’m a mess, but we have fun and we love each other, right? I mean… Hinata?”, Naruto stopped his heated barrage of words because Hinata was completely red and shaking in her seat, covering her mouth with her hand. “Eh? Hinata, you okay?”, he was going to get closer to her to check if she was okay, when Hinata burst out laughing. It didn’t happen often and it was music to Naruto’s ears, but he so confused that he didn’t know how to feel about this one.
“I couldn’t hold it in anymore, Naruto-kun”, she said when she finally stopped laughing. The other customers had turned to look at them, surprised. “you looked so worried outside of the café that I couldn’t help myself. I like how you are Naruto-kun, I’m not going to leave you; not now and not ever”, this she said completely serious.

“I completely fell for it”, Naruto said sitting down, relieved. If Naruto had realized anything about Hinata in the two years they had been dating is that under her shy personality lied a very playful girl and that part of her started to come out when they started going out, but Naruto still wasn’t used to it and still wondered where good old shy Hinata had gone, though the ‘-kun’ remained. “So it’s fine to ask what you want for your birthday?”, asked Naruto feeling a landmine –though it would an imaginary one– avoided.

“Yeah, I want…, then suddenly she stopped and when she continued she was blushing a looking down. “Can I come over to your house tomorrow, Naruto-kun?”

Ah, there she was: her adorable other side. Naruto smiled. It reminded him of when he first met her. But then he realized what she was asking and stood up again. “Sure!”, he said so loud that again the other customers turned to look at them.
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Birthday Contest Submissions Empty Re: Birthday Contest Submissions

