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Till the End.

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Till the End.

Post by Icarus on Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:46 am

Haven't really had the time to write in a while.. So here's something for ya.

Till the end.

You know not the trials and tribulations and sorrows yet to come. You are not ignorant, you are not stupid by any means. You've just yet to experience such burdens that would take the breathe of me. They crash down and land on your shoulders and back. Heavy they are with their iron and spikes. They stab and drag you down. But these burdens , as you soon will learn, shall pass.

They will come like a storm. And you will never know what they bring or what they will do to you. But you must know my love, that these destructive forces will diminish. They may never leave. But they will be easier to carry. Their weight lessened by the shoulders that help you stand. Their dastardly deeds will destroy you at first. But it won't last. And you'll survive. For you are stronger than us all.

Your shoulders made of steel, these burdens will test your mettle. Your hands will callus, and your muscles will tear. But the muscles will grow back, but this time stronger than ever. But never forget, my love, we are here. We will hold you up when your back breaks. We will stand next to you when the demons of hell itself come to you with their cries for war. For you are our most precious jewel. You shine brighter than any star. Your glows would enlighten any cave in any heart. It fills us not with grief, but hope. It fills us not with sorrow, but love. It fills us not with those feelings of hatred and arrogance.. But with feelings of compassion and understanding. For if you fall.. We all fall.

However, do not fret my dear, do not feel pressured by us. We silently follow you. We are ninja in the grass, we are predators, but we do not seek the kill. We seek the glow of your heart. Your precious heart. We love you like no other. We respect you more than we respect ourselves. We are the dust beneath your feet. We are the wind pushing you along. As I've said before my love; we are your spine when it fails, we are your shoulders when they crumble, we are your mind when it is lost in the storm of disillusion, remorse and sorrow. You will not fail, for we are behind you. We will follow you, to the end, till death takes our last breath. We are one.

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