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Post by racefan1992 on Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:19 am

BTW this Naruto and Hinata still at 16-17.

"Hinata..... please wait for me"
"I know how you feel.... believe me i do. But i need time. Time too understand. Please..... please wait."
"Ok Naruto-kun.... i will wait for you. I will wait as long as it takes."
*It has been a few months since Toneri was defeated and Hanabi was rescued. Everyone who participated in the mission our honored like heros. However things weren't as they seemed. Hinata was hospitalized from her fight with Toneri, even with Narutos help. Hinata endured a lot. Naruto toke been unable too help her hard (though he did help her), plus seeing and experiencing her feelings for him, left him bewildered. Naruto has had a lot on his mind for the past few months and people have noticed him becoming distant and quiet. However inside himself he is grown tired and weary.*

*Naruto, Sakura and Shikamaru are returning from a mission*
Shikamaru: Geez, Naruto..... what is with you?
*Naruto doesn't say anything, just stares into space.*
Shikamaru: What a drag..... Sakura talk some sense into him?
Sakura: I can not reach him either Shikamaru.
*They continue walking home. However Naruto notices the area looks familar.*
Naruto: (I'm tired of being this way) *Pauses and looks toward a water fall*
Shikamaru: Ok what the hell Naruto!?
Naruto: I'll....... i'll be back you guys *starts walking*
*Shikamaru tries too go after him but Sakura stops him*
Sakura: I know what is wrong with you Naruto..... it is about Hinata isn't it?
Naruto: You guys can go on ahead with out me. I'll be awhile. *continues walking*
Sakura: Naruto you better damn well answer me!
Naruto: I do not care if i get into trouble..... i'll be back later.
*Naruto continues walking too the water fall. Sooner he finds a spot and drops his gear off and enters the waterfall. Entering a deep meditative state. This is the first time that he is able too think clearly in months. In his subconscious Naruto remembers his own memories of Hinata, seeing her talk too him and do things for him. But also sees her memories from when he was trapped in the genjutsu. Naruto starts putting the pieces together.*
Naruto: (How could i................. be so blind? So ignorent? God damn it........)
*Naruto continues seeing Hinatas memories, some from the war. One is her stating she wants too stop chasing him and be by his side..... holding his hand. Naruto is deeply touched by this.*
Naruto: (You have not been chasing me.......... i've been running from you.)
*However he feels a deep sense of sadness over being unable too understand Hinatas feelings... and his own toward Hinata.*
Naruto: (How in the hell could i take her confession wrongly? I'm such a fucking idiot.)
"You said it"
Naruto: (Huh...... Kurama is that you?)
"Nope idiot. Someone who sees the truth."
*Dark Naruto appears*
Naruto: (I thought i cast you out for good!)
Dark Naruto: (Pssh, yeah right. As long as there is negative feelings in you, i will ALWAYS be here.)
*Naruto stands up, facing his dark self*
Dark Naruto: (You do not deserve it.)
Naruto: (What?)
Dark Naruto: (You know what i'm talking about, you do not deserve it.)
Naruto: (Yes i do.)
Dark Naruto: (No you don't. You've caused Hinata so much suffering)
*Dark Naruto shows what Naruto was "unable" too do for Hinata, prevent her from getting stabbed by Pain, unable too help protect Neji, being late for her fight with Toneri. Showing him the most negative things possible.*
Dark Naruto: (See? You do not deserve her. Look at what you have "done" for her. Nothing good at all. Since you are so powerful, why couldn't you help her?)
Naruto: (I......)
Dark Naruto: (Lies..... your telling yourself lies. YOU DO NOT DESERVE HER OR HER LOVE AND YOU KNOW IT!!!)
Naruto: (SHUT UP!)
Dark Naruto: (Then come and shut me up.)
*Naruto charges his dark self but Dark Naruto dodges, taunting Naruto at every missed attack. Eventually, Naruto tires out. Throughly exhausted, Naruto falls too his knees*
Dark Naruto: (Is that it? That is all you have? Pathetic. You truely do not deserve too be loved by her.)
Naruto: (i..... guess your right. i do not...)
"You saved me."
Naruto: (Huh?)
"You saved me."
Naruto: (H..... Hinata?)
"Your smile saved me. You showed me the right way, prevented me from going down the wrong path."
*Naruto remembers what Hinata told him during she protected him from Pain. Hinata words remind him that he has not done what his darker self says he has done.*
Naruto: (he....hehehe)
Dark Naruto: (Oh you have something too say?)
Naruto: (Yeah.... i do. You are full of shit)
Dark Naruto: (What did you say!?)
Naruto: (You are the one who is lying too yourself)
*Dark Naruto grabs Naruto by the collar*
Naruto: (Yeah that is right. Hehehe, I saved Hinata....... She told me herself. And she has saved me. I've never caused her suffering. Your only here because i've been beating myself up over not understanding my feelings and hers for me........ GAH!!!)
*Dark Naruto harshly punches Naruto in the stomach*
Dark Naruto: (Lets see you talk now asshole.)
Naruto: (*coughing* i....... *coughing* saved hinata and *coughing* she.... saved me) *Crack*
*Dark Naruto cold cocks Naruto across the face with a punch, drawing blood*
Dark Naruto: (Keep talking, this is only going too get worse for you)
Naruto: *stands up* (Go ahead, do what you want too me. But i saved her and she saved me)
*Dark Naruto again cold cocks Naruto but Naruto again repeats the same thing. Dark Naruto starts unloading punches, kicks, knees and even headbutts on Naruto. Naruto does not defend himself but continues too repeat what he said previously.*
Dark Naruto: (You must enjoy this.)
Naruto: *coughs up blood* (Yeah..... i do. I'll endure this. Just like Hinata has endured) *stands up*
*Dark Naruto continues his attack. Naruto continues too repeat his previous statement. However Dark Narutos attacks are getting weaker.*
Dark Naruto: (Give up damn it!)
Naruto: (Oh come on. You know me, i NEVER give up. And for that matter Hinata doesn't either. i SAVED her........ and she SAVED me.)
*Dark Naruto is cast back into the darkness. Naruto collapses from the beating he endured*
Naruto: (Now.......... now i know. Hinata...... i'm coming........... you.... you do not have too wait any longer for me.)
*Naruto starts returning too the real world however a voice familiar too him calls too him as he does*
"I love you...... Naruto-kun."

