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IchiHime Fanfiction (For the present and future)

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IchiHime Fanfiction (For the present and future) Empty IchiHime Fanfiction (For the present and future)

Post by racefan1992 on Tue Nov 22, 2016 5:37 pm

*Yhwach is beaten, defeated by Ichigos hand. It toke a while and a great effort on Ichigos part. But he did have help. In fact if he didn't have help, may never have won. Orihime helped him in a variety of ways. First she rejected all the possible futures in which he doesn't exsist. Secondly she fought Yhwach herself but only brieftly in the portal when everyone else was thrown out. During that time Inoue was pushed too her physical, mental and spritual limits. She also finds out that Yhwach killed Ichigo mother and is reason why he has been in pain. It greatly upset Orihime and openly vows too protect him. Every possible future Yhwach tried too create, she rejected. Yhwach tried too stop her but failed. Inoue endured a great deal of pain and punishment but she pushed through. Thirdly she protected Ichigo himself. She closed the portal Yhwach created so he couldn't go back into it. Yhwach was greatly angered by this but Inoue pointed out that a "mere" human stopped him, injuried him, made him feel pain. She removed his ability too predict future events, even questioned him why he could not fore see what she was going too do too which he didn't have an answer too. Inoues body however was over burdened by the extreme amounts of fatigue and injury she sistaned and collapsed. Renji and Rukia intercepted Yhwach before he could kill her and Ichigo toke her too safety. Using the last of her strength she healed Ichigos wounds and gave him her hair clips. He asked why but she gave him a look and that was all it toke for Ichigo too understand, she had a plan. He relieved Rukia and Renji and they went too protect Orihime. Ichigo and Yhwach had a battle of the ages. At one point Ichigo was about too be beaten but out of no where Inoues shield came too protect him. The Six ShunShun-Rikka explained too him that "we are her power, we are her will. Her will is too protect you." Rukia notices this and knows Inoue is unconsious and that it wouldn't be possible for her too do it. Ichigo feels Inoues spritual pressure as if she is there. Ichigo quesitons as too that is what Orihime had planned but saves it for later. The shield protects him from harm but doesn't interfere with him. It allows him too get the upper hand on Yhwach and beat him. Ichigo walks back too where Inoue is*

Ichigo: Is... she okay?
Rukia: Still out. You did it.
Ichigo: With..... her help. Some how. Her shield pop up of no where. I know she gave me her hair clips but...
Rukia: She was still protecting you.
Ichigo: How?
Rukia: Maybe..... you should ask her. When she wakes up.

*Ichigo carefully picks up Orihime, Renji and Rukia give eachother a look. They leave too get everyone else and leave back too the Soul Society. Everyone gives him a knowing look as they met up. However Ichigo has a lot too think about.*

Ichigo: (How did you do it Inoue? I felt you.... as if you were by my side. You still protected me.)

*Everyone goes back too the Soul Society too rest and heal. Ichigo leaves early though and returns home. He does come back too the Soul Society however too talk too Orihime. He finds her standing outside by herself.*

Ichigo: (Eh..... how do i go about this? *embrassed* Why is my heart pounding? Why am i nervious? She isn't going too bite me. She might headbutt me though....)
Rukia: Soooooooooooooooo what are you doing?
Ichigo: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! Why did you do that!?
Rukia: *grin* You are looking at Inoue lost in thought, having dirty thoughts?
Ichigo: *stare* Only you would think something like that.
Rukia: Stop being weak and go talk too her. Am i going too have too drag your dead ass over too her like last time?
Ichigo: The only dead ass here is you.
*Rukia clobbers Ichigo over the head*
Rukia: Don't be a smart ass!!!

*Ichigo hasn't fully recovered from his 'head injury' as Rukia pushes him toward Orihime*

Ichigo: (I think she gave me a concussion.) Why are you so-
Inoue: Kurosaki-kun?
Ichigo: *startled* Eh? Yeah? What do you want?
Inoue: Huh?
*Ichigo looks over too Rukia, who is motioning him too 'get on with it or else.'*
Ichigo: (*shutter* I'd better say something or i'll have head split open) Say Inoue...
Inoue: Yes?
Ichigo: *embarrassed* Say... you.... want too hang out when he get back home??? (This isn't going too work)
Inoue: *happy* Sure Kurosaki-kun!
Ichigo: (*shock and awe*) ah.....
Inoue: *happy* Have a few things too take care of first but sure.
Ichigo: (IT WORKED!?!?!?!?!?) o.... okay then.
Inoue: I'll see you soon.