Post by Y2Crouch on Tue Apr 22, 2014 5:04 am

I hope it is okay to post a second work.
Type: Fanfiction
(I hope you're not too lazy, 'cause there are 4654 words - it's a longer fanfiction than the usual ones, I guess)
Tickling… It was tickling. Little scratches creating the feeling of amusement, pleasure and enjoyment. Maybe they were aggressive after a short while… But it didn’t matter.
A great echo hit into the head like a hammer a wooden crate. Destroyed the senses, introduced confusion the harsh way. A pain-creating sound, which forced him to wake up and instantly raise his head up. How much of an error was it? If you had to look at the sea, then the greatness of it would be an excellent comparison object.
From one pain to another – from the ears to the forehead.
He opened his eyes immediately and growled of pain.
Then – after the confusion took off and he could hear, feel and see properly again – he heard a familiar voice. And barking. Now it was obvious.
-Didn’t I say I would get my sweet revenge? – those words were spoken with laughter and tears.
-You’re a hangman, Kiba! You know that?!
-C’mon, Naruto… You know it’s your own fault – the laughter continued to fill the walls of the little bedroom.
-Ah! – the blonde hit his head again, as he wanted to put himself onto the pillow back. -Damn you!
He grabbed the little chair, which was standing on his bed, and threw it away. Unfortunately – through the window. In a noisy, alerting way.
-I can’t stop laughing my ass off! – Kiba rolled on the floor with Akamaru in aching laughter.
Naruto sighed.
‘’Maybe I really had it coming…’’ – he thought as he recalled last night. ‘’Putting Shino’s little friends into Kiba’s jacket was sure to get a response, I guess.’’
-Okay, okay, I got it, you’re funny… - he tried to talk to and make them stop this headache-causing laughter.
Akamaru just barked at him and sat down, scratching his fur and gnawing his paws. It came out that those little friends of Shino were still partying in their new surroundings of soft, white, cuddly dog fur.
-Aww… - Kiba was forced to stop the fun the same way. –You got me for the longer run. Even a shower didn’t shake them off!
-Ask Shino about it…
-Oh, you did not! – he stood up and looked at Naruto. His eyes were full of anger and his smile turned into a crooked grin.
-No, no, no, no, no! – Naruto tried to explain things, but the young Inuzuka didn’t give him the time.
He jumped at the recumbent blonde and started to wrestle with him, as soon as he got the chance to grab his hair. Obviously, Akamaru was too lazy to help his partner, so he just kept barking.
Fortunately for the Uzumaki, someone came into the room. He knew it, because the door slammed as a result of aeration caused by clearing the glass before. But the wrestling didn’t stop – no, it just went into a full match between them two. Kiba was yanking him by the shirt and growling like an animal, as also jumping around and biting his opponent. Naruto was returning it by biting Kiba’s arm and jerking his hair. That was a fierce fight…
-Kiba-kun, Naruto! – a soft voice spoke.
-Huh? – both of them looked at the source of that voice.
-Hinata, you know, we… - Kiba tried to explain.
Naruto just kept his mouth closed, but forcefully reached out for his face with his hand, which was located in an uncomfortable wrestling-position-space. Obviously, he did a facepalm. He was ashamed to be caught by Hinata in such a position with Kiba.
-Kiba-kun, why are you biting Naruto’s bottom? – she also did a facepalm, trying to hide her flushed face, because the occurrence she saw was too embarrassing for her to look at. At least for a longer moment. –At a second thought, better not explain…
Man, did Kiba breathe a sigh of relief that moment. Man, did he get relieved.
-Sorry, sorry, we’ll be better off! Akamaru! – Kiba grabbed his jacket from the ground and hurriedly walked out of the room with his partner by his side.
The door slammed. Silence reigned.
-So… - Naruto scratched his bum in the gentlest way there was possible. –What’s the matter, Hinata?
-I just checked in, because I heard glass being… - she said and looked around. –Oh, that’s what it was?
She noticed the window’s miserable situation.
-Ah, Naruto…
-Huh? – a gentle smile appeared on his face and he grabbed her hand, after what he pulled her right onto the bed.
-Naruto, you know I’ve got work to do – she said.
-I know… - he kissed her on the neck. –But we can cuddle for a moment, can’t we?
She nodded with her head and clung to him. They soon hid quilt and continued pleasing each other.
-Ah! – she suddenly screamed and jumped out of the quilt.
-What’s the matter? – he got confused at looked at her weirdly. –Ah! Now I know!
They both started to scratch their bodies. And they scratched them, and scratched, and scratched.
-That Kiba! – said Naruto. –Let me just get him…!
-What’s happening? – she started to dance around, just to shake off the things that were biting and crawling on her.
-What?! Oh, no! Just not that! What do we do now?
-Better get a shower… - he stated and scratched his chin, like he’d be a sage. –Fast.
-There’s only one shower in the whole building…
-Oh, don’t worry. Take it. I’ll surely do something about it.
-Are you sure?
-I already told you, Hinata. Get a shower before the fleas get used to your skin!
-Okay, okay! – she got out hastily.
-Ha! Ha! Ah, Hinata… You can’t get me bored.
Silence reigned again.
‘’She always gives me a reason to smile, doesn’t she?’’ – he asked himself and stood up.
But as soon as the fleas started to bite, he also went out of the room.
He found himself in a corridor full of chakra threads. He approached them and touched one. It sparkled and hurt his fingertips.
-What does that mean?! – he exclaimed.
-Wha- Oh, Naruto… - Konohamaru’s head came out of a room close to the blonde. –Kankuro’s playing around with a new technique.
-Can’t you all just go out and do it on the training fields for once?
-Nah. But you became such a bromide lately…
-Yeah, you’re trying to be soooo mature… I’m telling you…
-I am an adult, you little rascal!
-But you’re still as upset as a child! Hah! – fooling around, showed him his tongue with a seal and got transformed into a monkey. –WHAT?!
-Looks like not only I was doing leg-pulls yesterday… - he murmured under his nose, thinking about the party. –So, Konohamaru! Best of luck transforming back into a human!
-You’re no fun anymore, Naruto! No fun!
-Sorry… - he gave him a big smile and then slipped under the threads.
He crawled to the other end of the corridor and went downstairs. So many stairs… But he eventually got out of the building, still scratching his skin on the whole body, standing in the sun in just a pajama.
-Hello, Naruto-kun - a woman with two children greeted him right after he appeared there.
-Oh, hello there, Igawa-chan!
-Such fine weather today.
-Ideal for a bath.
-Ah, so you’re going to the hot springs?
He nodded.
-Then where is Hinata-chan? You’re such a lovely couple...
-I know, I know! – he smiled gently, as he thought of her. –But she got… Umm… Things to do, that’d be most accurate to say.
-Oh, I see. But remember! You must endow each other great love in your youth, as later you won’t have the time to do so in your important roles. You may not notice it now, but your heart and love coming from it will be all divided between people and partner.
He froze starring at the woman. He never really thought about it that way. He knew love isn’t anything to fool around with, but he never thought of time conquering this feeling. A high position, never ending duties, providing safety to the villagers… The things that were taking his time away, when he didn’t notice it.
-Well! – he said shortly. –It’s my duty!
-My husband keeps on saying that, too. But he’s too soft for the people to let them down.
-You’re understanding each other, right?
-Yes, we are. It’s really the time, but we try to understand ourselves and each other at every moment we are separated. Maybe we are getting old, don’t you think? – she laughed a little.
-Oh, sure you are! – he joked. –But, like Bushier Brows Sensei would say, our youth just begins with eagerness to achieve a goal! I guess…