*Naruto collects himself. He has a clear mind but most importantly... a clear understanding of his feelings. Naruto walks back too Sakura and Shikamaru.*
Naruto: You two ready?
Shikamaru: What a drag..... i guess he back too his old self.
Sakura: What happened?
Naruto: Nothing.
Sakura: "nothing"? Do not give me that Naruto.
Naruto: Do you want too get us into trouble for being late Sakura-chan?
Sakura: *disgusted grunt* Fine, lets go then.
*The trio return too the Leaf and report in. Before they go their separate ways Naruto pulls Sakura aside and explains what he went through. But explains what he now understands.*
Sakura: Then.... go too her then Naruto.
Naruto: I will... tomorrow. It is late.
*Naruto returns too his apartment too rest. The next day he wakes up a bit later then usual but is rested. After checking whether he has a mission or not (which he doesn't) and sets out too find Hinata. However he can not find her but knows someone who would.*
Naruto: Kurinai sensei!
Kurnai: Oh hello Naruto. What is going on?
Naruto: Oh nothing....... Say uh.........
Kurnai: ???
Naruto: Do you know where Hinata is?
Kurnai: *looks blankly at Naruto*
Naruto: *scratching back of his head* It is.... important.
Kurani: (Oh get it. Heard Shikamaru complaining about something.) She is at the training ground. Being there since this morning.
Naruto: Thanks sensei. *leaves*
Kurani: (Well Naruto.... i guess you've figured it out. Good for you)
*Naruto travels too the training ground. Gets stalled by his "fans" but eventually escapes them. When there he looks for Hinata. Doesn't have hard too look, as she is sleeping under a tree. Naruto notices her hands are bloody and bruised*
Naruto: (You really work hard Hinata......... you really do. I feel......... like i'm looking into a mirror.)
*Naruto watches over Hinata but after a few moments Hinata starts waking up, possibly sensing Naruto standing in front of her*
Hinata: *big yawn, rubs her eyes but the world is blur* K.... Kiba-kun? *the world starts sliding into focus*
Hinata: Kiba-kun?????? *sees its actually Naruto* Ekkk....... Naruto-kun?
*Naruto says nothing but looks at her*
Hinata: *blushing* (w-why is look at me like that?) What is wrong?
*Naruto again says nothing but look at her.
*Hinatas face turns red and it trying not too be obvious about getting uncomfortable. However Naruto kneels in front of her....... fondly starts smiling at her*
Hinata: (Wh..... what is he doing?) Naruto-kun what is the matter? You are acting......
*Naruto extends his hand. Hinata pauses, analyzing his gesture. However soon relaxes and takes his hand and he helps her up. After helping her up, Naruto still holds her hand. He is been very gentle while doing so. Hinata gets the familar feeling while he does*
Hinata: (I don't know but.......... i feel safe right now.)
*There moment is interrupted*
Hinata: *stomach loudly growls* ermf......
*Hinata scrunches up her face with embarrassment and turns red faced. Looks down embarrassed as well.*
Naruto: Heh....... i'll buy you something too eat Hinata.
Hinata: You..... you will?
Naruto: Yeah.... i have not eaten today either.
Hinata: Thank you Naruto-kun.

