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Fanfict for Hinatas birthday

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Fanfict for Hinatas birthday

Post by racefan1992 on Sun Dec 27, 2015 7:03 am

Naruto and Kurama shenanigans are in this one.

*It is Christmas and the Leaf village is in the season sprite. However someone is not. Hinata, while glad too be with family and friends she misses her loved one. Naruto has been on a mission for 3 weeks, 1 week longer then normal. It is also her Birthday, which she spends time with her family and teammates. However she turns in early too be alone.*
Hinata: Well..... i guess i'll shower and go too bed. *Hinata is in the shower for only 10 minutes but when she returns her window is open*
Hinata: Hm? I thought it was closed........
*Hinata closes the window but hears the floor creek in an unusual way*
Hinata: !!!........ *readies herself* Who is there!? Show yourself!!!
*A shadowy figure approaches her. However Hinata recognizes the figure quickly*
Hinata: Naruto-kun!
Naruto: Hey there.
*Hinata runs toward him. Naruto braces himself but Hinata lands against him softly, hugging him tightly. Naruto returns the hug. Though he cold from being outside, Hinata does not care. He is here, that is all that matters. They soon release each other.*
Naruto: Hello.
Hinata: *pink cheeks* Hi
*share brief hello kiss*
Naruto: (she is so cute)
Hinata: I didn't think i'd see you Naruto-kun.
Naruto: Stupid pricks. jack jawing around wasting my and everyone else time. Idiots.
Hinata: When did you get in?
Naruto: 10 minutes ago.
Hinata: How did you find me?
*Naruto points too his eyes*
Hinata: Oh Sage mode....... *blushing* i'm sorry.
*Naruto takes Hinatas hand and they walk into her room*
Naruto: This room is small Hinata.
Hinata: Well yeah. It is my bedroom.
Naruto: *wide eyed* Y-y-y-your bedroom? *blushing*
Hinata: Yes.
Kurama: (she is hiding the sexual tension)
Naruto: (SHUT UP!)
Hinata: Naruto-kun.
Naruto: *embarrassed* Huh? What?
Hinata: You can sit down if you want.
Naruto: Oh.... ok thank you.
Kurama: (your hiding the sexual tension too *snicker*)
Naruto: (OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!)
*Hinata sits down on her bed and Naruto sits down next too her.*
Naruto: Here Hinata i got some things for you.
Hinata: ?
Naruto: Got you some more knitting stuff. Best i could find. I also had the person who i bought the stuff from fix our scarf.
Hinata: "our scarf"?
Naruto: Is it not our scarf? You made it for me. It connects us. I keep it with me all the time Hinata. All i had fixed was the part you didn't finish. Was coming apart.
Hinata: I.... i am glad you keep it with you.
Naruto: Not done yet.
Hinata: Huh?
Naruto: That was your Christmas present. And here.... *pulls out out a cupcake* is your birthday present *puts a bow in his forehead*.
Hinata: You do more.... then i deserve Naruto-kun.
Naruto: Because you have done things for me Hinata. I do things for you.
*Naruto lights the candle on her cupcake and hums her "happy birthday". He also pulls out a small carten of milk and warms it using a simple fire release.*
Hinata: I......... do not know what too say........
Naruto: You gonna unwrap your present?
Hinata: My present being here is all i could ask for.
Kurama: (you can cut the sexual tension with a knife)
Naruto: (STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
*Hinata blows out the candle on her cupcake and eats it. Happily giggling at how good it is. Naruto pours her some milk and she enjoys her cupcake with her precious person.*
Hinata: I happy you are here.
Naruto: I wouldn't miss your birthday for anything Hinata. *takes the bow off his forehead*.
Hinata: I missed you.
Naruto: (for some reason..... i am happy too hear her say that.) I missed you too.
*Naruto and Hinata finish the milk. Keeping quiet they enjoy each others company. Being in Narutos presence, Hinata is very relaxed. And soon falls asleep. Naruto tucks her in and softly kisses her in the cheek.*
Naruto: Good night Hinata. May you dream pleasant and wonderful dreams.
*Naruto opens the window and is about too summon a clone too close it after he leaves. However he looks back at Hinata, seeing her peacefully sleeping. Being away from her for 3 weeks is the longest he has ever been away from her.*
Naruto: (i...... i can't leave her.)
*Naruto closes the window and lays down next too Hinata, though close enough that he is comfortable and for it not too be weird. He takes out Hinatas scarf and uses it as a pillow.*
Naruto: I'll be here when you wake up Hinata. I want too see you in the morning light...... just once.
*Naruto passes out. However Hinata wakes in the middle of night*
Hinata: *looks at the clock, it reads 2am.* *sigh* I have too use the restroom.
*Hinata goes and does her business. Upon returning she notices Naruto sleeping*
Hinata: Naruto-kun....... you didn't have too stay.