*Orihime leaves Ichigo awe struck. Rukia eventually snaps Ichigo out of his funk. Ichigo wonders why she said yes but Rukia doesn't bother explaining it too him. Everyone does return home. After a week and without a phone call or text, Orihime shows up too Ichigos house*

Ichigo: *shock and awe* She is here now!?
*Ichigo hears his family talking too her*
Ichigo: Shit! Better get ready before she opens her mouth!
*Ichigo rushes down stairs*
Inoue: *waves* Kurosaki-kuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-
*In full sprint, Ichigo grabs Orihime and rushes for the door*
Ichigo: Come on Inoue! This way!
Inoue: Kurosaki-kun!
Ichigo: Don't talk too those bastards. Ignore them.
*Ichigo and Inoue leave his house and go somewhere*
Ichigo: (that was close)
Inoue: *Frown* Kurosaki-kun! That was rude!
Ichigo: We were supposed too hang out remember? It doesn't involve them.
Inoue: *embarrassed* oh... i'm sorry. *blush* I am happy too hang out with you today.
Ichigo: *smile* Heh.... yeah me too.
Inoue: Where do you want too go?
Ichigo: Well......... how about a walk for now. Maybe we will stumble across something.
Inoue: *happy* okay.

*They both walk around town. They don't say much they enjoy each others company. They soon find an arcade, with a lot of people inside.*
Inoue: We should go here.
Ichigo: Alright.

*They enter the arcade and play games. Air hockey, basket ball and variety of others. They have fun but also turns into a competition. Each trade wins at each game they play. However they approach another game with a lot of people around it.*

Gentlemen: Step right up, try your hand.
Ichigo: What is it?
Gentlemen: A driving game. Based off of a console game. Drive cross Australia freely. But here we have 2 events from such game, brought too a driving simulator.
Inoue: *glee* I'll try.
Ichigo: Eh? Inoue..... have ever even play on such a thing as this?
Inoue: Nope.
Gentlemen: Do not have faith in your girlfriend?
Ichigo: *blush* Who said we were on a date!?
*Inoue is too busy getting into the simulator too say anything*
Ichigo: *grunt* Fine. I'll just watch.

*The Gentlemen instructs Inoue how the game works, much like driving a car in real life but with a more arcadish feel too it. Her first event is a simple point A too point B race. She just has too beat the time limit, however records show not very many people have beaten the time limit. The game flashes a signal for her too get ready. When the game says "go" Inoue goes..... and blows Ichigo away.*

Ichigo: Huh!?

*Orihime is driving like she has done this before. While not being completely smooth and making mistakes, the speed she is able too maintain over the rough terrain and finding short cuts is impressive, so is her ability too operate the manual stick shift. Inoue makes the time limit with 5 seconds too spare.*

Gentlemen: Congrats. Would you like too try the second race?
Inoue: Sure, what is it?
Gentlemen: Against a train. Point A too point B like last time. But your car isn't 4 wheel drive, it is rear wheel drive, more modern and more powerful.
Ichigo: Hey that doesn't seem fair. A train?
Gentlemen: Watch and find out Sir.

*The game again gives prompt too get ready and "go." The train has a rolling start and Inoue must do a standing start like last time. Inoue get going quickly though and catchs up. The route she takes is fix and crosses over the train tracks, even jumping over the train itself. Inoue however is having more with the car itself*

Inoue: This is so much fun too drive. Sounds nice too.

*Inoue drifts around corners but keeps up. On the final drag race too the finish, speeds reach 290 km/h but Inoue beats the train (barely).*

Gentlemen: Congrats Miss, here are your tickets.
*Hime gets a lot of tickets*
Inoue: *happy* Yay!!!
Ichigo: *stare* How did you do that?
Inoue: Hehehehehehehehehehehe, it is a secret.
Ichigo: *stare* Have you been getting your drivers license?
Inoue: Hehehehehehehehehe, guilty as charged.
Ichigo: Ugh, never mind. Tell me later. Come on lets cash in our tickets
Inoue: Okay.
*They walk too the counter and cash in their tickets. Ichigo gets a few things for his family, while Hime cashes in for a teddy bear... a big one. They leave the arcade."
Ichigo: Are you going too carry that thing around for the rest of the day?
Inoue: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe. Hehehe, i love it. Soooooo cute and fluffy.
Ichigo: *smile* Okay then Inoue.

*They walk around but Inoue is having trouble holding on too her teddy bear, she stops a few times, holding her arm. Ichigo takes note of this. Inoue also senses his concern.*

Ichigo: Inoue? You okay?
Inoue: Huh? Well i guess my arm still hurts.
Ichigo: Here Inoue, i'll carry it for you. Lets go back too your house and drop it off.

*Ichigo carries it for her back too her house and drops it off*

Inoue: Kurosaki-kun.... thank you.
Ichigo: *smile* Do not mention it Inoue. Come on lets keep going.