*Naruto says nothing but smiles. Naruto and Hinata go too Raman Ichiraku for lunch. While eating lunch Naruto feels a feeling in his heart that gives him joy. And now armed with the understanding of his and Hinatas feelings..... wants too let her know how he feels. Knowing how long she has loved and acknowledged him. After finishing lunch and paying, Naruto walks with Hinata in the village*
Naruto: Were you done training Hinata?
Hinata: No..... i just got sleepy and decided too take a nap. Until you showed up.
Naruto: Do not mind me Hinata, you can go back too your training.
Hinata: You..... you want too join me?
Naruto: I'll watch but i will not train with you........ need a day off.
Hinata: (he'll..... he'll watch me?) *blushing* Naruto-kun.......... thank you.
*Naruto says nothing but smiles as he walks with Hinata back too the training ground. Hinata trains hard, given 110% effort. By the end of the day, Hinata has exhausted herself.*
Naruto: You....... you really work hard.... don't you Hinata.....
Hinata: Huh? Well..... yes. I want too be stronger. Too protect those i care about.
*Naruto approaches Hinata*
Naruto: I too have something i want too protect.....
Hinata: ???
Naruto: Hinata....... i'm sorry.
Hinata: For what?
Naruto: For............. *looks away* for making you wait.
Hinata: Huh?
Naruto: How long Hinata? How have you loved me? Acknowledged me?
*Hinata looks at him, not knowing what too say*
Naruto: A long time..... for a long time i was blind.... ignorant too your feelings. But now....
*Returns his gaze too her*
Naruto: Now i know........ my eyes are clear. Hinata....... you are special too me.
*Hinata freezes out*
Naruto: You have been a consistent in my life. Regardless if it was by you or by me. You are.... irreplaceable. I can honestly say.... i do not know where i'd be.... if you hadn't have been there Hinata. Your love....... your strength...... helped me. You have always given too me, never ask for anything back..... i now want too give back too you Hinata.
Hinata: i............... i don't need anything back......
Naruto: Hinata..... i want you too see....... see what i feel.... feel what i feel.
Hinata: naruto-kun......... how?
Naruto: Grab my hand Hinata and i'll show you.
*Hinata grabs Naruto hand. When she does Naruto warps them too where he gained his understanding*
Hinata: Where are we?
Naruto: This is the Falls of Truth Hinata. This is where i met my mother for the first time.
Hinata: How....... does it work?
Naruto: *gently holds Hinatas hand* Come with me.....
*Naruto guides Hinata toward the waterfall. He transforms too help her from getting wet.*
Naruto: Hinata.... close your eyes........ let go. Find your center.
*Hinata listens too him.... eventually Hinata finds herself in her subconscious. Soon, Hinata sees Naruto in her mind. Naruto memories show her of his journey too his understanding. What he went through, how guilty he felt about certain things he could have done for her. But Hinata also see him putting the pieces together and realizing what he truthfully felt in his heart. How he views her, cares about her.... Hinata even feels his love for her. Hinata leaves her subconscious, Naruto helps her walk out of the waterfall. When Hinata opens her eyes and sees Naruto, she immediately starts crying.*
Hinata:................ naruto-kun................. *places her hands over her heart*
Naruto: *hugs Hinata* I don't..... i don't want too let go of you. Having this feeling in my heart... especially when you are with me. Is the most wonderful thing i have ever experienced.
*Naruto pulls Hinata away from him, cups her face with his hands so he can see her eyes. He sees tears streaming down her face.*
Naruto: What i'm about too say.... is something i mean with everything i have..... And is for your ears only Hinata.
*Naruto takes his shelf and wipes away Hinatas tears*
Naruto: Hinata Hyuga........ i love you.
*Hinata pauses..... taking a moment too realize what Naruto just said..... however soon knows Naruto is being honest. Knowing he'd never lie too her.*
Hinata: Naruto-kun....................... thank you....
Naruto: No Hinata..... thank you.
*Both len in and share their first kiss. After a few moments they release eachother and embrace. Both crying tears of happiness.*
Naruto: I want this.... too be our secret place..... a place we can come too when we went too spend time together. Alone time.......
Hinata: I agree.
Naruto: We should get back Hinata.......
Hinata: Ok.
*They both hold each others hands*
Naruto: Don't let go ok?
Hinata: I wouldn't.... i'll never let go.

