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Akiba and Yunas wedding

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Akiba and Yunas wedding Empty Akiba and Yunas wedding

Post by racefan1992 on Fri Jan 08, 2016 12:36 pm

*It is a very special day. Akiba and Yuna are getting married. Having worked out how they want it done. They both decide too be as they were when they 19 (at least looks wise using the transformation jutsu). Akiba will wear his fathers wedding kimono and Yuna will wear her mothers. Erika and Ryoko have set everything up and invited a small group of people. Mostly Akibas teammates, Yunas teammates and a few other people. And the mister and misses are handling it differently.*
Erika: Mom relax! Your sweating.
Yuna: I can't relax! This is a big day!
Erika: No kidding. Here put this on.
*Yuna starts putting on her mothers kimono. But being so nervous it is upsetting her daughter*
Erika: Mother!
Yuna: Your not helping!
Erika: How about some anti-depression pills? That will help.
Yuna: I'm not depressed! I'm scared shitless!
Erika: Same difference!
*Yuna lets out a snort and a flustered grunt as her and Erika wrestle with putting on her mothers kimono. However on the other side of the building the atomsphere is different.*
Kinasato: Here papa.
Akiba: Okay.
*Kinasato is helping prepare him with his fathers kimono.*
Kinasato: Papa you nervous?
Akiba: Not really. Been through this before.
Kinasato: Yeah.
Akiba: How about you?
Kinasato: I do not know what i'm feeling.
Akiba: You'll understand *pats Kinasato on his shoulder* one day.
*Kinasato says nothing as helps he Akiba with getting ready. Meanwhile*
Erika: Okay, how are we going too do this? Standing? Sitting? or upside down?
Yuna: You are not helping me relax!
Erika: Pick one!
Yuna: How about not!?
Erika: You are being a big baby right now!
Yuna: Biggest one you've ever seen! Oldest one too!
Erika: Oh you are proud of this aren't you!?
Yuna: Yep!
*A knock on the door interrupts their arugement*
Erika/Yuna: Come in!
Ryoko: How is...... everything...... going?
Erika/Yuna: Fine! Just great!
Ryoko: Everything does not look.....
Erika/Yuna: Leave please!
*Ryoko quickly shuts the door and lets mother and daughter continue their arugement. Ryoko goes on too check on Akiba. She knocks on the door*
Kinasato: Come in.
Ryoko: Kinasato-san how are things?
Akiba: Almost done. *moves from behind a divider* How do i look?
Ryoko: You look great papa.
Akiba: My dad wore it better then i did. How is Yuna?
Ryoko: Well...... sister Yuna and Erika are arguing.
Akiba: They will be fine.
Ryoko: You sure?
Akiba: Yeah. Let them get it out of their system.
Ryoko: Okay.
Akiba: How about the guests?
Ryoko: Everyone is here, just have too wait another hour.
Akiba: Okay. Better give the hour fully. Erika and Yuna will have it out.
Ryoko: Okay papa. I will.
*Ryoko in forms the guests as too what will happen. For roughly 45 minutes, Erika and her mother aruge but Erika manages too get her mother mostly ready.*
Ryoko: *knocks on door* 15 minutes. *leaves*
Yuna: 15 minutes? Oh my..............
*Yuna sits down on a chair and puts her face in her hands*
Erika: Let me do your hair up mom.
Yuna: *muffled* leave it.
Erika: huh?
Yuna:*muffled* Saskei likes my hair down..... leave it.
Erika: Okay, at least let me brush it.
*While Erika brushes her mothers hair, Yuna lets out a bunch of groans and grunts.*
Ryoko: *knocks on door* 5 minutes.
Yuna: I'm going too be sick.
Erika: Come on mom..... time for me too give you away. *smile*