*Hinata goes back too her bed. When there she notices Naruto is shivering*
Hinata: he is cold..........
*Hinata throws her blanket over him and cuddles close too him but not too close.*
Hinata: *holds his hand* I'll be here when you wake up.
*As they sleep, Naruto dreams of when he didn't have his prosthetic arm. He and Hinata are walking in the village. Though his gaze is straight ahead, he notices Hinata grabbing is jacket sleeve, the one where his lost arm is. And in her thoughts, she promises too be his right hand while he waits for his prosthetic arm. He then fast forwards too when he gets his arm but feels empty for some reason. At sunrise, Naruto awakens. At seeing Hinata so close him, he freaks out.*
Naruto: (Did.... did something happen last night?)
Kurama: (Oh you bet it did.)
Naruto: (WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!??!?!?!?!?!?!)
Kurama: (Oh yes. a wild night of sexual tension that came out is wonderful display of passion and glory. *snicker*)
Naruto: (*shock and awe* OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO SCREWED!!!!! I AM NOT READY TOO BE A DAD YET! AND SHE IS UNDER AGE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!)
*Naruto runs around screaming and yelling. All the while Kurama is laughing his ass off.*
Naruto: (Hey wait a second. Hinata is more responsible then that. And so am i. *looks at Kurama who is still laughing his ass off*)
Kurama: (Too easy. I mean i had you *gets grabbed* Hey what the hell!?)
*Naruto throws Kurama into his cage and wraps explosive tags around his mouth*
Naruto: (What the f#$% do you take me for!? Do not kid around like that! You scared the shit out of me!)
*Naruto calms himself down. As the morning sun beams in, it shines on Hinata, highlighting her facial features*
Naruto: Wow............. i guess i got my wish. She is so beautiful. One day.... i know i'll get too see her like this........... every morning. Every day.
*Hinata begins too stir and slowly opens her eyes*
Hinata: Oh............... *pink cheeks* Good morning Naruto-kun. *smile*
Naruto: Morning. You covered me up didn't you.....
Hinata: Yes.... you were cold.
Naruto: Thank you. *smile*
Hinata: *blushing* No problem.
*Naruto and Hinata stay warm under the blanket. However there time is cut short.*
Lady Hinata are you up? Rise and Shine.
Hinata: (oh crap!)
*Hinata turns her gaze too Naruto, whom reads her eyes. Getting the message he quickly packs his things and gets ready too leave.*
Hinata: One moment please. I"m not dress properly.
*Naruto opens the window and is half in-half out*
Naruto: When can i see you?
Hinata: I have a few things here after that i'm free.
Naruto: Okay.
*Hinata lens in and gives Naruto a kiss. After releasing him, Naruto falls out of the window and lands on his back. Shocked, Hinata wonders if he is okay. Naruto gives her a thumbs up and quickly rushes away before he is caught. Hinata gets done what is required of her and meets Naruto at a cafe where he gets them hot chocolate and breakfast sandwiches (Naruto gets 4 of them). They find an out of the way place in the village so they can enjoy their breakfest.*
Naruto: Enjoying your breakfast?
Hinata: Mhm.
Naruto: Say Hinata?
Hinata: Hm?
Naruto: I had a dream last night. A dream that we were walking in the village. Although my gaze was straight ahead. I saw you grab my jacket sleeve... the one where my arm would be without my prosthetic arm. And i heard you saw you wanted too be my right hand. I then fast forwarded too when i got it. I felt empty as i looked at it. It was weird but i do not know.
Hinata: Well.......... I have done that.
Naruto: Huh? What?
Hinata: I have done that Naruto-kun. While we hanged out i would grab your jacket shelve. I didn't do it often but i felt bad that you didn't have your hand.... So i would hold your jacket shelve. I wanted too be your right hand.
Naruto: You are my right hand.
*Hinata looks at him confused as too what he means*
Naruto: You are my right hand, you are my left hand, you are my heart, you are my soul. We are one. We have always been one. Connected through this *points at the scarf* and like this. *Naruto transforms* You are the first person i shared my life with and i did it with holding your hand. Too me..... it is one of those things that makes me happy.
Hinata: Makes me happy too. I'm glad you were there for my birthday. You gave me more then i wanted.
Naruto: I always well. But i missed something.
Hinata: What?
Naruto: Look up.
*Hinata looks up and sees she is under mistletoe.*
Naruto: I think you know what comes next.
Hinata: *blushing* Yes i do.
*NH share a long but soft kiss.*
Kurama: (The sexual tension of kissing in the snow. Enough too make it melt and this love master blush.)
Naruto: (ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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