-Oh, no one can match his youth, then! – she giggled once more.
-Well, I won’t stop you. You’ve got your duty. – she said and continued the walk with her children. –Goodbye, Naruto-kun.
-Goodbye! – he rushed into the direction of the Konoha Hot Springs, as the fleas started to bite and suck his chakra away.
On the way, he was greeted by many, and many also smiled at him. He was proud to be acknowledged. He reached his goal. But what, if it was his springtime of youth ending? He was young, but his youth could be already fading away.
‘’How is it that Bushy Brow Sensei doesn’t let his youth ever end?’’ – he thought while walking along the streets of Konoha. ‘’He reaches his goals, but what is it, that keeps giving him the motivation for reaching even further? Youth, youth, youth… Ah, that’s too much for me, I guess!’’
He didn’t even notice the Konoha Hot Springs. He would walk past them, if not for Sasuke and Sakura.
-Amaterasu! – Sasuke screamed, what got Naruto’s attention.
-Do you think I would really use this jutsu on such a weakling?
-Oh, and you’re saying that after our sparring from last weekend?
-Don’t act like kids! – she stopped them.
-I was just trying to get his attention… Just look at him, he’s not concentrated!
-When you said that… I really noticed something. Are you okay, Naruto?
-Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just…
-Pest control is needed? – Sasuke laughed.
-What the hell? – Sakura got confused.
-Don’t mind me! – Naruto walked into the building in a hurry, just to get their weird gazes off. –Have a nice day!
Sakura turned her look onto Sasuke.
-What was the thing you were talking about?
-It doesn’t matter, as long as we have the whole day for ourselves…
-You’re right. But does he have any serious problems?
-No, just his own silliness.
They walked away, holding hands. That wouldn’t be expected from Sasuke three years ago, as many thought. But many didn’t know him. Like some say, the beast can be friendly, but the beast isn’t made by its body.
Soon Naruto found himself in the hot springs, with a towel on his hips. He walked into a room with a big bath. His eyes instantly caught the many faces he knew.
-Walking in like he’d own this place! – Sai surprisingly ranted and everyone looked at him, even Kakashi looked up, stopping his lecture of the third ‘’Icha-Icha’’ part… Well, only Rock Lee didn’t pay attention, because he was having a little nap, probably regaining power after a murderous training. –Hey, can’t I be emotional?
-Not the way we aren’t used to, joker… - Shikamaru upbraided him.
Naruto threw his towel away and went under the water. Under it, so he could wash the fleas off. But he didn’t expect them to stay, when he got back to the surface.
-Anything new, Naruto? – Kakashi asked.
-No. Tsunade’s still giving me those behavior lessons… I can’t stand it. I mean, how can you force a Kage to do all this?
-What do you mean?
-‘’You must do this and that, you can’t eat with your spoon, you can’t scratch your eyeball, you must negotiate’’…
-Gaara wouldn’t agree to this. – Choji stated.
-Gaara’s different. – Shikamaru corrected him.
-Oh, right… Let me think of any other Kage… Hhmm…
-So, you don’t like your duty? – Kakashi asked.
-I like it. Very much, actually. But it’s too much of a hassle for a discussion with four other people. Like they wouldn’t like me, just because I’d scratch my eyeball. But the most important thing is to be with the people, isn’t it?
-I’m sure it is. I’m not a Hokage myself… And I don’t want to become one. But I think you’ve got it right. Anyways, who beat Madara?
-That guy! – Sai shouted and pointed at Naruto, frightening everyone in the bath.
-Shut up, Sai! – the two men of the past Team 10 shouted at him.
-Sorry, sorry… It wasn’t meant to scare you.
-You know what’s scary? – Kakashi asked, with a syringe in his mind. Man, that would be the joke of the century.
-Sakura? – he asked.
-OH… - Kakashi went back to his lecture.
-What’s wrong?
-Nothing – Kakashi went into his happy-face-at-the-miserable-situation mode and waved his hand lightly. –Have it your way.
Sai shrugged and went fully under the water.
-I see you have my little friends on you, Naruto… - Shino appeared out of nowhere in the bath, between Shikamaru and Kakashi.
-How’d you…? – Naruto looked at him weirdly.
-Shinobi’s secret ways. Don’t ask. – he shut the conversation and reached out with his hand.
Soon all the fleas got back to their master.
-I know you took them yesterday from me.
-Huh? – the look on Naruto’s face didn’t disappear.
-I know how many of them are on me.
-Right… ‘’Shinobi’s secret ways’’, huh?
-No, I count them when I’m bored. And I check their chakra. They need care from time to time.
-Effin’ yes! – Sai jumped out with something in his hand. –The vision! The vision!
-Oh, just not that… - Shikamaru did a two-handed facepalm. –Sai, you perv!
Sai sticked to the wall and imposed the object on his eyes.
-What’s up with him? – Naruto asked. –He’s not himself.
-Ino – Shino answered.
-Let him have his springtime of youth! – the obvious one came to the place. –If his dream can become true, the fire of his youth will keep on illuminating his road of life!
Mighty Guy appeared and jumped into the water.
-Gai-sensei! – Rock Lee screamed of joy, getting awake to everyone’s surprise. –One’s youth never ends!
-Kakashi! I challenge you to a duel of youth!
-Ah! – the student of the Green Beast screamed again with excitation in his voice. –The duel of two powers! The duel of life and death, sensei? The duel to prove oneself?
The Hero of the Sharingan looked up, forced to stop reading his book again.
-That’s right, Lee! A duel of might! A duel of willpower! A duel of life’s greatness! A duel of stamina!  Kakashi! I chellenge you for a duel of underwater breathing!
-Oh, if you call it… - Kakashi threw the book away and they both immediately went under the water.
They both proved their youths to be equally powerful, with Rock Lee cheering at them and getting multiple new aspirations.
The whole group spent the rest of the day on talking about the landscapes, the food, the Ichiraku Ramen guy, the springtime of youth, the change of Sai, and about being ninjas. Typical stuff, just like at any other meeting.
In the locker room, Naruto started to think about time. He thought of his time with Hinata, the moments they could spend together… He felt like he did something wrong. Like something he was building in the past years wasn’t of solid fundaments. He couldn’t find any answer to this, so he was blaming himself.
-Bushy Brows Sensei – he asked Guy, when they were left alone. –Can one’s youth come to an end when he’s young?
-That’s an interesting question – he thought for a moment. –But the truth is, one’s youth will only end, when one steps aside from the road to his goal! When one gives up, the fire of his youth will shrink and disappear! Giving up fighting is giving up youth! One’s springtime just begins with the way! And the springtime blossoms with the goal reached! One will never end his youth, if he only keeps on fighting! Even death is no barrier! It becomes the peak of youth, as it becomes nourishment for the future youths to take example and blossom, just as you! Youth only dies with your will!
-And love? Can it really end?
-Love is the greatest fire of youth! It gives you reason to fight nonstop, even if you don’t have the power to do it, but want to! Love is the mightiest of one’s youth’s parts! If the love is not true, then this fire will be even greater next time and will light your road even more powerful!
-But where’s true love, then?
-True love gives questions, but not doubts! If you question yourself, then your youth just blossoms and makes you give the best of yourself! It creates new ways to reach the goal and recognize it! If you aren’t sure, then the fire of love just finds it way to light the road, but not a different one! It lights the ways of this true love, but not the ways of others! True love isn’t easy to understand, but that’s what makes it! The harder it is, the bigger the blossom of your youth is! And as time passes, it doesn’t get put out! No, it doesn’t ever get put out! It is the essence for all youth’s ways!
