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Akibas Godkids (Ryoko and Kinasato)

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Akibas Godkids (Ryoko and Kinasato)

Post by racefan1992 on Sat Dec 19, 2015 4:46 pm

General Information:
Name/s: Ryoko and Kinasato "Arisaka"
Birthdate: February 25th
Age: Part1: 12, Part 2: 15, TL: 18, ATL: 19
Height: Ryoko: 5' 11'' Kinasato: 5' 11''
Weight: Ryoko: 120lbs Kinasato: 160lbs
Blood type: AB
Classification: Ryoko: Kage, Kinasato: Clan Leader
Team: Various teams from the Wolf Village
Family: Unknown Father; deceased
Kasumis sister: Mother
Kasumi: Aunt; deceased
Akiba: Godfather
Yuna Hyuga Arisaka: "Sister" by Ryoko "Aunt" by Kinasato
Rank: Part 1: Genin, Part 2: Kinasato: Chunin, Ryoko: Genin, The Last: Chunin, ATL: Ryoko: Kage Kinasao: Clan Leader
ID Number: Ryoko: 415312, Kinasato: 978478
Acadamy Graduation age: Kinasato: 13, Ryoko: 15
Nicknames: Ryoko: Demon of the Wolf Village, Rock Ninja. Kinasato: None

Part 1:
Ryoko and Kinasato were born in the Wolf Village, a secret village (back then) that few knew about. Due too being born within the clan that lead the village they were groomed too take over one day. During their younger years they did typical ninja things, however Ryoko would stand out over her little brother. Ryokos tremendous drive and endless training drew the attention of her "papa-san". Akiba proceeded too train her when not on a mission or senseis within the village. Kinasato however showed tremendous intelligence and was trained by Kasumi herself. Akiba was absent for some time when he dealt with his problems, leaving Kasumi too take over Ryokos training. However Akiba came back and resumed Ryokos teachings. The Wolf village held chunin exams with other villages. Kinasato passed with flying colors, Ryoko however failed. Brother and sister however still did missions together and separately.

Part 2:
Ryoko had failed too become Chunin for a second time, however she still didn't give up. One her 3rd attempt too become Chunin. Ryoko showed how far she was willing too go, even openly admitting too her brother that she wanted too be like Akiba and she was inspired by his fight when he was trying too be Chunin. At the finals Ryoko faced a person twice her size and strength. Dispite being serverly injured (broken arm and leg) Ryoko refused too give up. Using a old clan technique that even when a ninja is healthy and has full chakra reserves is considered dangerous. Due too her injuries however her opponent was still able too move, Ryoko ending up having too choke her opponent out with her remaining strength. Though Ryoko won, she passed out and was taken too the ICU. She woke up 4 days later and was in the ICU for 4 months. Kinasato helped his sister with her rehab. Akiba visited her and gave her a Chunin jacket and congratulated her on getting her dream. Ryoko broke down in tears and hugged her papa. Thanking him for inspiring her. Ryoko finished her rehab faster then anyone thought possible and began taking on more dangerous missions, along her brother.

The Last:
Ryoko and Kinasato help defend there home with their aunt and mother. Each displaying new skills and strength. While the village had some minor damage, civilian injures and deaths were greatly minimized.

After The Last:
Ryoko and Kinasato were in the village when their aunt fell ill. On her death bed, Kasumi gave her heiress and kage postions too Ryoko and Kinasato. After the funeral Ryoko and Kinasato began their new roles. However quickly found out they were not ready. After conversing with each other they decided too switch roles. It ended up working out for both of them. Dispite Ryoko dislike leading, she quickly settled in and thrived. Kinasato also quickly settled in and thrived. Although young both have the respect of their clans people and villagers.

Ryoko has 3 personality types depending on situation. Around those she knows well and loves, she is happy and outgoing. In battle she is tight lipped, serious and boarder line ruthless at times. Around new people she is shy and timid. However underneath all that is a tremendous drive and heart. When Ryoko has her mind set on something, she never gives up. Even when her own well being is at stake she refuses too give up.
Kinasato is a stark contrast too his sister. An intellectual, Kinasato either gives long winded answers or short and sweet answers. Sometimes annoys his sister with how smart he is but doesn't mean too (sometimes). While on the battlefield Kinasato is a thinker and very analytical. When together he and his sister a force too be reckoned with.

Mother: Ryoko and Kinasato love their mother. While not training or teaching them she supports them. Is even an aide too both of them when in the village. Their mother was originally going too be the heiress of the clan but declined in favor of her daughter. She was never the greatest ninja ever but knows her children will push forward without her being there and Ryoko and Kinasato know they carry her legacy with them.

Akiba Arisaka: Thought not biologically related, Ryoko and Kinasato love their "papa." He was there for their birth and named them. He helped raise them in their early years and trained Ryoko himself. Although he was away dealing with his issues he returned too his godkids and wife. Since his return he has stayied in constent contact with them, passing on his knowledge and skill too each of them.

