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The Long Journey

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The Long Journey Empty The Long Journey

Post by racefan1992 on Sat Oct 15, 2016 2:15 pm

*Narutos lifes hasn't been easy. Even he himself would say so. But he has endured the long struggle and trug through the mud, blood, sweat, tears and pain. Everyone has just been released from IT and Naruto is staggering around the battlefield. Many are dead and many are wounded but he is searching for someone he doesn't now if that person is alive or dead but last he heard was a mental cry for help. His body moved without a moments notice when he heard that cry but Saskue stopped him. Though every fibre of his being said other wise. His trud through the mud contines as his beaten and battered body keeps betraying him.*

Naruto: (God damn it! Move! Stay under me will you?)

*He picks himself up, made more difficult by the fact he lost his right arm fighting Saskue*

Naruto: (If i had the strength, i'd beat the shit out of Saskue again. Moron.)

*He staggers about half blind with one eye swollen shut. When he stops too look around he doesn't see the person too he wants too see*

Naruto: (Where? Where are you? I just....... want be sure......)

*he starts forward again but his legs give out again. he is about too faceplant the ground. But he is caught by someone, Quickly turning his head too see who. it is a friendly face but not the one he wants too see*

Sakura: You should rest.
Naruto: I can't. Not yet.
Sakura: You've just being through 2 wars. In my opinion your about too drop dead. You can hardly stand.
Naruto: Let me be stubborn.
Sakura: Huh?
Naruto: Just this once...... please. Let me be stubborn. Let me fall, let me hurt myself. Just let me.

*His plea strike a note with Sakura, as does the look in his eye. It reminds her of the time back 2 years ago when he made a promise, a promise he kept too someone. "I vow too win" he said and he did win. He put that burden on himself. Now he has placed another burden of sorts on himself.*

Sakura: I know what you are doing...... i'm not stopping you. Just..... go and find the person you are looking for.... and be content.
Naruto: Thank you.... Sakura-chan.
*Sakura lets Naruto go on his way. While walking away from her he flashes back too when he was fighting Pain alone. After doing well on his own he pinned down about too be taken away but a familar person intervens.*

Hinata: Stay away from him!
Naruto: What are you doing here? Get away!
Hinata: I'm not afraid.
Naruto: What are you talking about!? Get away he is too much!
Hinata: I know.
*Naruto reacts with surprise*
Hinata: For a long time i've watched you Naruto-kun. I've watched you overcome so much since i first met you. Watching you.... gave me the courage too try and change myself. Your smile...... changed me. Your actions and sprite...... made me feel like i could be something that i too could be strong. It also lead me..... too fall in love with you... Naruto-kun.
Naruto: *gasp*
Hinata: I do not know when... but i do. With all my heart i do. I just want too be with you.... i want too walk with you. i...... i just.....

*Hinata goes silent. The silence overwhelms Narutos senses. What is only a few seconds seems like hours too him. A gust of wind blows across the battle field. As it passes them by Naruto notices something reflecting the sunlight as it blows by Hinata.*

Naruto: Huh?
Hinata: *sniffle* i..... i just realized... that i'm never going too see you again.
Naruto: !?
Hinata: I wish that... i told you sooner. Under... better circumstances.

*Hinata turns her head slightly, enough for Naruto too see her the side of her face. He can see tears rolling down her cheeks. Deep inside his heart he hurts, it is a pain he felt once before during the Chunin Exams when Neji was verbally abusing Hinata too the point of tears. His anger at Neji was because of what he was saying but inside him, seeing her eyes swell with tears hurt him. For years the people of his home said nasty, horrible things. He too cried at the things they said because it hurt him. He nows that pain well. The tone in which Hinata speaks is one of pain, of sadness*

Hinata: I don't..... want you too feel guilty. I'm here because... i want too be here. I want too protect you, even if it is just a little bit. I'm following my heart.... it is always lead me toward you. My love......

*Hinata again pauses.*

Hinata: I'll... be sure.... too visit you from time too time. I'll always love you, Naruto-kun. Thank you..... for everything.