*All the guests in the area were the ceremony will take place. Akiba arrives first with Kinasato, who is dressed like he is when he is on duty as clan leader. Kinasato takes his seat after escorting Akiba too the altire.*
Erika: Ready mom?
Yuna: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........ no?
Erika: Too bad going anyway.
*Yuna lets out a disgruntled groan. Ryoko begins playing a traditional wedding song on her guitar as Erika escorts her mother down the aisle. Yuna does not look at Akiba until she is almost at the altire. When she does however, she freezes. Overcome by the fact it is actually happening.*
Erika: Mom? You okay?
*Seeing Yuna freeze, Akiba extends his hand for her too take. Unsure Yuna looks at her daughter*
Erika: *tearing up* Go on mom. Go on.
*Yuna gently take Akibas hand and he helps her up too the altire and the ceremony begins*
Preist: Let us get started. We are gathered here too today too be witnesses too Akiba Arisaka and Yuna Hyuga too become one being. Before we continue does the mister and misses have anything too say?
Akiba: Well you know me Yuna. Not one for words but............. We have waited long enough.
*Yuna feels a swelling of emotions in her heart as she reflects on his words. Yuna lowers her gaze and starts crying.*
Preist: Does the misses have anything too say?
*Yuna waves her hand in dismissal*
Preist: Okay. If anyone here does not think these two should be one then speak now..... or forever hold your peace.
*No one says anything*
Akiba: I see the bribery worked.
*Everyone laughs*
Preist: Okay. Do you ladies have the bands?
*Ryoko gives Akiba his band and puts it on Yuna. Erika gives her mother a band and she manages too compose herself enough too put it on Akiba.*
Priest: I now pronounce you Mr. and Miss. Arisaka. You may kiss your bride.
*Akiba raises Yunas gaze too him. Seeing the river of tears rolling down her cheeks, gives her a simple soft smile too her. Yuna overflows. Akiba gently brings her too him and embraces her.*
Akiba: You know i'm not one for public displays of affection. This works for me.
*Everyone claps. Along with Yuna, most people are a river, minus Kinasato and Akibas team 14 male teammate. Akiba holds Yuna, stroking her long hair, comforting her.*
Akiba: (i have made her dream come true. She has always wanted this. Yuna is the most patient person i have ever known.)
*Akiba moves Yuna away from him, whom has her hands are over her face.*
Akiba: So................ you gonna cry the whole time or what?
Yuna: *removes her hands from her face* i............ am......... sorry.
Akiba: Do not be. People are waiting for us.
Yuna: *wipes away tears* Okay....... lets go then.
*Akiba and Yuna walk back down the aisle hand in hand as all the guests clap for them. After that everyone begins the after party. While it doesn't last long, Ryoko gets too rock out as the DJ with Akiba joining in..... this causes Yuna too blush uncontrollably because Akiba is being "cool and awesome" and it reminds her of when he was younger with his love of music. When the party is over, Akiba and Yuna both thank everyone for showing up personally. They then head for home, Akiba makes them dinner. Afterwords they cuddle on the couch watching TV.*
Yuna: Saskei?
Akiba: Hm?
Yuna: Wanna head upstairs?
Akiba: What for?
Yuna: *blushing* For some............ well you know.
Akiba: (does she mean?)
*Yuna plays with her fingers. This reminds Saskei of then they 'did the deed' when they were younger.*
Akiba: (what are you waiting for man! get up there! do not think about it! gooooooooooooooo!) Okay.
*Yuna leads Akiba by the hand upstairs and they get ready for some 'marital relations.'*
Akiba: You know....... we do not have too.
Yuna: I know. But i want too. Don't you?
Akiba: Well.......
Yuna: Scared?
Akiba: No. I"m just unsure that...........
Yuna: *places her hand on his cheek* You'll do fine. You will not hurt me. As long as you have protection.
Akiba: Always. I'm always careful.
*They get started, going slow at first. They soon get into it. However pause midway through*
Akiba: We have done this before haven't we?
Yuna: Well....... yes.
Akiba: Back then it was hormones and passion. Now it is just......
Yuna: Passion?
Akiba: Yeah.
*both ponder the thought*
AY: Eh. Whatever. *continues*
*While not the longest 'marital relations' session ever. It is magical and wonderful experience for both of them. Remaining them of their youth. Afterwords they shower (separately) and go too bed. The next morning they both awake at the same time.*
Akiba: Good morning.
Yuna: *pink cheeks* Morning.
Akiba: You okay?
Yuna: Never better.
*Akiba moves her hair away from her face and tears start falling.*
Yuna: Saskei what's wrong?
Akiba: thank you............. thank you for saving me. I only thought i could see the world from the bottom of a glass. Now i know that was never a option. I had forgotten about you...... your love. There was always someone else. There was always you.
Yuna: I do it for you again my love. I'd save you from that place. I've have been there. Erika saved me. You owe me nothing.
*Yuna wipes away his tears. They both get ready for their day. Akiba has a trip too go on with Ryoko and Yuna has too escort Hanabi too a meeting. Each will be gone a few days. Each bid each other goodbye. A few days later Akiba arrives home. Yuna isn't there but decides too make them a big dinner. One of Yunas favorite soup dishes: beef brisket soup (A chili really but how thick it is is different.) Akiba sets the table in a somewhat romantic way. Akiba is finishing up when Yuna returns home.*
Yuna: Sas........... kei? *smells the food*
Akiba: Oh look who it is.
*Yuna practically floats over too the kitchen and kisses Akiba on the cheek.*
Yuna: What smells so good?
Akiba: Your favorite soup dish. *smile*
Yuna: *blushing* You didn't have too make it.
Akiba: Why not? I'll seat you.
*Being the gentleman that he is, he sits Yuna first and serves her as well. Akiba then joins her.*
Yuna: What should we toast too?
Akiba: Second chances..... and too fulfilled dreams.
Yuna: (Saskei) Yes.
*They toast and have their first big meal together as a couple.*

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