Naruto starred at him for a moment.
-Love gives questions, but doesn’t give doubts?
-That’s right!
He didn’t say a word, but put on his clothes and run out of the hot springs.
-Youth is strong in this one… - the sensei of bushy brows said with a smile, looking at the exit of the locker room.
Naruto ran, he ran as fast as he could. He wanted to see the source of his power. The source of his will to live and have a sense in this long road he called life. And that road had still miles to walk, still many signs to understand, still many ways to take and call them the right ones. He wanted to see the source of the fire, which kept the big will in him, even if the didn’t notice it… Because two of the roads were bound. The bond was strong.
He ran through the entrance of the big house, where all the K12 ninjas lived in. He ran up the stairs, jousting at times, but getting back up instantly. He finally got to the floor, where he and Hinata live. Kankuro’s threads were still there… He slipped under them, but when he stopped moving, he didn’t want to miserably crawl. He stood up and snapped them with his hands, with a solid move. He didn’t even feel the pain, as he was distracted by his thoughts too much. His will of reaching the current goal he set… It was too strong to stop now. He wanted to do it now.
He ran past Konohamaru’s room, which was empty and there was no sign of a monkey-boy, as also there was no sign of any jutsu or seal around.
He ran into the lounge of the floor and…
-Happy birthday, Naruto! – dozens of people shouted.
He stood aghast, not knowing what to say or what to do. He just did a little smile. The whole situation just hit him in the moment, when he was confident to see just Hinata, and talk just with her.
-Don’t you like it? – Ino asked.
He looked around. Decorations, many colors, happy faces of the people… And her…
A big smile appeared on his face.
-How could I not like this? – he asked and went closer to everyone.
-THEN PARTY, YOU STIFF BORES! – Sai’s voice was hearable by everyone.
-Shut up, Sa- - Shikamaru wanted to scold him, but he got hit by Ino right on the top of his head. –You sure got some connections with Sakura!
To Sai’s surprise, everyone started partying. The whole block of flats they were living in was in this floor. The impression was great in this moment. So many people from different places, with different behaviors and likes, as they had their own communities on their floors they occupied, were just having fun with each other in this moment, special to Naruto.
-I didn’t remember, but you did… - Naruto talked to Hinata, hugging her.
-Why wouldn’t I? – she asked and kissed him on the cheek.
-I don’t know… I- I… I just rushed. I don’t even know what to say – he was trying to explain, but in the end hugged her stronger and lowered his head and put it on her shoulder.
-Naruto… It’s your birthday. I don’t want you to think. You should be happy, as much as I am, because we are together one more year… - she quietly spoke into his ear.
Rock Lee was watching them with Shikamaru. He had tears of joy in his eyes.
-This is a beautiful picture of their youth!
-To think that Hinata wasn’t able to speak to him normally four years ago... She changed, even I know it.
-You guys suck at seeing the future! – Kiba came out of the palm pot behind them. –I knew it, I knew it since we were twelve years old!
-Oh, right… You were in Team Kurenai. I almost forgot the old days, where we all were dreaming of becoming Hokage – Nara was reminding the past.
-Say that for yourself… - Shino also unexpectedly showed himself between them, sitting on the ground. -I always wanted to become part of the Akatsuki…
-Whaaa-?! – the three of them jumped from their seats.
-Can’t someone throw a joke sometimes? Ah, you all lack the proper sense of humor…
The party was taking the best. Besides, nobody wanted it to end so fast. The cake and presents were given Naruto after some time passed away. He took it all happily. But the most important thing was Hinata’s gift. A stone in the form of the sun with little words written on it ‘’You are my sun, in which I stand, but I reflect you to have you still shining’’.
‘’Little missus’’ – Madara’s words echoed in his head. ‘’How could he see it, when I did not?’’
The party didn’t stop in the afternoon or evening… Oh, no. It continued to the night, and nobody saw the end of it even in that moment. However, some of the guests were showing their ‘’better’’ attitudes now. Of course, Shikamaru fell asleep… But the heir of Might Guy’s youth philosophy was just starting to get into the rhythm of the music. A bit of alcohol couldn’t do him harm, could it? Well, he did not overdose it, so there were no broken bones. Just karaoke and awesome taijutsu dancing. And everyone else just got into the atmosphere of the place, where everyone was meant to have fun. The main source of such fun was Sai, of course. Who else? The one, who just recognized strong emotions, couldn’t let this change get off.
But there was someone missing… The hosts.
They were on the gazebo, looking down at the town.
-Such a beautiful city at night – Hinata was enjoying the view.
-It is…
-And one person to protect it all, just by my side…
-No, Hinata.
She got confused and looked at him.
-Don’t you want to be Hokage?
-You were by my side… - he answered to her previous confusion and kissed her in the cheek. –It wasn’t the other way around.
-The reason I was starring at you, when I got here… I wanted to tell you something. And ask…
-What is it?
-Are we losing each other? I feel like I don’t give you the feelings you deserve…
-You do as much as you did three years ago. It’s just… We aren’t children anymore.
-I know. And I fear our duties will divide us… Like I can’t love you and Konoha at the same time…
-No. We still see each other everyday. We are still enjoying each other. We still do love each other. You just seem to have too much things on your head.
-I just want to do everything for the good of Konoha.
-You have friends to help you. Nobody will let you fall. Nobody.
-But it seems that with age the feelings get shut down. Like a bridge would get destroyed, a road cut off, a way no more…
-You can’t say that… We mature with each day.
-We ask questions?
-Yes, I’m still trying to understand our bond… But I don’t doubt it.
-Like it would be a way, which you share with me?
-That’s how I feel about us. We went from children into adults. Something changed, but for the good. Like we’d understand the world better, along with ourselves.
-You think we have new ways to prove our bond? That we have found them?
-Of course I do. That’s why we are still with each other. If love wasn’t changing us and itself, we wouldn’t feel the fire of it…
-If we wouldn’t need each other to have sense and reach goals?
She nodded. They were quiet for a moment, after which he smiled at her.
-I feel like I have the power to take our love to the grave and beyond it. Like it would be never ending. Now I understand it… I understand it, because we are here, with each other, spending time and showing our love. I think I understand it.
She tried to say something, but he suddenly put his lips to hers. Kissed her. Didn’t let any words come out.
Paradise. Explosion of emotions in the moment, when they both acknowledged their feelings, at least in a part in this gigantic and long road of emotions and patience towards each other. Tension in every bit of a body, but pleasure at the same time. Ecstasy. They did not want to let go off each other, but in one moment they did, just for one thing…
-Let me return something… - he said.
-Huh? – she looked into his eyes.
-I do it all, because I love you…
He didn’t let her say a word, but sunk his lips again into hers…
And they stayed there. They were happy, as they finally had a moment, where they knew they were together, not thinking of anything besides their strong bond, which was acknowledged by them.
‘’She was by my side, and still is… She is the one, who made the person I am now…’’
‘’He waited for me, stopped to run… He let me be close to him and understand everything, become the person I am now…’’

