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NaruHina and the importance of words

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NaruHina and the importance of words

Post by Irielo on Fri Dec 06, 2013 10:37 am

To start, there is Naruto's nindo: "I won't go back on my words" which shows that Naruto gives a big and meaningful importance to words in his life. Then, there is the fact that Naruto's words influenced Hinata to an extent that she could face Neji although he tried to diminish her and despite of being injured by him. She even made Naruto's nido hers and it became a principle in her life.

Naruto is a master when it comes to the famous "Talk no Jutsu", but although he is able to change hearts of even his opponents, he himself needed sometimes to hear something in order to go through challenges. Hinata's PF speech helped him to have trust in himself. Thanks to the confession (and Hinata action), he heard for the first time that someone loved him and he could come back to his senses after Hinata's speech following Neji's death to stand up and fight again.

As much as Naruto can influence people's heart, as much Hinata can speak to his heart when he himself is not able to do so...

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Re: NaruHina and the importance of words

Post by lily567 on Sat Dec 07, 2013 1:18 am

hence why hinata is the other half of him which would make him one as a matter of face I would say that the both of them are one through soul . naruto needs someone that can complete him and even if he helps and encourages others, he needs someone who can help him and encourage him which leads him to help encourage others. I think another interpretation you could say 615 was when he said 'thank you, its because you have been by my side this time' is hinata, thank you for being my other half, for completing me. basically if you interpret it like how I did he is saying that hinata is his soulmate. I also think naruto said what he said in 615 when he understood the lengths his parents(aswell as neji) went through to protect him . the strength of the bonds he has with his parents and hinata are basically on the same level



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