*In an instant Hinata readies herself and charges Pain. Naruto tries too stop her but no words come out. He watches her give all her strength. Takes the pain he should be taking. Even when she can't defend herself she still fights on until she can't stand up anymore. Pain finishes her off.*

Naruto: STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Pain stabs Hinata through. Narutos heart breaks, his will breaks. His world comes crashing down. His rage builds too a boiling point, his will connects will Kurama instantly. Freed from the rods holding him down, he seeths with the most intense emotions he has ever felt. After everything is said and done he returns home too heros welcome. As everyone is happy too see him, he manages too see Hinata all the way in the back, shedding tears of joy. He sensed that she was alive but seeing her standing there makes him very happy, though he doesn't understand why he is so happy.*

*Back in the present Naruto is still looking for Hinata, Sakura watchs him struggle but lets him be. Sakura flashes back too after Pains assault when she meets up with Hinata*

Sakura: Hinata?
Hinata: Sakura-chan?
Sakura: Being looking for you.
Hinata: Is there something you need?
Sakura: Somewhat... it is about you.
Hinata: Me?
Sakura: Yeah.

*Sakura remembers Hinata jumping in too protect Naruto and getting hurt. As he was healing her she wonders why she would do such a thing. But it dawns on her the time she toke before engaging Pain wasn't immediate. She quickly puts things together.*

Sakura: You love him don't you...
Hinata: Huh?
Sakura: Naruto... you love him, don't you?

*Hinata looks away, unsure of what too say. Sakura puts her hands on her shoulders*

Sakura: Don't be ashamed. I think it is wonderful.
Hinata: Huh?
Sakura: You love him. It is something i think he has always wanted. I don't think he has ever had someone tell him they love him. Come too think of it, you are a lot like him. It isn't surprising.
Hinata: i...... gave... everything i had.
Sakura: I don't think any of us could have done what you did. None of us. Your love is special thing. I'll help you out.
Hinata: Why?
Sakura: Because i'm in love too. We girls have too stick together. Our men are idiots after all.
Hinata: He didn't understand?
Sakura: I"m sure of it. When it comes too love Naruto is a idiot. No one too tell him what it is. Don't be sad Hinata, i'll help you out. Like i said your love is a special, wonderful thing. *Hinata mentions too Sakura that ever since they were kids she admiered and acknowledged him.*
*Sakura flashes forward too the Land of Iron. She tells him too stop chasing Saskue but Naruto is being his stubborn self. Refusing too stop. They argue for a while before Sakura realizes it isn't of any use.*

Sakura: God your stubborn.
Naruto: I'm keeping my promise. Even you can't change my mind.
Sakura: You know i was going too lie too you about my feelings toward you. But i'm not going too do that. There is something else.... about Hinata.

*Narutos mood, body language and facial expression change instently*

Sakura: (That got his attention) She is fine.
Naruto: Then.......... what?
Sakura: (this is a loaded question for him) How do you feel about her?
Naruto: Well........ She is a friend..... *unsure*
Sakura: Is she anything more too you then that?
Naruto: Huh?
Sakura: Do i have too repeat myself?
Naruto: Well........ she is a close friend.

*Sakura is notices he is having a hard time expressing himself. He isn't acting embrassed. He is trying too be honest*

Sakura: Well i know how she feels about you. She told me.
Naruto: uh....... well. She said she loves me.
Sakura: Do you know what that means? Love?
Naruto: It is kinda like Ramen right? I love ramen. Love and ramen are the same.

*Kiba marches forward ready too give him a beat down for being an idiot. But Sakura holds out her hand, stopping him*

Sakura: I was right... you are an idiot when it comes too this. Let me give you some insight.
Naruto: Huh?
Sakura: Love is something very unique, special. When a girl falls in love. She falls in love with her heart and she has her reasons. Hinata loves you.... for you. The person. She went out there too protect you, dispite you telling all of us not too. Love makes you do things, love is warm, giving.... protecting. I'm sure she told you how she felt about you. That was from her heart. She has had those feelings for a long time.

*Naruto stands as if his mind is somewhere else, his facial expression says as much.*

Sakura: She is the first person too acknowledge you Naruto. She told me ever since we have been kids.

*Naruto still stands bewildered and looks overwhelemed.*

Sakura: Love is a wonderful thing Naruto, when you first experience it. You'll understand your feelings, as well as Hinatas too.

*Sakura comes back too the present time*

Sakura: (You have found it haven't you? That is why you are looking for her. Too tell her how you feel?)

*Naruto wanders about the battlefield. A few medics ask if he needs help but he declines their help. His will too find Hinata is strong but his body can't keep going. He falls too his knees but wills himself back too his feet. After a few more steps not even his strong will can keep him going and is about too collapse fully but is caught again.*

Hinata: Naruto-kun..... I am here.