Comes out that honest love, in which one knows, understands and tries to help the other, doesn’t die or get dull, get a heavy burden… But it matures and gets stronger, as if it’d be something we have to do. We live with it to the moment it becomes our life, because the biggest sense of it lies in the other person, who we understood and gave the time to understand us. It is our asylum in the whole life we fight through…
That’s what NaruHina represented through the whole series, up to the current moments. Even if one had to stop for a moment, slow down a bit, and the other to catch up, be faster… They both understood each other and now walk the road of their lives with best tempo for them both.
Maybe they’re not a visible couple for now, but that’s how I see future events between them, even if they won’t be displayed to us.

I hope you enjoyed it, because I enjoyed pretty much writing it. Can’t be that bad, if I - the creator of the ''monster'' - liked it.
Oh, and sorry for the different writing style - I'm from a Slavic country. I hope you understood the text.

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Post by dovey on Tue Apr 22, 2014 7:32 am

I just wanted to drop this here. It's a fanart done for our forum's birthday by tumblr user annalovesfiction. She is so sweet, and this drawing she made for us is adorable.

Type: Fanart
Birthday Contest Submissions Tumblr_n4f1wm1bp91sksz96o1_500
Birthday Contest Submissions Tumblr_n4f1wm1bp91sksz96o2_500

Here is a link to it on her blog, along with a sweet message to us. <3

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Post by Fallere825 on Tue Apr 22, 2014 3:22 pm

Here it is...a bit late but I made it  Birthday Contest Submissions 2035981432 Happy Birthday Everyone  Birthday Contest Submissions 2563355472 
Type: Fan-Fiction
Work: (unfortunately it was a bit rushed but I hope you enjoy it anyway)
Memorable Birthdays

October 17th

The sun rose signalling the new day. It was October 17th , his Birthday. However that would’ve been the furthest thing from his mind at that point, the war was over, they had won. Naruto and Sasuke had come together to finally beat Madara. The dawn symbolised not only a new day but an entire new era moving forward.

“Where could she be?” Naruto made his way through the still celebrating crowd, being interrupted ever so often by someone wanting to greet him, shake his hand or even hug him. However as excited and as happy as he was, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. It was during this war that he realised just how special she was to him and how much he really cared for her. Before anything else he wanted to let her know, an answer to the confession that had taken him by surprise during Pein’s attack. He had sensed that she was alright upon returning to the battlefield and was now doing his best to find her.

A lot had happened after Madara’s defeat, despite the initial great celebration there were still many wounded and in need of aid, so the entire army had divided up and were now tending to those that needed help. After helping the best he could he left Sakura and Sasuke together, deciding they could use the time alone while he looked for Hinata.

Shortly afterwards he saw her sitting alone, there were no visible injuries but she must have been exhausted and was probably told to rest and regain her strength before she could lend a hand herself. He slowly made his way to her, however the closer he got the more nervous he became. What exactly was he going to say? In his head there was so much he wanted to say; above all he wanted to thank her again for everything and this time he wanted to let her know that he really cared about her. He still wasn’t sure what it was to love but he definitely knew she was special to him.

“N-Naruto-kun?” she called interrupting his train of thought.

“H-hey Hinata” “Why am I so nervous?! Come on Naruto..” “?!” his thoughts were suddenly interrupted again by Hinata throwing her arms around him and hugging him “h-huh? H-Hinata?” he was surprised, but to be very honest he liked the feeling of her arms around him and he slowly returned the hug. For a few moments they just stood there hugging each other before either of them spoke.

Realising what she had done and what exactly was going on Hinata jumped a little startled “I-Im sorry” she said “I’m just really glad you’re ok Naruto…I-I’m sorry …”

“Don’t be” Naruto interrupted her and smiled down at her with her now slightly pink cheeks. “H-Hinata” he put his hands on her shoulders “From as far as I can remember, possibly from the very beginning, you’ve been there for me” he looked into her eyes “you were the one that truly believed in me and you’ve always been there for me when I needed it the most”


He started to blush “wh-what I guess I’m trying to say is…all these years I’ve never known love and what it’s like to be loved but all of that aside Hinata you’re special to me, and I know that I care about you…above all I want to be with you and walk with you by your side”

Hinata was speechless, never would she have imagined Naruto confessing like he was and rightfully she was shocked. Though it may not have been appropriate she wanted to pinch herself to ensure she wasn’t dreaming but instead she returned his smile “there is nothing I would love more than to be by your side Naruto-kun”

Naruto smiled, one of the smiles he would only use with her and reached in and hugged her again. “Thank you Hinata”

“Hey Hey it’s Naruto-dono!” a random ninja called out to him from nearby interrupting the moment.

“I…should probably see how I can help out…um…w-would you like to come?” he held her hand and she could feel some of his chakra being transferred to her.

She smiled back at him and nodded “u-um Naruto-kun? Before we go…”

“huh? Yea?” he turned back to look at her.

She leaned forward and kissed him briefly “Happy Birthday Naruto-kun”

Present Day

“Definitely one of the best Birthdays ever!, thank you” Naruto grinned kissing her on the cheek.

Naruto and Hinata were currently sitting under a big tree in one of Konoha’s training fields. It was almost a ritual of theirs to come here and relax whenever they both had some free time and no missions to worry about. They had been together almost five years now and being ninjas they had to cherish any time they could have together. This also happened to be the Training ground Hinata had given Naruto a pep talk before a match against Neji, they weren’t sure if it was just a coincidence or fate that it became their spot.