*They walk around until they find a shop features manga books. Like kids in a candy store they read and read until they find things they like and buy them.*

Ichigo: Are you going too let me read some of those?
Inoue: When i'm done yeah. How about some of yours?
Ichigo: Deal.
Inoue: Yay!
Ichigo: *Laughs*

*They contunie too walk around but they both get the feeling that there is something more then the other is letting on but isn't saying anything. Ichigo however asked for this day too be with Orihime, so he decides too break the ice.*

Ichigo: Inoue?
Inoue: Yes?
Ichigo: Can you come with me?
Inoue: Why?
Ichigo: I...... want too talk too you about something.
*Orihime can sense Ichigo has something on his mind*
Inoue: Okay.

*They both find an out of the way spot so they can talk in private.*
Ichigo: Inoue.... i think we need too be more..... open about our feelings.
Inoue: *surprised*
Ichigo: Ever since the battle ended, i've been..... wondering about some things. What happened in that portal? How did you protect me then you weren't even there? How have you done the things you have done? I want too know.... please tell me.
*Orihime looks down, places her hand on her arm. The one that was in pain earlier. It is as if she is relieving the battle all over again.*
Inoue: He tried..... too erase you.
Ichigo: Huh?
Inoue: He tried too...... take you away. Kill you....... like your mother.
Ichigo: !!! (She knows?)
Inoue: It.... angered me. He is the reason why you have been in pain. With all the strength i had.... i prevented him.... from doing so. I just...
*Orihime holds her arm tigther*
Inoue: Wanted too take the pain..... your pain. Onto myself. I just..... i wanted too protect you. I wanted too keep you safe. For all you've been through, what i've witnessed..... you deserve too write your own future.
Ichigo: Inoue...
Inoue: I just want you too be happy-
Ichigo: Stop...
Inoue: You don't deserve too be in pain. You don't deserve sadness, you deserve-
*Ichigo, unable too stand it anymore. Grabs Orihime in mid-sentence. Holding her tightly.*
Ichigo: Stop..... please. Inoue.
Inoue: !!!
Ichigo: I..... feel the same as you.
Inoue: *gasp*
Ichigo: I don't like seeing you get hurt, i don't like seeing you sad.
*Orihime can sense his feelings becoming much more open*
Ichigo: I owe you so much. Much more then i can put into words. But right now.... i don't want too let go of you. Because i feel that when i was fighting Yhwach... you didn't let go of me either.
Inoue: (Kurosaki-kun......)
Ichigo: I felt you, your spiritual pressure when your shield pop up. Your feelings.. protected me. It maybe behond my realm of understanding but.... i know it must be a powerful feeling Inoue. Even your ShunShun-Rikka told me "We are her power, we are her will. Her will is too protect you." Inoue you weren't conscious, yet you still protected me. I heard you once... calling out too me. You were so far away but i heard you. I don't know how but i did protect you.
*Ichigo releases Orihime but keeps her close*
Inoue: You said.... we both need too be more open with our feelings. Well i have something too tell you... Kurosaki-kun.
Ichigo: ???
Inoue: Before... i left for HM.... *blush* i came too visit you. I had 12 hours before i had too leave and was invisible and i could visit one person before i left and.... i choose you.
Ichigo: Why?
Inoue: Well *blush* because.... i thought.... i was never going too see you again. But.......... it is because...... i love you. Kurosaki-kun...
*Ichigo is surprised and Inoue can sense his mood changing*
Inoue: I love you... i don't want too lose you. That is why i fought so hard, so much... with everything i had. I love you. I just-
*Ichigo again hold Orihime but is being very gentle and Orihime can sense the joy he is expressing.*
Ichigo: I see know..... Inoue. I understand. Your love... carried you. Even when your body couldn't. Whenever i am with you, i have always enjoyed our time together.
Inoue: Um...
Ichigo: What it is?
Inoue: I.... have always been able... too sense your feelings... your mood. What your feeling at certain points of time...
Ichigo: What am i feeling now.... Orihime?
Inoue: Well..... *Ichigo is overwhelmingly happy and it is overwhelming Orihime* you are happy.
Ichigo: How happy?
Inoue *cries* So...... So happy!!!
*Orihime cries happily, Ichigo does nothing but let her go.*
Ichigo: You have given me that feeling Inoue. It is thanks too you. At first i was surprised but pleasantly so. Thank you.... Orihime.
Inoue: *sniffle* i have another confession too make.
Ichigo: You can talk too me, i'm not going anywhere.
Inoue: Well...... *blush* before i left for HM... i told you how i felt about you. And..... i almost kissed you. But i didn't do it. I couldn't steal it like that. I felt ashamed that i even thought about doing something like that.
Ichigo: What about now?
Inoue: Huh?
Ichigo: *blush* What about now? I'm right here.
Inoue: *blush* ........ Well.

