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NaruHina Drabble: Obsession

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NaruHina Drabble: Obsession

Post by windtear on Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:08 pm

This isn't really a story, just something that popped into my head as a little bit of a 'what if', between the end of the battle with Peine and the start of the Five Kage Summit arc, that just wouldn't go away.  I would appreciate your thoughts and comments.



There she was!

Naruto jumped down from the streetlight pole and began to vault over various obstacles - trees, carts, pedestrians -

on his way to his goal.  He was almost there, just opening his mouth to say her name, get those bright eyes focused on him,

when Neji (damnit Neji, he knew his cousin, knew they had to have this conversation) called her name and pulled her off to

the Hyuuga Compound, to do some... Hyuuga stuff, gah, he didn't know!

Of course, what he'd say to Hinata when he did talk with her, he didn't know.  'Thank you', of course, and 'I

didn't know', and 'I'm sorry', but beyond that... what did you say to a person who had told you they loved you and then

almost died?  Selfish, yes, she had been, because how could he have ever gotten over it if she had died, without resolution?

She would probably have thought it okay, as long as he lived.  She would have been the only one.

But Hinata had lived, and now, now there was someone in the world who loved him.  Him, Uzumaki Naruto, the Dead

Last, the Kyubi Jinchuuriki, the crazy one with the perverted teachers.  It was just this side of absolutely surreal.  It

was completely inexplicable.  It warranted further investigation.

It wasn't stalking, Naruto assured himself virtuously.  It was... investigating.  Yeah, investigating.  He was

finding out about his quiet, sweet, dark, pretty, courageous, weird (she loved him, she was weird.  She loved him, with

those light-tinted eyes that actually weren't quite the Hyuuga standard, now he thought about it, and he liked them a lot

more than the standard Hyuuga eyes, and dammit focus Naruto) comrade.  He clearly didn't know enough about her, and he'd

have to fix that.

He created a shadow clone that nodded at him and then grinned goofily as he henged into a butterfly and fluttered

over the thin picket-fence-slash-wall of the Hyuuga compound, towards the centre of Naruto's attention, whilst the original

frowned petulantly at the sky and cursed the fact that he couldn't abandon all his duties to shadow clones, and so couldn't

watch Hinata himself.

Five minutes later, Naruto got the memories of the butterfly-clone.  He'd found Hinata on her way to a meeting with

the Hyuuga Clan leaders, and perched on her hair, only to be swatted off and squashed by her dad when he'd seen her.

But the clone had discovered that her hair was soft and warm and smelled enticingly of late spring flowers, so it

hadn't been a total waste.  Naruto filed that information away and called it a clone well spent, and settled down to watch

the Hyuuga gate, waiting for his prey- *friend*, to come out.  He could wait.  He had shadow clones to look after everything

else, after all.


Kakashi stared after the departing Hyuuga Hiashi, wishing yet again that Sensei had lived, that he had somebody to

confide in, that Godaime-sama were conscious, that Naruto had something even vaguely resembling common sense...

Honestly, this entire situation was like some of the foreplay bits of Icha Icha.  He'd been warned that something

like this might happen, and he knew well that Sandaime-sama had been counting on the fact that orphans and neglected

children often latch onto people who offer them honest care to bind Naruto to Kakashi, and thereby Konohagakure.  And being

the one in charge (for the nominal value thereof that either Naruto or Sasuke would allow) of two of the most isolated

orphans of Konohagakure meant he'd been expecting it of one or both of them.

But neither kid had shown any signs of it and Kakashi had hoped - prayed - that Naruto's semi-normal relationships

with the Ichiraku family, Umino-sensei and himself had meant that the kid had dodged the kunai.  No such luck; apparently

he'd just been saving it all up for the lucky girl who declared herself first, and so now was going stalker on Hyuuga


Damn teenage hormones!  But he probably should have expected something like this once puberty finally hit the kid.  

Minato-sensei had quietly, calmly and ruthlessly stalked Kushina-neesan for years until he finally got into a position where

he could overwhelm her reservations (although Sensei would probably object to that description and make him amend it to

'persistently observed' and 'deeply impress' instead.  But stalking was stalking and apparently genetic.  Of all the things

to inherit...)

Hiashi had a point.  Naruto couldn't be allowed to keep doing this, and it had to be stopped before it could

escalate.  A butterfly on her hair one day could be a clone in her bedroom the next, and while Hinata might not object too

much to that, there was a difference between 'happily invited' and 'sneaked in unannounced'.  But how the hell do you stop

the world's most Surprising Knucklehead Ninja when he's happily charging down the path to a head-on collision with the

Hyuuga Family Sword?


The next day Kakashi found out the answer: you distract him.  Naruto was so surprised and angry with Danzo's plan to

claim the role of Rokudaime that he'd rushed off to crash the Five Kage Summit with barely a scrap of preparation - and

leaving behind no shadow clones.

So maybe it wasn't as bad as it could have been.  If Naruto had been as all-out obsessed as Minato-sensei had been

(because it wasn't like there weren't other people who couldn't have stepped into the circle at the last minute, they could

have dragged a death row prisoner in easily, but Minato-sensei had been determined to follow Kushina-neesan) there was no

way he'd have gone without at least a backup way of guarding Hinata.  Maybe the kid had a chance at a normal life and normal

love after all.


Nobody, not even Hinata, noticed the Hirashin seal drawn faintly on the collar of her chuunin vest.

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Re: NaruHina Drabble: Obsession

Post by Irielo on Sat Feb 01, 2014 11:04 am

I find it interesting. But, Naruto already realized at that time that Hinata was not weird. Anyway, I think you could add some dialogues to this narration if you don't mind.


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Re: NaruHina Drabble: Obsession

Post by Ponyta on Mon Feb 03, 2014 12:45 pm

It was a little bit confusing at first but I figured it out after a bit. I think it's a cute idea, and it was nice reading your thoughts on the matter!

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Re: NaruHina Drabble: Obsession

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