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NaruHina Fanworks Contest Empty NaruHina Fanworks Contest

Post by SourGrapes101 on Sun Oct 13, 2013 7:39 am

First things first, greetings from a neighboring NaruHina forum! I've only just joined up to this FC, but I've been part of the NaruHina fandom for years now and I'm a member of the site below, where I know some members who are part of this site also hang out: http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=930006 Think of it as this discussion board's sister fanclub!

The reason I'm posting here is to let everyone know that we're running a NaruHina Fanworks Contest over on the forums I provided the link to and we're looking to raise interest, so that means getting in touch with NaruHina fans all over the net! I'll provide all the information and rules for entering the contest below:

NaruHina Fanworks Contest M5kQdES
NaruHina Training Partner Fanworks Contest

For those that haven't been around and seen our previous contests, welcome! Roughly every six months or so, this FC likes to hold a fanworks contest, where our members can show off their art or writing skills (or both!) and their love for Naruto and Hinata simultaneously. This contest has the theme of 'Training Partners', so we're expecting an action packed contest! Just briefly, the rules for the contest are outlined below:

- Any piece of fanart or fanfiction on the theme of Naruto and Hinata as training partners is a-ok; how you interpret that theme's up to you, but so long as it links back you're fine!

- Anyone can enter so long as they're a member of this FC and even if you aren't a member and you're just lurking, literally the only thing you need to do is ask! Once you do, you'll be part of the FC and able to submit something for the contest!

- Any 'form' of NaruHina is also fine, be it canon versions, Road to Ninja or your own AU style.

- You can submit both a fanart and a fanfic if you wish, but please don't submit two or more pieces of fanart (and the same goes for fanfics).

- No limits on word count or the 'size' of the fanart, just go as wild as you like!

- All the usual rules for writing or art contests apply (eg don't plagiarise, be respectful to the contest entrants and so on).

- If you want to work in tandem with another writer or artist, that's perfectly fine as well, although please note that any joint entry will count for both of you and be your only entry in that category (ie if you write a fanfic together with another author, then neither of you can enter your own fanfic separately, but you can both submit a fanart separately should you so wish).

- And last but not least, the deadline is Monday 9th December, so don't forget When we hit the deadline, the voting poll, where you can decide your favourite submission for both fanart and fanfiction, will be open!

So yeah, anyone interested? It'd be great to see some new members and a whole new load of awesome training themed fanart and fanfiction!

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