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A Chance Meeting (Bleach)

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A Chance Meeting (Bleach) Empty A Chance Meeting (Bleach)

Post by racefan1992 on Wed Feb 15, 2017 2:19 pm

Ichigo walks around the back alleys. It is a beautiful day out with comfortable temperature. As he walks he meets a few wondering sprits and talks too them. After doing he takes a turn down an alley and see a man a ways down. Not thinking of it he walks toward the man, however he gets near the man he notices his spiritual pressure is strong, more so then any normal person. When he turns too view the man he is gone.
Ichigo: Huh? He was just here...
Ichigo takes a few more steps before sensing the same spiritual pressure again.
Ichigo: Show yourself... i know your there.
Man: Well done young one.
The man is dressed with a hat, sun glasses, jacket, under shirt, jeans and tennis shoes.
Ichigo: You a Soul Reaper?
Man: In a matter of speaking... but I'm not part of the Soul Society. I am.... "grey" if you will. But I know who you are.... Ichigo Kurosaki.
Ichigo: *Surprise* How do you know!?
Man: I have my ways. I hear your strong.... very strong.
Ichigo: What of my strength?
Man: I seek too test it... of course I have no intention of killing you. it accomplishes nothing.
Ichigo: I have no beef with you.
Man: (Just as I figured). Neither do I but I wish too know. And I will hound you until I get what I want...
Ichigo: Fine. Try not too cry old man.
Man: The cockiness of youth.
Ichigo and Man get ready. The man hides his face with a hood but he wears different colored Soul Reaper attire. Colored yellow and black. And his sword is different... no hilt guard and a straight blade.
Man: Ready when you are.
Ichigo lunges with a attack, which the man blocks easily. Ichigo continues but the man easily blocks them.
Ichigo: (It is like he is hardly trying!)
Man: You are strong but you lack swordsman ship. Allow me too demonstrate proper swordsmen ship.
The Man swings and Ichigo blocks however as soon as their blades touch, The Man starts a another one and another one and another one. His attacks are probing in nature... testing, trying too find weakness in Ichigos defense. With ease he switches from probing attacks too a big baseball bat style swings. Ichigo blocks one such attack, knocking him back a good distance.
Ichigo: (He is strong!!!)
Man: Well done.... now we get too the good part. Bon-
Is everything alright Kai?
Man: Huh? Oh hey there.
A middle age women approaches Kai. She too dressed like a Soul Reaper. Their conversation is friendly, very friendly. The man removes his hood, revealing that he too looks middle aged.
Ichigo: *annoyed* Hey, we were doing something!?
Kai: Oh I'm sorry but we have too cut it short I'm afraid. Ichigo, this is my life partner... Akane.
Akane: Greetings.
Ichigo: Uh..... hello.
Akane: Sensed you guys fighting... figured what was up. Testing youth again?
Kai: Yep. Ichigo is strong.
Akane: I can tell.
Inoue: Kurosaki-kun!!! Is everything- Oh Kai.... Akane.
Kai: Miss Inoue.
Akane: Orihime.... hello.
Ichigo: You... know them.... Inoue?
Inoue: Yeah. Kai is my driving instructor.
Ichigo: *shock and awe* He is your what!?
Kai: Yeah. I'm teaching her how too drive safely.
Ichigo: *annoyed* yeah like she is a professional or something.
Kai: Huh?
Inoue: *embarrassed* Well... on our first date. I went too a driving thingy game machine and did very well.
Kai: Well it isn't my intention but it seems you may have some talent for driving.
Inoue: Really?
Kai: Yeah. Maybe both you should come over too my place. I have something for you Miss Inoue and Ichigo can learn more about me.
Inoue: Okay. Kurosaki-kun?
Ichigo: Why not... sure.
Kai: Pick you two up bright and early.
*The next day*
Kai picks up Ichigo and Orihime and takes them out of town. While taking a winding road, Ichigo notices Kai taking corners faster then someone normally would but is being very precise. And is very focused. They get too his house in the mountains and enter.
Ichigo: Nice place.
Akane: Thanks.
Inoue: Being here before but it is still very cool.
Akane: Come Orihime. The boys need too bond.
Inoue: Okay.
Kia takes Ichigo too a room, unlocks the door and what Ichigo sees shocks him.
Ichigo: You were famous!?
Kai: I used too be.... kind of still am.
The whole room is full of trophies and pictures, obviously of Kai as a younger man. Akane is with him in most of them. The room is split in two, each side showing the accomplishments of his career paths. Kai takes Ichigo too the left side of the room.
Kai: I used too race professionally in the US. Won 30 times in the top oval racing series, including 2 championship. All before I was 28.
Ichigo: Impressive. When did you start?
Kai: When I was 8. Made too the top at 20.
Ichigo: Said you won 30 times?
Kai: Yeah. From Year 1 too Year 6 I won 10 times, from Year 6 too 7 won 20 times. Do the math.
Ichigo: Huh..... like I said impressive. Why did you stop?
Kai: A crash that left me in a coma for 4 months. I could have come back but if I crashed again... I wouldn't be standing here talking too you right now. So I retired. And toke another career path.
Kai takes Ichigo too the other side of the room
Kai: I also played golf professional golf for 10 years. I played in high school and some in college. The US has its own professional tour, so I had too earn my tour card. once I did... well as you can see. I did fairly well for myself.
Ichigo: (incredible...) Less trophies here then over there.
Kai: Golf is more picky-choosey. I played professional tournaments 21-24 times a year. Can't win all the time. If I have too honest I was very streaky. I could split my golf career into 3 parts. Part 1 I was very streaky, played the weekend most of the time but I would only win once year during that time. Part 2 I just caught fire. Won 13 times, including 4 majors. And became #1 player ranked in the world. During that time, NO ONE was better then me. I was at the top of the mountain. Part 3 I returned too being streaky, like Part 1. My final win was a major so at least I went out on top.
Ichigo: Why did you stop? Again you could have kept going.
Kai: Got burned out. I grinded in 2 sports for 18 years of my life. Just wore out. I still play Pro-Ams though. My professional days are over. I have other things I wish too do.
Ichigo: You are amazing you know that? Look at all this here, you-
Kai: Just material stuff. But I have memories here that I wish too keep alive.
Ichigo: Mind if I take pictures?
Kai: Sure.
Ichigo takes a lot of pictures. When finished they exit and go too the dining area for idle chit-chat.
Inoue: What do you do now?
Kai: Besides giving golf lessons, driving lessons and running a race team? I'm a car tester on a TV/internet show. I play a "tame, faceless racing driver called 'The American.'"
Akane: It is just a character but he gives his honest opinion of what he drives.
Ichigo: What do you test drive?

