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The All Seeing Eye (Tell Tale Heart rewrite)

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The All Seeing Eye (Tell Tale Heart rewrite)

Post by eromreven on Sun Jun 02, 2013 5:45 am

I see the way you look at me, look at my master. Those cold, dreadful and hate-filled eyes look to me and linger seconds too long. You desire none of master’s gold, and master has been very generous to you, you fiend, and kind. Never has he insulted you, nor assaulted, and yet you look at him, look at me, and all I see is a growing madness.

In the beginning, you were naught but a humble manservant. Master took you in when you had nothing and soon, you were treated as his son. Even as your madness devours you, I see the truth for what it is. My dear master doesn’t suspect you, your facade of kindness clouding his judgement. Master loves you as a son as you plot to steal his life.

Though master sleeps, I can still see your wretched soul as you slowly creep into the bedchambers. It has taken you eight days to make your plan, fiend, and you think you go unnoticed every time you so slowly put your head through the door. Though I cannot see the closed lantern I smell the burning oil and with it, the smell of your evil intentions. Eight days, you silently move slower than a minute’s hand, testing master’s awareness like a scared child. Your paranoia makes you predictable. For eight days, I learn your movements, your scents, and I feel your heartbeat fiend. I come to know you as best I can, and because I know you I too can plot.

Your petty hatred of my master, unwarranted as it is, will not go unpunished. Madman, I have seen your heart. You fear me, and rightly so. I will destroy you as you intend to destroy me. You slowly creep towards my master, towards me, finally with the intent to go through with your nefarious deeds. Every slow step is agonizing for you- although you want to destroy me so terribly that you wish to swoop in and end me now, you’re afraid that the kind master will be startled awake. But your tormented pace fills me with pleasure. I have nothing to lose here but master, and though I will die with him I will bring you down with me fiend.

You rip out master’s heart as you suffocate him; he was alive and aware mere moments before the shock killed him. Master, who loved you as a son, thankfully did not realize that you killed him. His dying shriek is muffled by you. Master’s eyelids are closed now forever, but I still see you. Your madness keeps me alive, fiend. I will die when you will, I will haunt you forever more. But I will destroy you first, madman. I despise you so thoroughly, and now I will end you. I watch, amused, as you hide master’s body under the floorboards. You fancy yourself as an agent of Death, but fiend, you are nothing.

You feel giddy after your gruesome task is complete, and almost have a bounce in your step as you answer master’s doors to allow policemen to enter. The murder you committed last night did not go unnoticed, fiend, and as the policemen question you, I find the perfect moment to strike. I have control over you now, as I always have. Master’s still heart is buried under the floor but I will make it beat in your ear. You will be hoisted by your own petard, madman. You will admit this murder or you will lose your sanity. I laugh as you guide the men around and lie, saying master is out in the country. They seemed satisfied with your lies, though, fiend. I cannot allow them to leave.

I begin with a faint heart beat, making it nearly silent and with a moderate tempo. I wanted the decent into further madness to happen to you. I know it will be soon. I feel your pathetic, rambling thoughts as they run from logical and sane solutions. You’re the only one that can hear the heartbeat, fiend. It’s slow and faint, creeping up on you as you did last night to kill the master. But I’m not a coward, no, I’m your end. You can shrug off the faint sounds, but I control your madness now, I am your madness. The heartbeat grows in strength and I can see that you are terrified the policemen know. The crazed look in your eyes lets me know that I am winning. You are nothing to me, now. Nothing but my pet.

Finally, you have had enough. You scream and the officers look with surprise as you tear the floorboards up, revealing master’s grave. His dead body looks peaceful in a stark contrast to your crazed look, and you begin to rave about the beating heart of a dead man.

I go along with you as you rot in the asylum you are placed in. You scream and cry, but no one listens you, fiend. All the same, the beating heart of my master thumps in your ears constantly. Some days, I take pity on you and silence it, but you are my enemy wretch and I will not give you mercy. Louder, the heart beats, and with it your sanity is eroded.

I am your madness, and you? You are nothing.

Master sleeps in his grave.

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