Naruto had positioned himself to sit behind her and he wrapped his arms around her holding her tight. Hinata smiled feeling his kiss on her cheek; she also loved the feeling of his arms around her like this. “I won’t ever forget it” she rested her head back on his chest and looked up at him smiling “I'm not sure I will ever be able to top it” she giggled and they both laughed.
Naruto kissed the top of her head and smiled down at her “Well my Birthday will be here again soon right? Maybe there is a way you could top even that one” he grinned.

“Yea? And how’s that?”

“Weeeelllll…for starters it will have to be an early present “ he continued

“Oh yea? It can’t wait until the actual day?” she sat up a little and turned her head to look back at him.

He shook his head “would you like a hint?”

“mhmm” she nodded “I’m curious..”

Naruto’s expression got serious and he looked deep into her eyes “Hinata…”

“…Naruto-kun?” she stared back at him.

“…would you say yes?”

“Would I say yes?...wait…I don’t understand“ she heard a poof sound and Naruto motioned for her to look in front. Hinata turned to see a shadow clone down on one knee holding out a ring.

Hinata was now speechless and knowing this Naruto grinned. He kissed her cheek again and the clone proceeded to slide the ring on to her finger “Hinata Hyuga…will you marry me?”

Hinata just sat there for a moment looking down at the ring on her finger and she could feel tears of joy rolling down her cheeks.

“..uh..Hinata?” Naruto got rid of the clone and was about to check if she was ok but was interrupted by Hinata turning around completely, throwing her arms around him hugging him tightly “Is this a yes?” he smiled.

Hinata nodded and pulled away to smile back at him with the tears still rolling down her cheeks. She leaned in and kissed him deeply.  At that moment they both thanked Kami for bringing them together. “Happy Birthday Naruto-kun” she said jokingly after finally pulling away from the kiss.

April 22nd Two Years Later

“It’s going to be fine” Sasuke sighed “Getting worked up certainly won’t help anyway” he looked over at Naruto, who was currently pacing back and front in front of him.
“How am I supposed to be calm about this?!” he replied without even looking up. “What if…”

Sasuke waved his hand to interrupt him “I understand”

“What if I haven’t prepared enough?”

“Like I said you’ll be fine…There is only so much you can do” Sasuke continued calmly when suddenly an anbu member appeared before them.

“Hokage-sama, Uchia-Sama” the anbu bowed.

They both acknowledged him “…Is it?” Naruto looked over at the ninja questioningly.

He nodded “Preparations are complete and they have begun”

Sasuke looked over at Naruto and he could see the nervousness in his eyes “*sigh* let’s go” Sasuke said as he got up and shortly after they both left the office.

Naruto’s heart was racing. He wanted today to be perfect, he was sure to do all he could, yet he couldn’t help but feel the anxiety building with each passing hour. Who would’ve thought the youngest and arguably most powerful kage could be so easily defeated by anxiety.

It felt like an eternity but finally the doors opened and Sakura came out to greet them “?! How?..is everything?” Naruto asked tripping over his own words.

Sakura smiled “well go on, don’t keep her waiting” Sakura gave him a light punch in the stomach before walking over to Sasuke.

Naruto nodded and left his teammates behind. He entered the room and looking over to where she was, he stopped taking in just how beautiful his wife looked. It was almost like she was glowing now, he just stood there for a moment, until he noticed what it was that was capturing her attention and everything that was troubling him before left him.

“Naruto-kun” she noticed him standing near the door and smiled at him. ‘Here he is’ he heard her whisper as he got closer. “Congratulations naruto-kun…say hello to your daughter” Hinata smiled up at him.

“h-hello you” he wiped the tears from his eyes smiling. He had imagined the day, but the sheer bliss of the moment was way beyond his expectations.

“Would you like to hold her?”

He nodded gently taking the blonde sleeping baby into his arms “Happy Birthday Ayumi-chan” he whispered smiling and gently kissed her forehead.
Image Credit:N/A

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Post by Azuula on Wed Apr 23, 2014 10:28 am

1 more day for submission closing.

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Post by racefan1992 on Wed Apr 23, 2014 3:21 pm

It is late but here is mine. Happy Birthday too this site.
Type: Fan-fiction
Work: Long @$$ Post
Image credit: N/A

"Today, today is DEFENTILY the day." Naruto said with vigor.

What would make today more important then anyother day? Would he become Hokage? Would he get a swimming pool sized bowl of ramen? Nope too any of those. He'd finally spend time with Hinata Hyuaga. Since the war ended in victory for the good guys, Naruto has wanted too spend time with Hinata but due too him being a war hero and next Hokage of the Leaf Village, his time had been taken up. However, Naruto didn't forget about Hinata. In fact he thought about her every day. When he'd have a few moments too himself, he'd think about how she was there for him when Neji passed away, when he feeling depressed and unconfident about himself before fighting Neji and how uneasy he felt before going out too find Saskues brother but her words of "Let's do are best Naruto-kun." brought him some ease and peace. But most importantly, he thought about most the words she used when confessed her feelings too him, words he could never forget.

"Today me and Hinata WILL spend time together, believe it." Naruto left his house with extra bounce too his step. He walked quickly too the main enterence of the village and waited for Hinata. Naruto had sent a message too her father that he'd wish too meet with her and her father sent a message back saying she agreed too meet him.