*Ichigo cups her face in his hands and Orihime places her hands on his. Before they know it, they are sharing their first kiss. It is a moment they will forever remember as magical between them. After they realize each other they look into each others eyes. But they are interrupted*

*IchiHime share a loud stomach growl*
Ichigo: I guess we are hungry.
Inoue: Yeah.
Ichigo: What do you want?
Inoue: Whatever. I do not care. As long as i'm with you Ichigo.

*IchiHime walk around hand in hand looking for a spot too eat. Ichigo wants some place fancy but can't afford the prices but Orihime is fine with something simple. They end finding a fast food place and get something too eat... well Hime gets a lot too eat, so does Ichigo. They have their fill but have left overs. Stuffed too the gills they leave the fast food place.*

Ichigo: Come on Orihime, follow me.
Inoue: Where are we going?
Ichigo: You'll see.
*They walk too the grave yard and stop in front of a grave stone.*
Ichigo: Here, is where my mom is buried.
Inoue: *sad*
Ichigo: Orihime?
Inoue: I'll... never get too meet her.
Ichigo: You share some qualities as my mom. She'd adore you. I think you two would get along great.

*IchiHime stay awhile, Ichigo tells Orihime about his mother. Orihime is still sad that she'll never get too meet her but understands how much Ichigos mother influenced him and made him happy. They say a prayer and leave.*

Ichigo: Come on Inoue, i'll walk you home. It is getting late.
Inoue: Okay.

*Ichigo does walk her home. Before she retires for the night, they share a good-bye kiss. They give each other a look but don't say "good-bye" because they know they will see other again. When Ichigo arrives home his family endlessly teases him, so he proceeds too destroy them. After leaving his family a smoking pile of rubble, he goes into his room too relax and read the manga he bought. However....*

Ichigo: *phone notifies him of a text message* Huh?
*Ichigo opens his phone and sees a text from Orihime saying "Ichigo....."
Ichigo: "What is it?"
Inoue: "I.... can't stop crying...."
Ichigo: "Is something wrong?"
Inoue: "No..... i'm happy. Just..... so happy. I... can't stop."
Ichigo: "Orihime...."
Inoue: "Yes?"
Ichigo: "I love you. :-)"
Inoue: "ahgendosingoisehoehosngoieaph."
Ichigo: "Go too sleep Orihime..... Sleep well. *kiss*"

*Orihime can't text back because she can't see the buttons on her phone through her tears. She cries herself too sleep, cuddling with her giant teddy bear. The next morning Orihime wakes up, rubs the sleepies from her eyes and gives a big yawn. Her phone rings from receiving a text message.*

Ichigo: "Good morning Inoue"
Inoue: "Good morning Kurosaki-kun"
Ichigo: "Can you do me a favor?"
Inoue: "What?"
Ichigo: "Let me in please"
*Orihime looks out her window and sees Ichigo standing outside, with a bag of food. Quickly she rushes too let him in.*
Ichigo: Sup?
Inoue: Um.... why are you here?
Ichigo: Can't i make my girlfriend breakfast?
*Hime blushes*
*Ichigo smiles*
Ichigo: Still have some of your bread?
Inoue: Yes.
Ichigo: Breakfast sandwiches it is.
Inoue: Ichigo?
Ichigo: Yeah?
*Orhime hugs Ichigo*
Inoue: I saw different futures... in the portal. I-
*ichigo puts his finger over her mouth*
Ichigo: I don't tell me. You said i deserve too write my own future..... with my own hands. I'm not writing that future alone.
Inoue: ???
Ichigo: I want you... too write it with me... Orihime.
Inoue: My hands... will be on yours. Kurosaki-kun.
Ichigo: As long as when i'm not cooking. *tease*
Hime: *frown* Hey.......
*Ichigo kisses her on the cheek*
Ichigo: Lets eat.

*They have breakfast sandwiches, juice and milk. While eating, Orihime flashes back too when she when fighting Yhwach, she remembers seeing a image of them sitting together at a dinner table together but quickly closed it.*

Inoue: (Perhaps.... this was meant too be. I fought for this. Me, Kurosak-kun, everyone. Perhaps, for all i've been through. It lead too those moments in which i protected Kurosaki-kun, i didn't yield. I didn't cry. I didn't run. I stood and fought with everything i had. I know i can keep doing it.)
Ichigo: Inoue?
Inoue: Yes?
Ichigo: You'd better get ready. I want too hang out today with you.
Inoue: *Happy* Okay!!! (I get too be with him now and in the future. I can't ask for anything more)
*Orihime gets ready and they leave her house*
Inoue: I think...
Ichigo: ?
Inoue: *holds Ichigos hand* We can start the first chapter today.
Ichigo: *smile* Yeah.

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