Kai: High performance cars. Things you wouldn't be able too afford but they put in my capable hands.
Ichigo: oh, Akane what do you do?
Akane: Well what I 'did' was part of a band, successful one. Called ourselves the "The 5 Girl Band." Because there were 5 girls in it. And I was Kia caddie for his golf career.... all 10 years.
ichigo: What about now?
Akane: I have more money then I could ever spend. I just want too spend time with Kai.
Ichigo: Kai... you mentioned Akane is your 'life partner', you two aren't married?
Kai: You can love someone and not have too be married.
Akane: Will not say it is a agreement between us but we have been through things that bond us together.
Kai: You two have a strong bond, I can tell. Oh and before I forget... *Kai takes out a piece of paper and gives it too Orihime.*
Inoue: What is this?
Kai: I got a little thing I'm holding at a old airport. I'll teach those there proper driving. You'll see. But you'd better get a good night sleep. You'll be driving from sun up too down. What do you say?
Inoue: Okay. I'll come. Ichigo?
Ichigo: Sure. Mind if I bring some friends?
Kai: That is fine...
Ichigo: By the way what did you mean by "grey." You are a Soul Reaper but aren't part of the Soul Society?
Kai: Nope. Me and Akane are not part of the Soul Society.
Akane: We disagree with the way they do things. We do things our own way. We follow our own creed, our own rules. We cast ourselves into the river of energy, souls and sprits. Were ever it takes us, we go. Life and Death both have a purpose. Too us they have a very narrow minded view of things. We neither good nor evil. We do not harm the innocent. We help those that need help but protect those that need protecting. Kill those who need too be killed.
Ichigo: Oh.... okay.
Kai: Come on, I'll take you two back home. Remember Miss Inoue, bright and early.

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