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Scribblings of a madman.

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Scribblings of a madman.

Post by Icarus on Sat May 18, 2013 3:35 am

I think I'll just put this here. <.< >.>
As always, if there are any grammatical errors, please point them out. ^.^


Much time has passed since the drop's last visit. A sensation flows over me wave after wave. Warm. Warmer. Infernal. The poison, it soothes wounds, wounds of the heart. The type that talk doesn't quite reach. The sort that sorrow and love correspond to crush me equally. Ah, alas I am almost at a loss for words to its grasp, It's sting on my lips, It's sour on my tongue, and It's burn in my throat. Wooing me to sleep a slumber, knowing I'll wake up with the pain again. Oh sweet serenity take my soul and bury it in a field of roses. But take with you their beautiful petals and leave to me only their sharp thorns. For I am only a man. And a man hasn't much hope in a world like this, without love. My heart sways and beats against the oceans of mistrust and mistreatment. It yearns to find another. Another of its type and liking. Evermore shall it battle these fearsome tides and loathsome waves. Giving way, the storm of liquor, the sun it shines through to a new day. But what does this day hold for the likes of me, just a man. Perhaps it promises laughter and cheery smiles of those I love. Perhaps it swears a berating and beating of those who would destroy me. Would tomorrow hold me up on a pedestal to show me to the world? As if to say that I matter and that I am here! Or would it bury me in the field? With the roses, having no pretty petals, but thorns sharp as razors. Tomorrow, to me, will forever be a mystery. Who knows. Who cares. There's more tequila in the freezer for then.

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Re: Scribblings of a madman.

Post by Azuula on Mon May 20, 2013 1:41 am

Oh what a great read, such aptitude put into it... Great Job :)

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