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Hinata and Hanabi meet Yuna (The Hyuuga)

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Hinata and Hanabi meet Yuna (The Hyuuga)

Post by racefan1992 on Tue May 05, 2015 12:37 pm

Fleshing out (horribly) on a character from my CCs past.

*It is a cool fall day in the Leaf Village. It has been a long while since Hinata and Hanabi had spent time as sisters together. But today is such a day they can, Hinata is off-duty and Hanabi does not have clan duties today. The sisters enjoy their day together visiting shops and doing other activities. The whole day goes by fast for the sisters however and soon they must return home.*
Hanabi: Why does the day have too end?
Hinata: I know sister but we have too go home or father will be mad.
Hanabi: Hmph, he'll get over it if we stay out atleast alittle bit late, even if we have things too do tommorow.
*they continue too walk home*
Yeah, that is it!
Hinata/Hanabi: ???
*they walk around a corner and see Akiba teaching a bunch of younger ninja*
Hinata: Akiba!
Akiba: *turns around* Hey if it isn't the married person and her little sister.
Hinata: *sigh*
Hanabi: *laugh*
Akiba: Why you ladies out at this late hour?
Hanabi: We had a day too ourselves.
Akiba: Well that is good. Family is important. Hey there is someone i want too you met. *knocks on fence next too him* Hey come on out here.
Hinata/Hanabi: ???
*a person jumps over the fence and lands next too Akiba*
Person: Who did you want me too...... *sees Hinata and Hanabi* Lady Hyuugas... *respectfully bows*
Hinata/Hanabi: *puzzled look*
Akiba: Take off your glasses and show them who you really are.......
*The person raises and take her glasses off*
Hinata/Hanabi: *shocked look*
Akiba: Well Yuna?
*Yuna and the Hyuuga sisters looks at eachother for a few moments*
Yuna: You had me show myself for what reason Saskei?
Akiba: *gives Yuna a knowing look of "you are kidding right?*
Hinata: Are... are you the person he used too........
Akiba: Well that is my cue, ok kids lets get back too the school. MOVE IT, MOVE IT, MOVE IT!!!
Kids: Yes Sir!!!
*They take off*
Yuna: Saskei get your ass back here!!! *blushing* (oh great. *stares at Hinata and Hanabi* ugh, time too face the music i guess. *sits down on a nearby bench*) Well do not stand there you two.
*Hinata and Hanabi sit down next too Yuna*
Yuna: I take it Saskei talked about me am i right?
Hinata: Well yeah..... and Kasumi did too.
Yuna: Does not surpise me. He has always been open about me too those he feels comfortable with.
Hanabi: Your a Hyuuga, i've figured out as much but are you a main or side branch member?
*Yuna removes her head band and shows the curse mark*
Hanabi: Well that clears that up.
Hinata: I already knew about that.
Yuna: I have never hidden from what i am or what i have. I'm proud too be a Hyuuga. Even with all the extra garbage that comes with it.
Hinata: Yuna..... things have changed.
Yuna: So i have heard.
Hanabi: Things have changed. Main and side branches get along much better now. Better then ever before.
Yuna: A part of me belives you girls..... another part does not.
Hanabi: If you do not believe us, then spare with us tommorow.
Yuna: Spare?
Hinata: Yeah, you can spare with us tommorow. We will come and get you bright and early.
Yuna: It.... it has been awhile since i've been back at that place.
Hanabi: Do not worry about it. I'm the heiress of the clan.
Hinata: I may not be but i still have some pull. You'll be our guest.
Hanabi: If anyone has a problem with you they will have too deal with us.
Yuna: o.... ok. You talked me into it. Bright and early?
Hanabi: Bright and early.

