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Nine Against The World

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Nine Against The World

Post by Rin on Mon Jul 08, 2013 6:09 am

A man in his mid twenties and a girl of sixteen years old quickly looked around warily before a girl raised the lid and two quickly entered a square room lit with candles.

"Did you two finish your mission?" a blonde of medium height, who was obviously the leader.

"Oh, yes." the man replied "Fuu and I researched and found out exactly who is out to get us."

"Thank you, Fuu, Kirabi." the redhead sitting in corner praised, bowing slightly "As a sub-leader, I thank you for saving all of our lives.

"And one of our pursuer is a sucker for money, which is why I have organized an event." Kirabi said, grinning "Fuu and Gaara can come with me, the rest of you stay here."

"What will happen?"

"The three of us will pose as travelling musicians. I am the rapper and they are bait for foolish audience." Kirabi explained further

The rest of room occupants seethed.


"Do you feel cold and lost in desperation
And have nowhere to run to
Remember all the sadness and frustration
Then let it go!

Fuu's soft voice was in perfect synch with Gaara's flute playing skills. The song conveyed their feelings of abandonement. Eventually, Fuu was able to spot Kakuzu, the money freak. Kirabi was backstage, solving some problems. She looked towards Gaara, who nodded

And Fuu began utilizing her lullaby. Pretty soon, everyone was asleep except the three of them and Kakuzu. Kirabi came out from backstage and the three smiled at Kakuzu with predatory grins.

Fuu and Gaara raised their hands and interwined them

"Combination attack: Mud Rain!" they shouted

And a handful of mud fell on Kakuzu, burying him underneath

"Have fun, Kakuzu, have fun suffocating in there. We won't let you or your pals get us. Bye now."

And the three disappeared in a flash.


"I am sorry, but you can't get in without a password." Kirabi said, crossing his arms.

Deidara cursed, he traveled this long to get all of them, yet his efforts have been in vain.

Two girls approached the pair, looking suspiciously at Deidara before moving over to Kirabi and both whispered something in his ear. Both had shoulder length hair. First one had bright green hair, while the other one had dark purple hair.

"Have fun extracting them from me, cos I don't have them." the one with purple hair spat. "Let's go, Fuu."

And the two disappeared behind the dune. Kirabi stared at Deidara pointedly, before the latter sighed.

"I am going to go now...." Deidara conceded.

"Yeah, that is what I thought." Kirabi smirked watching his retreating form.

(Like it? I am not really experienced in fanfiction, but I try.)

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Re: Nine Against The World

Post by Azuula on Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:35 pm

Haha, very entertaining, more please!! :)

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