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Casting out the Darkness

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Casting out the Darkness

Post by racefan1992 on Tue Mar 01, 2016 9:10 am

This is after my "Confession" fanfict.

*Naruto and Hinata have been dating a few months. While being able too spend time together. Naruto is frustated. He wants too find more ways of of expressing his feelings too Hinata. Anything he tries other then the basics he thinks he ends up failing at. He has also been on many missions lately. Only time he gets too rest is when he is with Hinata.*
Hinata: Naruto-kun you look tired.
Naruto: I am.
Hinata: We do not have too go today.
Naruto: I want too.
Hinata: If it is what you want, then okay.
*NH travel too their secret place. A place where Naruto confessed his feelings too Hinata. A place that has special meaning too them. It is a place where they can be alone. Where the cares of the world mean nothing, only their love remains. When there they enter a deep meditiation like state and enter their subconcious. Leaving their physical bodies behind in the physical world. Normally they see eachother, where they are able too make their world whatever they want it too be. However this time is different. Hinata is by herself, surrounded by blackness.*
Hinata: Naruto-kun? *looks around* Where is he?
*Hinata is getting worried but decides too uses her ninja sense and other abilities too find him. However her senses and even byakugan her dulled. Like something is blocking them.*
Hinata: Oh no........... *Starts hearing sounds in the distance* Huh?
*Hinata starts running toward the sounds. As she gets closer she sees Naruto getting beat up by another Naruto, whom eyes are dark and red. A fear overcomes her as she charges toward them. Dark Naruto sees her coming and seperates himself but he has done his work. Naruto lays on the floor and Hinata checks on him.*
Dark Naruto: Oh look who it is. The precious girlfriend. Pffffft.
Naruto: r...... run. get away. he is too much.
Hinata: ....... i'm not afraid.
Dark Naruto: You should be. I am him. I have everything he has.
Hinata: You are wrong.
Dark Naruto: Oh? How am i wrong?
Hinata: Naruto-kun has a heart. *angery facial expression* You have nothing.
Dark Naruto: I AM his heart. His sadness, depression loniness. I am the embodment of his negative feelings.
Hinata: *Activiates byakugan* Then i will cast you out then. With all my strength i'll cast you out.
Dark Naruto: Good luck with that. You'll fail like he did.
*Hinata process too engage Dark Naruto in combat. Hinata fights well but is over matched. She is repealed time and time again.*
Dark Naruto: Oh was that a breeze i felt? Your weak just like him.
Hinata: SHUT UP!!!
Dark Naruto: Shut me up if you can you pathetic weakling.
*Hinata again tries with all her strength but it isn't enough. Dark Naruto quickly wears her down and repleals her.*
Dark Naruto: I get too kill two birds with one stone.
Naruto: stop..... please...... i....... can't go through this again. my heart can't take it.
Hinata: I'll never leave you............ my heart couldn't take it.
Dark Naruto: Awwwwwwww isn't this sweet. I'll send the both of you too hell.
*Hinata stands in front of Naruto, unable too defend herself. Preparing too lay down her life for him. But Kurama, seeing and sensing everything going on. Willingly helps Hinata out*
Kurama: Here girl. Use my power. I know you can handle it. Our chakras are compatable.
Dark Naruto: Hey you stupid furry f#$%. Your supposed too be helping me!
Kurama: You aren't the real knuckle head. Your just a phantom, a ghost. A ghost of his past that refuses too die.
*Kuramas chakra swirls about Hinata. Her strength returns too her and more.*
Kurama: There girl. I have more if you need it.
Hinata: *nods in thanks and turns her attention too Dark Naruto* The only one going too hell is you. Give my regards when your there. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TOO THOSE WHO HURT THOSE I LOVE!
*Hinata re-engages Dark Naruto in combat. They are evenly matched. As they fight Naruto senses something in Hinata that he has sensed only once before. Rage. A rage he only sensed when they fought Toneri on the moon. Hinata begins channeling her rage and love into her attacks. Soon Hinata gets the upper hand, after that Dark Naruto begins been overwhelmed by her attacks. Dark Naruto begins begging for her stop but she ignores him and continues her assault. Soon Dark Naruto lays on the ground broken and beaten.*
Hinata: You...... are no longer wanted here. There will be no more darkness. Not in Naruto-kuns heart.... mind... and soul. I will replace that darkness, with warmth....... love...... and light.
*Hinata brings her hands too her heart and a bright light begins too emit from her. When her light touches Dark Naruto he disappears.*
Hinata: I.... know what is like..... too have those feelings.
*Hinatas past memories flash in front of Naruto, her childhood. As well as her emotions from those times. Naruto picks himself up too his knees, shielding his eyes from the light.*
Hinata: But i never let them define me. Those feelings help shape me into the person i am today...... they also help me.......... love you. Naruto-kun. My heart opened that day..... when we first met.
*Hinata turns around and walks toward Naruto, whom is still shielding his eyes*
Hinata: I'll cast out any darkness in you. I love you that much. I will make you as happy and warm as i can.
*Hinata cups Narutos bruised and battered face in her hands. She kneels before him and brings him closer too her. Has she does, his vision turns white.*
*NH re-enter the physical world. Hinata holds Naruto whom collapsed onto her while meditating. Naruto wakes up seeing Hinatas warm soft smile.*
Naruto: (how....... how is she like this? for all she has been through...... she hasn't changed......... she is so warm.)