*Hinata and Hanabi arrive at Yunas hotel early the next morning*
Hinata: You ready?
Yuna: Yes i am.
Hanabi: Lets go then.
*The 3 travel back too the Hyuuga compound and enter*
Yuna: ....... It has been long time since i was last here.
*Yuna looks around seeing new hyuuga that she has never met before but sees a few whom she has not seen in a long time. Those few a overjoyied too see her again. After talking with them Yuna arrives at the Hyuuga training ground*
Hanabi: This is it Yuna.
Yuna: Ok.
*Hinata and Hanabi start warming up. Yuna starts warming up as well. Hinata is suprised too see how flexable Yuna is at her age.*
Hanabi: I'll go first sis.
Hinata: Ok.
*Hanabi goes too the center of the training area, Yuna does as well*
Hanabi: Ready when you are. *readies herself*
Yuna: *enters her battle stance, which is VERY un-hyuuga like. Her right arm is behind her and her left arm is slightly out streched. Hanabi charges Yuna but before she can do anything, Hanabi is staring at the sky.*
Hinata: !!!
Hanabi: What the.... !?
Yuna: *retreats back a few steps*
Hanabi: *gets back up and charages again*
Yuna: .................. *dodges Hanabi tripping her up and falls again*
Hanabi: Damn it!
*Hanabi tries many more times but fails too even hit Yuna once*
Yuna: You know what you are doing Hanabi but you need much practice and training.
Hanabi: Your turn Hinata, i got nothing for her.
Hinata: Ok
*Hinata steps in and readies herself*
Yuna: Whenever you are ready.......
*Hinata attacks but Yuna dodges however Hinata quickly recovers and almost hits her*
Yuna: !!!
*Hinata forces Yuna on her backfoot with a barriage of open palm strikes and kicks*
Yuna: (Damn this girl is good)
*Yuna changes her tactics up, throwning Hinata off*
Yuna: (I have take her seriously. One mistake and i am in trouble.)
*Hanabi watchs in awe as Hinata and Yuna display their taijutsu skill. Hanabi notes that Yuna attacks have Gentle Fist orgins but is NOTHING like the Gentle Fist they use. After roughly 5 minutes Yuna gains the upper hand, trapping one of Hinatas attacks in a hold and forcing her onto the ground*
Hinata: !!! *heavy breathing*
Yuna: *heavy breathing* Your pretty good Hinata. I can tell you have put in alot of work into your craft. And it shows. *Yuna releases Hinata and helps her up*
Hinata: Thank you Yuna. You fight like us but not exactly like us. You fight kinda like....
Yuna: Saskei right?
Hinata: Yeah. How did you......
*Yuna explains that Akiba told her that her stance was flawed and it made her movements slower and easier too read. So Yuna experimented with many different stances. Until she found the one that worked for her. Yuna also went too Akiba for advice once and Akiba told her "If you can mix how i fight and your style together. You will have something special Yuna."*
Hanabi: So Akiba taught you how too fight?
Yuna: No, that was my mother. Saskei filled in the blanks.... as well as others did.
Hinata: Question..... why do you call Akiba "Saskei"?
Yuna: That is his first name...... well i should say used too be his first name. He changed it.
Hinata: Why?
Yuna: I do not know why. He never told me.
Hinata: Ok then.
Hanabi: Since your a side branch member, then you should know some of our clans techinques.
Yuna: You name it, i'll do it.
*Hanabi gives Yuna names of the clan techinques. Yuna does each and every one of them flawlessly and effeciently. Yuna even uses her fire and wind releases with the techinques too give an extra punch too them.*
Hanabi: Wow!
Hinata: Amazing Yuna! Your not even out of breath!
Yuna: *blushing* Oh cut it out you two.
Amazing indeed.
Yuna/Hanabi/Hinata: !?
Very impressive Yuna.
*Hiashi appears*
Hinata/Hanabi: Father!
Yuna: *glare*
Hiashi: I heard some comotion, i was woundering what the fus was about.
Yuna: Lord Hiashi...... *respectfully bows*
Hiashi: It has been a while Yuna.
Yuna: Yes it is has Lord Hiashi.
Hiashi: Mind if a spare with you?
Hanabi: Father?
Hinata: ?
Yuna: Sure. (Let see if this man has changed at all.)
*Hiashi warms up and him and Yuna start. At first Hiashi does not try very hard but turns up the pressure and eventually Hiashi and Yuna are going at it 100%. During the spare Yuna senses no malice or intent too hurt her but stays on guard. Eventually Yuna trips Hiashi up and ends the sparing match*
Hiashi: *gets up* I'm ok, i'm ok.
Yuna: (I guess he has changed.)
*Hiashi sits down next too his daughters*
Hiashi: I'm getting too old for this sort of thing. Yuna can not be much older then i am yet she is hardly broken a sweat.
Yuna: You are more then capable Lord Hiashi. Give yourself credit. Your oldest kept me on my toes. Heavens know, if i made a mistake i'd have payied for it. Your youngest has more too learn but is capable.
Hiashi: Hanabi is going too replace me one day. She will get there. I'm sorry but i have too go, i'm late for a meeting as is.
Hinata: Bye father.
Hanabi: *waves bye*
*Hiashi takes his leave, meanwhile Yuna sits down next too Hinata and Hanabi*
Yuna: That went better then i thought.
Hinata: What do you mean?
Yuna: I'm willing too bet Saskei told you about how i have made my living and how he got me out. But in reality after my father broke me and Saskei up, things got very bad for me and my mother. My father created a lot of trouble for the both of us. So much so the elders killed him. Me and my mother where treated rather badly after words, your father was part of it. Saskei got me out and i became an ambassador too the Leaf the last 30 or so years. You where both right....... things have changed. I'm glad they have.
Hinata: You can partly thank Naruto-kun for that. And Neji-san.
Yuna: I'm sorry about Neji-san, i was there for that.
Hinata: It is ok. He is alive in us all who knew him.
*long pause*
Yuna: I guess i should go.
Hanabi: You can stay Yuna.
Hinata: Yeah.
Yuna: No, i'll go. You two must have things too do.
*Hanabi and Hinata say nothing but Yuna knows they have things too do.*
Yuna: *gets up and respectfully bows* Good-bye. *starts leaving*
Hanabi: Wait Yuna!
*Yuna pauses and turns around*
Hanabi: Both main and side branchs are going too have dinner together tommorow. Your welcome too join us. You'll be mine and Hinatas guest.
Yuna: I'd be honored too be your guest. What time?
Hanabi: 6pm.
Yuna: I'll be there Lady Hanabi.
*Yuna again respectfully bows and leaves for your hotel room*