"Hey Hinata! Over here!" Naruto waved his hands wildly like a person high on a energy beverage.
"H-hello Naruto-kun." Hinata said shyly with a pinkish color too her cheeks.
"Are you ready Hinata?" Naruto said with a big smile.
"Y-yes." Hinata said once again shyly
They left the gate and went too a nearby cafe. They seated themselves in a corner away from everyone so they could be alone. They both ordered tea.
"Finally, we get too spend time together." Naruto said
"Yeah, i know we've both waited for a long time." Hinata said while sipping her tea.
"There is alot i've been thinking about Hinata and i think now is the time that we talk." Naruto said
"About what Naruto-kun?" Hinata said with slight suprise
"Well....." Naruto was about too talk but his attention sooner turn too the enterence of the cafe, Shizune appeared.
"Oh f**k me." Naruto in thought so Hinata couldn't hear it.
"Oh Naruto i've been looking for you." Shizune said.
"What do you want? Can't you see i'm busy?" Naruto said with a angery and rude tone.
"Lady Hokage wanted you too read this." Shizune handed Naruto a big envolop.
Before Naruto could ask what was in it, Shizune left the cafe.
"*heavy sigh* I'd better open it." Naruto said in disguste as he opened the envolop.
"What does it say Naruto-kun?" Hinata said with a quizitve look.
Naruto didn't say anything as he read page after page of writing. After a while Naruto pulls out his wallet and drops some money too pay for the tea and leaves the cafe in a huff.
"Naruto-kun?" Hinata said in a squeaky voice as she chased after him.
After chasing Naruto for some distance he sits down on a bench, Hinata quickly sits next too him.
"What does it say Naruto-kun?" Hinata says in a worried tone.
"Here Hinata, read it. All of it." Naruto said in disguste.
Hinata proceeds too read the whole document.
"Huh? She wants you too do all this?" Hinata said in a amazment.
"Yes. That is what she WANTS me too do." Naruto said as he looked down at the ground.
"I"m never going too be able too enjoy myself or hang out with you forever now." Naruto said still looking at the ground.
"It'll be ok Naruto-kun." Hinata said as she rests her head on his shoulder.
"No it isn't Hinata...... THIS IS SUCH BULLCRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Naruto said loud enough too break the sound barrier.
"What is such bullcrap Naruto?"
Naruto and Hinata both look up too see Kakashi.
"Oh Kakashi-sensei." Naruto said with suprise.
"Hello Kakashi-sensei." Hinata said politely.
"Here Naruto, let me see that." Kakashi said with his hand out-streched.
Naruto hands Kakashi the document and he reads it.
"Wow." Kakashi said with suprise.
"As driven as you are Naruto, this is a bit much." Kakashi said he handed the document back too Naruto.
"See? It is bullcrap." Naruto said.
"Life of a hokeage in training Naruto, although i do sympathize with you."
"Your sympathy isn't needed Sensei." Naruto said sarcasticly.
"Well if you have a problem, you do you talk too the hokage about it." Kakashi said.
"Good idea Sensei. Come on Hinata." Naruto said he hurried too the Hokage compound.

Naruto and Hinata arrive at the Hokage compound but end up having too wait 2.5 hours. After what seemed like a dogs age Naruto and Hinata are allow too the grandma Tsunade.
"If your here too complain about what i just gave you, you might as well leave here Naruto." Tsunade said annoyied.
"Oh i see, you can't make time for me but you surely enjoy giving out 'unreasonable' orders granny." Naruto said snapping back.
"Excuse me!?" Tsunade said with suprised.
"You heard me granny." Naruto said defiantly as he throws the document on the desk.
"Hinata, i suggest you leave." Tsunade said.
"Huh?" Hinata said.
"Yeah, Hinata, you should leave." Naruto said politely.
"Oh..... ok." Hinata said as she leaves the room and heads outside.
As HInata heads outside, Kakashi is waiting by the enterence.
"Kakashi-sensei?" Hinata said with suprise
"Is Naruto inside?" Kakashi asked.
"Yes." Hinata said.
As soon as Hinata answered the question, yelling and screaming are heard from the Hokages office. Most of it can't be understood but some words included can't be repeated. A crowd starts forming outside the Hokage compound and visilbly the air inside starts turning blue and paint is melting off the walls. After what seems like forever a loud bang sound is heard.
"Naruto!!! You broke the door!!!!!!!!!!!! Naruto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tsunade is heard yelling after Naruto.
A few minutes later Naruto leaves the Hokage compound looking down at the ground.
"Naruto-kun?" Hinata said with a worried look.
"Are you ok?" Kakashi said also with a worried look.
"I............i'm sorry Hinata." Narutos voice sounded horse and when he looks at her is visibly noticeable that he has been crying.
Before Hinata or anyone else can ask him anything Naruto heads home for the rest of the day and crowd dispurses.

The next day all of the rookies are summoned too the Hokages office (minus Naruto) for their assignments. After the Hokage is finished with everyone no one leaves the office.
"Huh? why are you all still here, get out of here." Tsunade said with an annoyied tone.
"All of us have something too say Lady Hokage." Sakura said.
"What is it." Tsunade said.
"We want too help out Naruto." Ino said.
"What work he has is his and his alone." Tsunade said
"I really don't think that is fair Lady Hokage." TenTen added.
"What is their too be fair about? He wants too be Hokage, he'll have too work for it." Tsanade said with annoience.
"What we mean by 'fair' is for him too get time off. Does anyone here remember the last time he toke a day off since the war ended." Kiba asks the people in the room. No one says anything because they don't know.
"Is everyone here hell bent on ruining my scheduale and my day for that matter?!" Tsunade said getting angery.
"We aren't leaving until we help him." Everyone says at once.
"*heavy sigh* Ok, fine everyone get up here and pick something out." Tsunade says in a defeated tone.
Everyone picks something too do.
"Ok, now get too it. I don't want too hear any bellyacheing." Tsunade says with attitude.

*6 tireless and sleepless days later*
"I must give you all credit, you did what you set out too do." Tsunade says with praise.
Everyone doesn't respond because they are died tired from all the work they did.
"Based on what i see here Naruto is free for atleast 7 days."
"Huh!?!?!?!?!?!?" Everyone says with suprise.
"*holds up the scheduale book* See? Nothing for 7 days." Tsunade says with a big smile.
"Maybe, maybe now me and Naruto-kun will be able too spend atleast alittle time together." Hinata says with in fatigued manner.
"Is that why you all wanted too help him?" Tsunade asks everyone. Everyone nods yes.
"Well...... now i feel guilty." Tsunade says in slight disgust. "All of you get some rest, your like the walking dead in here." Everyone turns too leave.