*Hinata tries too hold up his dead weight but can't and drops too her knees, his head rests on her shoulder.*

Naruto: hinata........ your safe.

*Hinata gently sets him down in front of her, his eyes met hers. In that moment he remembers when he was at the fall of truth. He had mastered Kuramas power and understands what parents love felt like. However he still had what Sakura said on his mind, so he stays a while longer. While in his meditative state puts Hinata words and Sakura words together, as well as Sakuras words too Hinatas actions together. The more he replays it in his mind the more he understands. The walls that he had built up too protect himself from hurt over the years he was alone begin too break down. He always saw others getting what he wanted but never thought there was someone out there that could give him what he wanted. He never gave it a single thought. He replays his past, Hinata was always there. Maybe not in person but she WAS there for him. Sakuras words make perfect sense*

Naruto: (i am an idiot. A big one. My parents gave their lives for me. Hinata.... gave her life up for mine.)
Sakura: "Hinata loves you for you.... the person."
Hinata: "Your smile changed me... Your acts and sprite made me feel like i too could be strong. It also led me.... too fall in love with you, Naruto-kun"
Sakura: "Love makes you do things, Love is warm, giving... protecting."
Hinata: "I want too protect you... even it is just a little bit."
Sakura: "I"m sure she told you how she feels about you. That was from her heart."
Hinata: "I'm following my heart... it has always lead me too you."

*Naruto awakens and starts sobbing. He isn't sad, he is happy, very happy. So happy it is the only way he an properly express himself. He also feels very warm, somewhat like he felt from his mother. But it is different, it reachs deep into him and yet all around him. It reaches into his heart and fills a void that has always been there. The warmth takes away the void in his heart*

Naruto: This...... is what love feels like? I... i finally understand
Sakura: "Love is a wonderful thing Naruto. When you first experience it."
Naruto: This is wonderful. My eyes are open now.
Sakura: "You'll understand your feelings, as well as Hinatas too"
Naruto: I do understand. Hinata...... thank you. When the war is over... you will not have too wait anymore.

*Naruto fast forwards when he saved her from the enemy, he tells her she is strong. He can see it in her eyes but it is also in her heart. She was next too him when Neji passed protecting both of them. It is then he realizes that she has always been by his side, he expresses such. For a brief moment while holding her hand, he felt the same warmth as he did in the falls of truth.*
*Back in the present, Hinata gets too see Naruto as he looks after everything he has been through. Her facial expression changes from one of content too sadness and pain, as does her eyes. She says nothing but Naruto an tell that she is in pain and verge of tears.*

Naruto: Don't.... don't cry, Hinata.
Hinata: *sniffle* huh?
Naruto: Please don't cry... it.... hurts me... when you cry.

*Weakly, Naruto takes his hand and wipes away her tears*

Naruto: Don't worry about... my looks. My injuries will heal. But i have something important... on my mind.
Hinata: What?
Naruto: I've been on a long journey. A journey that i never thought would end. It has taken me places and shown me things that i'll never forget. I've however reached the end of it... because i've discovered something. Something that.... i never thought i could have. It is something that i wanted more then becoming Hokage.

*Narutos emotions swell but he keep a lid on them, barely*

Naruto: I found out what my parents love felt like. My mother explained how her and my father met and got together... And the origins of my birth. What they gave and what they gave me before dying. I also told my father too tell her i was going too be okay and i was doing the best with that she asked of me.

*Naruto flashes back too before his father and other Kage go away*

Minato: Shame my son doesn't have a girlfriend.
Naruto: Well...... there is someone.
Minato: Who? the Pink haired girl?
Naruto: No, she is just a friend. Dad... you'll never met her but...

*Naruto searches for the words too express himself but Minato notes that whom ever he is thinking has left a impact on his son.*

Naruto: She is the most incredible person i've ever met. The strongest too. It isn't in her fighting ability but in her heart. What she has done for me... is what makes her strong... She has always been... by my side. Since we were kids. I had too look deep inside myself too figure that out.
Minato: Can you... atleast describe her for me?
Naruto: Well.... She is.... kinda lik you dad.
Minato: Like me?
Naruto: Yeah. You proved mom wrong about how she originally thought about you? Well she proved me wrong about my original thought about her. She is kinda like mom too.
Minato: How so?
Naruto: Well.... for how fearless she is. For how strong she is. For... how she will always believe in me.
Minato: I see.
Naruto: And... *blush*.... she is kinda like me. *smile*
Minato: ?
Naruto: We share the same nindo. We... have always wanted too be acknowledged by others. We share so much...
Minato: Say no more son, i understand. My time is short but...
Naruto: Mom didn't want me too fall for a "dark, shy, weirdo." But she is dark, shy and weird. And i like her that way. It isn't going the way she wanted.
Minato: I think your mother would be happy too know you found someone who loves you son. And whom you love in return

*Naruto returns too the present time*

Naruto: I did tell him that was someone in my life who is strong, incredible and.....
Hinata: ???

