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Favorite manga/anime character

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Favorite manga/anime character Empty Favorite manga/anime character

Post by Irielo on Fri Dec 27, 2013 12:56 am

My favorite manga/anime character is Shiryu from the manga: Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac Masami Kurumada. I don't know if all of you know about it but it is quite an "old" manga/anime which is one of my favorite. Anyway, Shiryu is one of the bronze knight of Athena, fighting for Justice and Peace. He represents the Dragon constellation and thus possesses the bronze Dragon clothes.

What I like with Shiryu is the fact that he incarnates self-sacrifice and justice, always putting the interests of others before his. That's why after fighting and losing a match in a tournament against Seiya (the hero of the story), he will have to travel in order to repair his cloth and Seiya's one. To be able to repair it, one has to give his own blood. That is what he's going to do, and he will even give more blood on Seiya's cloth and will nearly die because of that.

Then there was the fight against the silver saint Algol who has the ability to use Medusa and to transform his victim into stone. Seiya and other Shiryu's comrades are transformed into stone and the only way to free them is to beat Algol. To do so, Shiryu sacrifices his own eyes but succeeds in defeating his enemy despite of being blind.

There is then the battle of the Sanctuary, where the bronze saints will have to fight against the most powerful knights: the golden Saints. By remaining behind, Shiryu avoids his friends to get cut by Shura the Capricorn Saint keeping the 10th House. After an intense fight, he decides to use a forbidden technique: "the ultimate Dragon" which is a deadly technique for the enemy and the user himself.

This short extract shows Shiryu's sacrifice against Shura. The dialogues are in original version and the subtitles are in Spanish I think. Anyway, everybody closed to Shiryu realizes that something is going on. they feel a tremendous power leaving the Capricorn House and see a Dragon flying to the Sky. Then, there is a scene showing Shunrei, the one who loves Shiryu. She was adopted by the old master of the 5 pics in China and was around when Shiryu came to train with him to become a bronze Saint. She feels and notices that something is flying towards the stars and she knows it's Shiryu. She tries to get some answers from the old master who keeps silent until he says: "Shiryu, you knew that by using this technique, you would die but you have always put justice above everything... and there's nothing more beautiful to die for others" or something along the lines.

The old master is someone wise who never used to show these kind of emotions but the way Shiryu decided to sacrifice himself made him cry. It's only a short part of it, but his closed friends will shed tears too afterwards. I think it was the character who by his sacrifices triggered the most emotions from his comrades.

Anyway, I hope it's not too boring for you but I have never cried in front of a film, movie or whatsoever in my life, except this scene. And the music from Seiji Yokoyama gives even more power to this epic and sad moment.

Shiryu's sacrifice:

This is a comment among other great comments I've found regarding this moment (it's in french)

Indescriptible d'émotion ..... absolument sublime ...... Encore plus marquant lorsque je l'avais vu pour la 1ère fois, étant enfant Je pense même que c'est le plus beau sacrifice de toute l'Histoire du cinéma, des mangas et de toute autre oeuvre. Les Japonais sont vraiment des Dieux, niveau émotion !!

I'm translating: "Indescribable emotion... absolutely superb... This moment touched me even more when I watched it for the first time when I was a kid. I even think it is the most beautiful sacrifice in the whole History of cinema, of mangas and other work. Japanese are really Gods when it comes to emotion."

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Favorite manga/anime character Empty Re: Favorite manga/anime character

Post by Azuula on Thu Jan 30, 2014 7:50 pm

Hmm, I can't pick a favorite anime character but I'm going to mention the one that keeps popping up in my head. Aomine - From Kuroko no Basket. He's character history and present has been written really well and I can relate his character to a friend that used to carry the same "I'm the best" attitude in middle school. You can read about his appearance and attitude on the wikia and see what I'm talking about.

What I like about him is simple, his attitude. When he plays a basket ball game, he gets bored easily as he believes he's going to win. (Which is obvious)... But when he acknowledges his foes powers, he gets excited and keeps pushing forward till he surpasses his foe completely.

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Favorite manga/anime character Empty Re: Favorite manga/anime character

Post by Fallere825 on Fri Jan 31, 2014 4:42 pm

Agreed Manami ^ he's definitely my favourite from the generation of miracles. He has that disrespectful aura but because he can back it up.

As for a favourite manga/anime character, I cant say. For every series I get into I will have my favourites. I'm currently hooked on To aru Majutsu no Index and my favourites from there would have to be:

Touma - I'm very much like him...luck and all
Accelerator - He's just OP and has the whole good bad guy thing going on
Misaka (Mikoto) - For her interactions with Touma mainly (Otp for this series)
Tsuchimikado - I think his character is really cool, he seems carefree all the time but gets down to business when he has to and is well informed about everything that's going on be it the magic or science side.

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Favorite manga/anime character Empty Re: Favorite manga/anime character

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