Kasumi Arisaka: Ryoko and Kinasato loved their aunt. Kasumi personally trained Kinasato herself. While Akiba was away, Kasumi tended too her niece and nephews training. Kasumi fought with them when meteors fell from the sky and was impressed with the skill and strength each showed. In her final hours Ryoko and Kinasato were at her bed side, taking care of her. There Kasumi passed on her Kage and Heiress titles on too Ryoko and Kinasato. Thought they switched roles, they carry on Kausmis progress. Pushing their home into the future.

Yuna Hyuga Arisaka: Yuna met Ryoko and Kinasato while they were at Kasumis bedside. Akiba had told her much about them but never saw them until then. After the funeral, Yuna made herself available too them, in case they needed anything. Ryoko and Yuna quickly hit up a relationship, Ryoko having found out Kasumi viewed her as a sister. And Ryoko did too, frequently calling her "Sister Yuna." Kinasato it toke awhile but he did warm up too her, having been at Akibas and Yunas wedding seeing how much Yuna loved Akiba. Kinasato sometimes calls Yuna "aunt". Kinasato doesn't mean it but how of out habit. It even makes Yuna uncomfortable. Overall Yuna cares about their well being and Ryoko and Kinasato do too.

Ryoko: High level Jonin Taijutsu (CQB and CQC)
Low level Jonin Ninjutsu
Chunin level Genjutsu (can dispell easily thanks too Akibas teachings)
Earth Release
Fire Release

Kinasato: Low level Jonin Taijutsu
High level Jonin Ninjutsu
High level Jonin Genjutsu
Lighting Release
Water Release
Vast Medical knowledge (some teachings by Akiba)

Physical Abilities:
Ryoko and Kinasato are the same height and have a athletic build. However the years having treated them differently. Ryoko is covered with scares (none on her face) and has been on more then 450+ missions. Kinasato has no scares and has been on a lot less mission then his sister. Ryoko may not look like it but she can pack a punch and can push herself farther then anyone thinks. Like her papa she is a bow user and is "one hell of a shot." She is also a sword user and has skill in each of the clans 7 fighting styles. Kinasato however is not a bow or sword user but his strength lies in his mind. His physical abilities follow afterword.

While not the smartest person, Ryoko is "street smart." Her years of many missions have given a vast reserve of experience too draw from. Kinasato is "book smart." His endless study and teaching by his aunt have given him experience too draw from instead of experience from the field.

Ryoko and Kinasato names are from the PS2 cult classic "Ring of Red."

Ryoko is a better shot with the bow then Akiba is..... barely. Whenever they do shooting contests, normally millimeters decides who wins. In terms of sword play, Akiba has Ryoko beat.

Kinasato wears glasses which he made himself. His eyesight is not terrible but has a hard time with fine details. His glasses are made of a flexible yet shatter resistant material which Akiba gave him.

Ryoko isn't interested in love but is not close minded on the concept. Right now she is only concerned with protecting those she loves. But knows there is someone out there who could tame her and capture her heart. Kinasato has had the eye of a couple of girls but like his sister isn't interested. But each have friends of the opposite gender.

Ryoko and Kinasato where born 5 minutes a part. Ryoko first. Kinasato teases his sister by saying "you may have come first but you hit your head on the way out. I heard it." Ryoko frowns everytime she hears that.

Ryoko is called the "Rock Ninja" because she plays the electric guitar like a pro. She started playing at only 16 but is a pro by 19. When Ryoko is on guitar, Akiba is on drums.

Ryoko has taken Akiba CQB and CQC concepts too the nith degree. She disarms people in no less then 2 moves. Even Kinasato is amazed by her skill and putting that skill into practice. Only Akiba can match her but most of that is due too experience.

Unlike their papa, Ryoko and Kinasato have no problems with hurting others. Each has blood on their hands. Ryoko got her name "Demon of the Wolf Village" because of how she fought during her Chunin exmas finals match. For what she endured and went through and how fearless she was. Most watching her didn't think she was human at all but a "Demon." Ryokos red eyes (a very rare trait in her clan) also helped Ryoko get that nickname. Kinasato is of the mindset that if you hurt anyone he knows or his village, he will kill you. Pure and simple.

Like Akiba Ryoko has another sword like her first one and can make a sword staff out of it. However she only carries either her bow or sword at one time. Rarely does she carry both at once.

Ryoko is a tomboy and dislikes anything that is too "girly." This confuses her brother stating "she is more like a dude then a dudette." Ryoko likes many guy things like sports, food and mannerisms. Though Ryoko is very much a "girl" when she wants too be.

Ryoko is also a hunter. Many of her missions were going out too get food for her village. And some of her injuries came from that. Bear, boar and other violent animals she has killed and taken back too her village.

Ryoko and Kinasato are also skilled in other areas. Ryoko in cooking and Kinasato in teaching. Kinasato loves teaching people regardless of age or skill level. Ryoko cooking skill have helped her make the animales she brings back worth eating. Ryoko and Kinasato also love acting. There acting skills has come in handy in the battlefield.

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