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When I......... (For Narutos birthday)

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When I......... (For Narutos birthday)

Post by racefan1992 on Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:28 am

*It is Narutos 18th birthday. He gets a varity of gifts random people (including some of his 'fans') but however he gets too spend time with his most precious person. They are at their secret place, alone. They are in deep meditiation, experiencing their love for each other in it's purest form. However soon stop too have lunch with Hinata has made for them, as well a small gift.*
Naruto: mmmmmm...... so good.
Hinata: *blushing* Thank you Naruto-kun.
Naruto: Do you cook like this everyone?
Hinata: Do not be silly, of course i do....... but i put more love into it when i cook for you. *smile*
Naruto: I certainly taste it.
Hinata: Oh Naruto-kun.........
Naruto: Hehehehe.
Hinata: Here Naruto-kun *takes a small box out her bag*
Naruto: Hm? *takes the box* What is it?
Hinata: *pink cheeks* Open it.
*Naruto proceeds too open the box but all that is in their is a piece of paper*
Naruto: Um............... Hinata?
Hinata: Read it Naruto-kun.
*Naruto unfolds the paper, on the top it is says "When i......" as he unfolds it he reads it*
"When i look at you...... i feel happyness. When i see your smile..... i see what i saw in you all those years ago. When i hold your hand i feel save. When i am by your side i want nothing else. When i look back..... i'm glad that feel in love with you. I may not have fully understood back then but i do now. I love you.... with all my heart i do. Happy Birthday Naruto-kun. I hope it as full of happyness and joy as it can be. Love...... Hinata Hyuga <3."
*Though Naruto wants too cry, he can't. His birthday is already the best day ever.*
Naruto: This is already been the best day Hinata. It is already full of happyness and joy. You are the best birthday present i could ask for. I only wanted you today..... nothing else.
Hinata: *blushing* R-really?
Naruto: *nods* I only want too be with you today. As long as i'm with you......... i am happy. I love you Hinata...... and thank you.
*Hinata gives a big smile and hugs Naruto. Naruto hugs her back and they soon return too their meditation. Enjoying the love and happyness they have.*

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