*Naruto can't keep his tears in check and they start flowing*

Naruto: Someone.... i love. And that person is you........ Hinata
Hinata: *gasp*

*Naruto sits up. His emotions bursting at the seams. Hinata looks down.*

Naruto: After what you did... i had too know. I had too look.... deep inside myself. Deep inside my heart too found out my feelings. Sakura-chan.... gave me food for thought about your feelings... and mine. You've always been there for me. Always. I never thought there was someone out there... waiting for me. I never gave it a single thought. I saw everyone else getting love and i wanted it. I was alone..... alone for so long. Until i discovered that you've always been there. The void in my heart is gone... i'm not alone anymore. It is because of you. Hinata.... look at me.

Hinata: *sniffle* If.... if i do. I'll overflow.
Naruto: We can overflow together.

*Naruto gently raises Hinatas gaze too his. Tears roll down Hinatas cheeks, just she said they would.*

Naruto: i... love you. Hinata.
Hinata: naruto-kun...

*They quietly overflow together. Arms around each other in loving embrace. Even on the battlefield, where death, pain and destruction love has bloomed. Narutos love has bloomed like a flower under the bright warm light of the sun.*

Naruto: thank you.... for everything.
Hinata: no.... thank you. We both have too thank each other for a lot of things.
Naruto: Yeah.... it would take awhile.

*They wipe away their tears*

Hinata: I should... do something about her eye.
Naruto: You don't have too.
Hinata: I want too.

*Naruto doesn't object. Hinata helps Naruto too a place where he can lay against something. Sakura gives Hinata some cloth, water and ointment for her too use.*

Hinata: It will hurt.
Naruto: It.. is alright.

*Hinata gently tries too clean his swollen eye, it hurts but he doesn't complain.*

Hinata: Any better?
Naruto: Yeah. A bit.

*A medical nin runs up too Hinata and askes for her help with the wounded.*

Naruto: It's okay Hinata... i'll just. Rest for a few minutes.

*Hinata goes and helps out the wounded. Naruto closes his eyes and rests. He dreams of a dark place with no light. Hinata appears in the distance, walking toward him. As she does the darkness is removed and replaced with light and warmth. He runs toward her and mets her, she holds his hand and places her hand on his cheek. He wakes up and sees Hinata there next too him.*

Hinata: Time too go home Naruto-kun.
Naruto: Okay.
Hinata: Um....
Naruto: Hinata what is it?
Hinata: *blush* Uh.... Happy birthday... Naruto-kun.

*Naruto warmly smiles*
Naruto: Thank you Hinata.
Hinata: *blush* It is late.
Naruto: I don't care. I already have my present. It is you.

*Hinatas cheeks turn a deep red shade. Naruto stands up under his own strength and extends his hand for Hinata too take. She does take his hand and stands next too him.*

Naruto: I have this.... same feeling in my heart as i did before.
Hinata: What is it?
Naruto: I feel.... warm.

*Naruto wants too hold her other hand but he then realizes that doesn't have his other hand*

Naruto (*Eye twtich* God damn it Saskue!!! Because of your stupid ass, i'd can't hold both her hands at once!!! I'd should slap you around with my nub!!!)
Hinata: Naruto-kun.
Naruto: Eh? Yeah?
Hinata: Lets go. *smile*
Naruto: Okay.

*They walk home hand in hand. After Nejis funeral, they stay after. Promising on his grave too carry on his memory and too always protect each other.*

*Few days later*
Hinata: Your Journey is over. What now?
Naruto: Begin a new one.
Hinata: Huh?
Naruto: Yeah.... with you by my side. I want too experience this feeling i have. I want too know how far it goes and how deep it goes. Same for your feelings.
Hinata: I'll be with you on that journey Naruto-kun.
Naruto: The lets go then.

*They do indeed start their journey. Naruto gets too experience everything Hinata has for him, all her love. Hinatas gets too experience Narutos too.*

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