*later that day, the sun has set and night has fallen*
Naruto and Hinata are summoned too the Hokages office.
"i have something for the both of you." Tsunade said
"Oh like what?" Naruto with a annoyied tone
"Here." Tsunade hands Naruto 2 tickets.
"What this for grandma?" Naruto says with suprise
"For you and Hinata too to a festivle in a nearby village." Tsunade said with a grin.
"Huh? i thought i was booked for life doing stuff." Naruto says with amazment.
"Everyone including myself chipped in so you can have sometime off Naruto-kun." Hinata said with glee.
"Huh?" Naruto looks at Hinata with a questing look.
"Well that and so you can spend some time with Hinata. Everyone admitted to that fact Naruto."
Naruto is left speechless on hearing that.
"While your duties too this village are important but so is companionship. Go out and i ORDER the both of you too have fun for the next 6 days, the festivle lasts 4 days and it'll take a day too get there. NOW GO!" Tsunade says with insistence.
"Hell yeah, lets go Hinata!." Naruto grabs Hinata by the hand and runs out of the hokage compound at the speed of light.

After a day of packing Naruto and Hinata leave for festivle. When they arrive they are pointed too the hotel in town. They arrive at the hotel soon after entering the village.
"Welcome to the festivle. Uh, your names please?" The desk clerk asked.
They give the clerk their names.
"Lets see here........ ah, here you are, one of the best rooms we have available. *hands Naruto the room key* All expenses payied for." the desk clerk declared.
"Huh?!" Naruto and Hinata said with a gasp.
"*The clerk points you who payied what amount* See, everything payied for. The both of you are basically staying for free. This includes room service. Oh and on the 3rd day there is a concert and the 4th day their fireworks."
Naruto and Hinata both don't say anything except "thank you." and leave for their room. When they arrive at the room Naruto opens the door.
"HOLY S**T!!!!" Naruto said when he sees the room
"W-wow." Hinata in more subdued tone.
Naruto and Hinata look about the room.
"two bath rooms and two beds and a TV too." Hinata says.
*Naruto jumps on one of the beds*
"This is the most comfortable bed i've ever been on."
"We should unpack and get settled in Naruto-kun." Hinata said
"Yeah good idea."
Naruto and Hinata both unpack their things. When done they both leave and explore the festivle, not much is going on so they find some places of interest, note their locations and return too the hotel the remainder of the day. The next day the festivle kicks off with various activities centered around a lake near the hotel, water games and such. Naruto and Hinata don't participate but have fun watching. When that is done Naruto and Hinata go into and town too visit the places of interest from the day before. Various games and booths are a plenty. Naruto wins Hinata a little stuff teddy bear from a soccer game. They also enjoy the food booths too. The 3rd day the concert starts late in the day and goes until mid-night. Naruto and Hinata both enjoy the band that playied. On the 4th day Naruto starts thinking about his un-finished thought, Naruto waits until before the fireworks start too tell her.
Naruto: Hinata?
Hinata: Hm?
Naruto: You know i've been thinking alot about you.
Hinata: You, you have? *blushing*
Naruto: Yeah. You have always been there for me, when i needed it most. For when Neji passed away, before i fought Neji during the Chunin Exams, when we were on the mission too find Saskues brother. You gave me words that brought me ease and encourgement. But there is something i'll never forget.
Hinata: W-what?
*the fireworks start*
Naruto: When you told me how felt about me when Pein had me pinned down, those words..........
Hinata: ......
Naruto: Those words i've held onto because.... they mean so much too me. For so long i had no idea what love was.... or i thought i knew what love was. But you, you gave me a glampse of what love truthly is...... thank you Hinata.
Hinata: you don't have too thank me Naruto-kun. I did because i was afraid i was going too lose you and i wasn't going too let him take you away without telling you how i truthly felt about you.
Naruto: I know Hinata and whenever i think about what you did..... i can only smile at what you did. Am happy for what you did and what you have done for me throught the course of us knowing eacother. These past 4 days have more then i could ever dream of Hinata. Right i now i don't have a care in the world.
*fireworks grande finale starts*
Naruto: Hinata, there is something i want too give you.
Hinata: *blushing* what?
Naruto: Here.
*Naruto reveals a necklaces with the Hyuaga and Uzimaki clan symbols on it*
Hinata: For..... For me?
Naruto: *nods*
*Naruto puts it on her*
Hinata: Its..... its beauitful.
Naruto: There is something else Hinata.
Hinata: ?
*Naruto cups his on her cheeks and Hinata places her hands on his*
Naruto kisses Hinata. The feeling that Naruto felt at this moment in time is a feeling like he'll never forget for as long as he lives and breaths on this living plain of existance. After what seems like an eternity, they release eachother and stare into eachothers eyes. No words need too said, just silence is enough for the both of them.

When the fireworks end, Naruto and Hinata both head down too their room and watch TV. They order some food from room service and eat while watching TV. When they get sleepy, they get ready for bed, however for the ast 3 days they have slept seperatly but the both decide too move their bed close too eachother. Thought it is impossible too move right next too one another, they are close enough so that they can hold hands. The next day Naruto and Hinata return the room key and leave the hotel and village. As they walk back too the Leaf Village, they hold hands the whole way. As they appoarch home, they nod at eacother and enter the village still holding hands, ready too continue down the path of their lives and relationshp.

Toke me at the very least 6+ hours too make this the way i wanted. Now if you'll excuse me, i got too give my eyes and brain plane tickets too Mexico for the amount of strain i've put them through.

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No more submissions:
Voting will go for 1 more day!

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Voting is closed. Winners will be announced in a new thread! Thanks everyone for your participation towards this contest! it was very appreciated.

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