Hinata: I think that is enough for today. We should head home.
*Naruto says nothing as they pick up their things and head back too the Leaf village. When back home they head too Naruto apartment and settle down*
Hinata: You hungery?
Naruto: Hm? Uh...... yes.
*Hinata pulls out 2 ben-to boxes that she made earlier.*
Naruto: Oh........ thank you.
Hinata: Your welcome.
*Normally Naruto would hose down Hinatas food but this time he takes his time. Enjoying every bite of her food.*
Naruto: (Is...... this how she expresses her love for me? By making me delicious food?)
*Naruto finishes his food about the same time Hinata does*
Naruto: *big yawn*
Hinata: Go take a nap Naruto-kun. I'll clean up.
*Naruto goes and lays down as Hinata cleans up. When she is finishes she checks on him. Seeing him in a deep sleep, drewling on his pillow*
Hinata: He looks so peaceful. I'm going too stay here with him. He'll want too talk.
*Hinata joins him on his bed. Although a tight fit and a bit awkward she gets comfortable next too him. As she lays next too him she holds his hand and brings it close too her. Naruto sleeps for a few hours, all the while Hinata is next too him.*
Naruto: *Stirring and waking up*
Hinata: *pink cheeks*
Naruto: You stayed.
Hinata: I'm sure you have a lot on your mind. That is why i stayed.
Naruto: I...... have so much too say.
Hinata: Whatever you have on your heart.... speak. I'll listen.
Naruto: How is it......... that you have remained the same? Even after all you've endured in your childhood? You have not changed....... your not angery at your family. Your not angery at anyone. The rage i felt from you........ is something i've never felt before from you. Even when we fought Toneri on the moon, you had malice but not too the extent then too now. It was so.......... powerful.
*Hinata gives her reasons why she isn't angry at her family and others who have done wrong too her in her past. Her explanation is one of understanding and compassion. She also explains why she was so full of rage..... because she knew the real Naruto isn't like the one she fought against and it was impersonating him. And she wanted too get rid of the darkness in him...... because she loves him. Naruto nods and takes a deep breath.*
Naruto: For a long time........ i saw other people getting love. I wanted too be loved...... so badly i wanted too be loved. But a part of me knew i may never get too be loved. For a long time i never thought i'd be loved........ until this........ blue haried, white eyed girl came from the sun and said she loved me.
Hinata: *pink cheeks*
Naruto: At first i didn't understand. But deep inside me..... i was glad. I was happy that someone love me. You have given me so much since that day. And ever since i've understood how i've felt about you i have wanted too find more ways of expressing myself too you. But..... i feel like i fail when i try. I have so much more i want too express too you but..........
Hinata: You haven't failed.
Naruto: Huh?
Hinata: I can express myself too you in many ways.... when i hold your hand, when i kiss you, when i hold/hug you. Even when i cook for you. I put my love into every action toward you Naruto-kun. You express yourself clearly when you do things for me. Even when it is just making me a simple bowl of ramen. It is an expression of your feelings. You do not have too do complex things for me....... the simple things will suffice. I'm not greedy. Though i do think it is cute when you try something new. *giggle*
Naruto: *Uzamaki pout* Are you making fun of me?
*Hinata playfully and teasingly giggles at Naruto*
Naruto: *Blushing w/ intense Uzamaki pout*
Hinata: Teehee. It's okay. You mean well with everything you do for me.
Naruto: Well that makes me feel better. But something else is bothering me.
Hinata: What is it?
Naruto: *smirk* How do you eat so much?
Hinata: Eh?
Naruto: Don't give me that look. How do you eat so much?
Hinata: *blushing* w..... well..........
Naruto: And?
Hinata: *flustered* i have a fast metabolism.
Naruto: Liar.
Hinata: *blushing w/ redder cheeks*
Naruto: I think you hide it in your jacket.
*Hinatas skin turns a deep red shade and steam emits from her ears*
Naruto: Perhaps you hide it here *Tickles her side*
Hinata: eeeeeeeeeeee stop that!
Naruto: Or here. *tickles her other side*
Hinata: Kyaaaa! Naruto-kun!
Naruto: *grin* i have discovered your weakness Hinata.
Hinata: O///////////O
Naruto: All a board the tickle train, next stop tickle town.
*Naruto starts tickling Hinata, she engages in epic giggles*
Naruto: What is this? The tickle train will be late? Hyperspeed!
*Hinata rolls around trying too get away but it isn't of any use. As she laughs loudly, Naruto gets a feeling in his heart that brings him joy.... the same joy he felt when he confessed how he felt too Hinata. Her laughing, which is something he rarely hears from her makes the sensation more powerful. It also brings him a deep sense of peace.*
Hinata: Uncle! Uncle! No more!
Naruto: ho-ho-ho, that is what you get for teasing me Hinata.
Hinata: Your back too yourself......... *full of glee*
Naruto: Sometimes i need a swift kick in the butt. Your usually the one giving it too me. Thank you.
Hinata: You do not have too thank me.
Naruto: You have turned every dark and lonely area into someplace i can go too that is welcoming....... warm. Even my home........ and my heart. hehehe
*Naruto gives Hinata a big hug, which she gives back. Hinata stays with him for a rest of the day. The next day they go back too their secret place. When there they sit side by side, hand in hand in deep meditation. Naruto gets too experience himself without any darkness in him. The only thing he feels is Hinatas warmth and love. And that is all he really wants*

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Re: Casting out the Darkness

Post by db84x on Sun Mar 06, 2016 10:53 pm

It really hard warming fan-fic

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