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Arcadius Really an Ally ??

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Arcadius Really an Ally ??

Post by Shanks on Wed May 01, 2013 7:31 am

Arcadius knew what the Eclipse is and about the time travelling as well. It can be seen here

Carla also got premonitions involving a white knight and Mercius collapsing. Most of the Carla premonitions have been on the mark and right as well.

More over what is Arcadius planning ?? He is first wanted to go with the eclipse plan and Addressed zeref as lord. I am sure he and Zeref involved in a plan or something.

And Lucy Analyzed it and said the same thing but princess was not only deceived by F rogue but by Arcadius as well here you can see his words to Lucy who was about to close the door.

So considering all these connections I came to following conclusions :-

Arcadius and Zeref planned it before hand and prepared the Canon in seven years. And F Rogue is just being used by Zeref or some other master mind.

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Re: Arcadius Really an Ally ??

Post by Yuri on Thu May 02, 2013 3:17 am

I agree that Arcadios can't be possibly be an ally. After seeing his obsession with Zeref you can easily tell that he is just going along with the story, now, I'm wondering where he is now? And about F!Rogue being controlled by Zeref, I completely agree too, remember that it was also thanks to Zeref that Acnologia became a dragon, now what it Zeref's ultimate goal?

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