*Naruto warps both of the back too the Leaf Village.... Naruto walks Hinata home.*
Naruto: So.... *scratching back of his head* i had a great time tonight.
Hinata: *Blushing* M... me too.
Naruto: *Blushing* When... do you want too hang out?
Hinata: *still blushing* Well....... when ever i'm off-duty. But i have a mission tomorrow.
Naruto: So do i.
*Both sulk*
Hinata: Can you wait here Naruto-kun?
Naruto: Yeah... why?
Hinata: I want too show you something.
*Hinata rushes off too get what she wants too show him and quickly returns*
Hinata: Here.
Naruto: A red scarf?
Hinata: Yes.... you gave me yours when we first met remember?
Naruto: *thinks* Yeah now i do.
Hinata: I was making you a new one but it isn't finished.
Naruto: Can i see it?
*Hinata hands Naruto the scarf. As he looks over it he warmly smiles.*
Naruto: .... Can i have it?
Hinata: Huh? It isn't finished.
Naruto: I want it.
Hinata: Naruto-kun.......
Naruto: You made me this for me..... toke you years too make it. I do not care if it isn't finished...... i want it Hinata. I'll cherish it.
*Hinata is taken aback by his comment*
Hinata: You'll....... you'll cherish it?
Naruto: Yes Hinata..... i cherish this. I do not care if it isn't finished, i want too keep it. *unzips his jacket and places it next too his heart*
Hinata: *places her hands over her heart* My... my heart can't take this....... naruto-kun...........
Naruto: Your heart can take a lot Hinata. We both can take a lot. *warmly holds Hinatas hands*
*Hinata returns her eyes too Naruto, who is warmly smiling at her. She nods too him and they hug once more*
Naruto: I'll keep this scarf with me Hinata.... always. So a part of you is with me.
*Hinata says nothing but smiles back.*

*For the next few weeks Naruto and Hinata barely see each other, however rumors of them becoming a couple start swirling. When both are on a mission their teammates "question" them.*
Kiba: So Naruto.....
Naruto: *annoyed* what Kiba?
Kiba: You and Hinata together?
Naruto: Wha!?
Kiba: Oh come on........ don't lie. I can tell.
Sai: Your reactions are making good research material for me Naruto.
Naruto: Sai! Kiba we are not!
Kiba: Look on your face says other wise. Why are you denying it if it wasn't true?
Naruto: I'm denying it because we are not!
Sai: Your anger and annoyance is telling....... very interesting.
Kiba: Have you two kissed?
Naruto: What is this!? A torture session!?
*Meanwhile.. Sakura, Ino and Hinata are returning from a mission*
Sakura: Hinata?
Hinata: Hm?
Sakura: You and Naruto dating?
Hinata: Huh? Who said we were?
Sakura: *teasing look* Are you denying it?
Hinata: *embrassed* N....no..... what i mean yes.........
Ino: *teasing look as well* Come on Hinata....... you can tell us.
Hinata: (oh my god)
Sakura: Have you two kissed?
Hinata: *face turns a deep red shade* Sakura-chan!
Sakura: I know that look.
Ino: Very telling.
Kiba: Admit it!
Naruto: No!
Kiba: Come on!
Naruto: No! Nothing happened between us damn it!
Kiba: Liar.... Hinata is very beautiful. Who wouldn't want too be with her.
Naruto: (*high pitched scream*)
Kiba: I bet Hinata is a great kisser.
Naruto: *flustered* Yeah... her lips are soft and delicate. *covers mouth*
Sai: Interesting.......
Kiba: I knew it. You two have kissed!
Naruto: *red faced* (Shit, shit, shit!)
Ino: You do not hide it very well Hinata.
*Hinata scrunches her face up in embarrassment*
Sakura: Yeah. Obvious something happen between you too.
Ino: It was a kiss wasn't it?
Hinata: Ermf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sakura: You know Hinata... Naruto has never had a girlfriend. He is very handsome. He is very passionate person.
Ino: Yeah....... i bet he is a great kisser as well. Being so passionate....
Hinata: *mumbles*
Sakura/Ino: What?
Hinata: HIS LIPS ARE SOFT AND MANLY! *turns completely red faced and covers her mouth*
*Ino and Sakura have a look of 'oh my'. Hinata covers her head with her hood from her jacket ties so only her eyes can be seen.*
Sakura: *teasing look* You told us about his lips, how about more?
Ino: *teasing look also* Yeah, what was it like?
*Hinata shakes her head 'no' as steam emits from under her hood. However Naruto and Hinata know that they couldn't keep it a secret forever, they explain how they got together. Everyone is happy for them, if a bit teasing on other "things" they did alone, which they deny. The next day Naruto and Hinata are off-duty and decide too go on a date. However Kiba and Sai tail them. Thinking ahead, Naruto created Shadow clones, so when the clones disapate, Kiba and Sai are confused. Naruto and Hinata are at their secret place, enjoy their time off together.*

