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A picnic..

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A picnic..

Post by MichaelInsanity on Mon Oct 28, 2013 12:29 pm

Naruto and Hinata had just finished off their picnic lunch of Ichiraku's ramen-to-go, home-made oshiraku and cinnamon rolls.

Naruto: Gosh Hinata you really know how to cook!

Hinata: N-Naruto-kun...Th-Thank you!

(She blushes)

Naruto: I've thought of what you said...


Hinata:.. Wh-Wha-What do you mean..

As they both sit on the checkered blanket, on the soft green grass, they peer into each others eyes...

Naruto: All this time.. I've been thinking..

Hinata: About what..? Naruto-kun?

Naruto: I've weighed my options... you have always been there for me... I never even gave you the time of day...

Hinata: Wh- What, no i- it's fi-

(Naruto gingerly puts his finger over her lips..)
Naruto: -No. It's not... And what's worse is that I never thought of you that way...

Hinata quickly goes from blushing a beet red to flushed pale..

Hinata: O-Oh..

Naruto: Until now...

Hinata's face brightens up immediately, as she looks into Naruto's eyes, he smiles at her...

Naruto: What a damn fool I have been Hinata...

Hinata: No. Na-

Naruto stands up over the picnic blanket, grabs Hinata's hand, standing her up as well, stares into her eyes and grabs her chin...

Naruto: All this time I've chased after acknowledgement... and love... a-

Hinata: And it's been right here..

Naruto: waiting for me... I love you so much... I feel like I don't deserve you, like I've just been in front of you and I never turned around

to see who was watching. I'm such a moron, and I know yo-

Hinata places her finger on his lips..

She whispers: I will always be by your side.

Gingerly their lips meet, softly their thoughts and feeling coalesce...

Sometimes to find love, you must turn around.

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Re: A picnic..

Post by Azuula on Mon Oct 28, 2013 6:33 pm

Tis is so Kawaaii! Their personalities are spot on! Well done, second kishimoto :p

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