Naruto: Hinata?
Hinata: Hm?
Naruto: Did Sakura-chan and Ino ask you anything about us?
Hinata: Well..... yeah.
Naruto: ..... and?
Hinata: Well..... they ask if we kissed *playing with fingers*
Naruto: And you say anything?
Hinata: Well....... *blushing* ........... i said....................
*Naruto waits with anticapation*
Hinata: you have....... soft and..... manly lips.
Naruto: *shock and awe* YOU SAID WHAAAAAAAAAAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Hinata: it..... it was a enjoyable experience.
Naruto: (f#$% me! Now i'll all these nicknames that will involve 'soft', 'manly' or 'lips'! Perhaps a combination of all 3! Kiba will never let this down! He'll annoy me forever!)
Hinata: Naruto-kun......
Naruto: Now what? *crying of the prospect of getting endlessly teased by Kiba*
Hinata: I...... enjoyed it.
Naruto: Huh?
Hinata: I..... enjoyed it. It was magical, wonderful experience. I've always wanted too be with you but i never imagine kissing you.
Naruto: *blushing* You're saying... i'm a good kisser?
Hinata: Well........ yes. *blushing*
Naruto: *warmly smilies* I enjoyed it too.
Hinata: Huh?
Naruto: *nods* i enjoyed it. I honestly thought the only thing that would be the best experience ever would be ramen...... but i was wrong. Having that experience.... sharing it with you......... has been and will forever be the best experience of my life.
Hinata: What....... did you say about my lips?
Naruto: Soft and delicate...... which they are.
Hinata: *red faced* naruto-kun................
Naruto: *embrassed* Sorry..... Kiba was endlessly teasing me. Sai wasn't helping. Kiba also had the idea of me getting something else "soft and delicate."
Hinata: *red faced with cheeks even redder* S-something else???
Naruto: *red faced* Kiba was being an idiot Hinata, he thought i-
Hinata: KIBA-KUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Naruto: Do not worry Hinata, i gave him a concussion for even having thought that.
Hinata: *completely flustered* Good.
*Naruto and Hinata stay at their secret place the whole day, even into the night. Naruto and Hinata stay long enough too alteast watch the stars*
Hinata: Look Naruto-kun, a shooting star. Lets make a wish.
Naruto: Ok.
*Both make a wish*
Naruto: Hinata?
Hinata: ?
Naruto: Thank you for tonight.
Hinata: *pink cheeks* You do not have too thank me.......
Naruto: *places hand on her cheek* I want too.... after we spend time together. After every date, before every good-bye. I want too thank you. I just want too......... *tears fall down his cheeks*
Hinata: *wipes away tears as only she can* You can do it as many times as you want too Naruto-kun. I will not stop you.
*Naruto can not stop the tears falling. Hinata lets him cry. Her tender touch and soft presence leave him speechless. Soon, Naruto collects himself and both return too the Leaf, Naruto walks Hinata home. When home they spend a few more moments together*
Naruto: I know we are not supposed too tell someone what you wished for on a shooting star but i want too tell you.
Hinata: ?
Naruto: I wished for more days like today, more nights like tonight.
Hinata: *smile* I did too.
Naruto: It is funny, we share so much and have so much in common..... we have the same thoughts....... when IT was cast... i heard you call out too me. I do not know how....... but i did.
Hinata: When you were.......... i sensed you nearby....... i too do not know how either.
Naruto: *unzips jacket and pulls out the red scarf* I think this connects us. Similar too how my mom red hair was connected too my father.
Hinata: *places her hands on top of the scarf over Naruto* It does connect us. Our minds.... our hearts...... our souls.
Naruto: Thank you Hinata....... thank you for today.
Hinata: Your welcome Naruto-kun. *smile*
*share good-bye kiss*
Naruto: i'll see you again.
Hinata: yeah.
*Naruto and Hinata enjoy more time together..... however on Narutos 18th birthday, everyone wants too throw a party for him. But they can not find him or Hinata. Everyone discovers a note that saying he wants too spend the day with Hinata. they honor his wish but want too suprise him anyway. At their secret place, Naruto and Hinata are meditating under the water fall, leaving their physical bodies and entering their subconscious. Were they enjoy their emotions and love in there purist form.*

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