*Yuna readies herself in proper attire for the dinner. Yuna arrives early, so she takes that time too look around the Hyuuga compound. Not much has changed since she was last there. While walking around Yuna meets more of her friends she has not seen in years. They spend the day catching up but soon head for where the dinner is. Yuna sits next Hinata and one of her friends. While dinner is being served, Yuna keeps too herself but seeing as everyone is enjoying themselves. Yuna begins too as well. When Hinata says she cooked some of the meal, Yuna compliments her cooking skills. When dinner is over most people go relax (in Hanabis case, passed out cold). Yuna stays and helps clean up. When everything is put away, Yuna finds a place out of the way so she can enjoy some tea alone, however Hinata finds her but Yuna does not mind.*
Hinata: You were somewhat quite tonight....
Yuna: It has been awhile since i've been around so many people in such a setting.
Hinata: Oh.......
Yuna: It is just me Lady Hinata. Nothing on you.
Hinata: Oh i know......... say Yuna?
Yuna: *sips tea* Hm?
Hinata: You..... you and Akiba...... where together right?
Yuna: Yes...... yes we were. What about it?
Hinata: Nothing i just was woundering about it.
Yuna: He talked about us didn't he?
Hinata: Yes but..... Kasumi did too.
Yuna: Like i said before, he is open about our past relationship. We were in love.... back then.
Hinata: Kasumi says you two were happy together and that you brought him so much happyness.
Yuna: I brought him happyness? He brought me happyness.............
Hinata: ?
Yuna: I did bring him happyness too. Saskei will not admitted it but he was shy around girls. But alot of friends who were girls. Once he warmed up, Saskei was who is was; kind, talkative, caring and sweet.
Hinata: Did you know he was going too ask you too marry him in a few years time.... before you broke up?
Yuna: Yeah i know. Kasumi told me.
Hinata: What would have said?
*Yunas eyes shimmer alittle*
Yuna: I would have said "yes... yes i will marry you." But i have a confession too make......
Hinata: ???
Yuna: I was going too ask him too marry me. We were together for so long, each loved eachother with all ours hearts. I told my mom i was going too ask his hand in marriage. She completely supported my choice and encouraged me too. But..... i got cold feet many times. When i feel summoned the courage......... my father.................
Hinata: You do not have too say anymore Yuna. I understand.
Yuna: *sigh of relieve* I understand you Lady Hinata are married.
Hinata: Yes i am.
Yuna: Congradulations.
Hinata: Thank you Yuna.
*Yuna spends the next few minutes giving Hinata some advice*
Hinata: Thank you Yuna for the advice but you are not married are you?
Yuna: No.... no i'm not. But life experience counts for something and i have a child. You one day will have one or more yourself.
Hinata: You have a child?
Yuna: Yeah. She is older then you by about 6 years.
Hinata: *tries too saysomething*
Yuna: I had a one night stand. Was drunk. Found out 2 months later i was preagent. Lucky for me i had met people who helped me out with my pregency. Had a healthy baby girl. Now 25 years later she is a capable, strong, kind and loving young women who is a squad leader of her villages police force. One of if not the best ninja in the village.
Hinata: Where does she live?
Yuna: Land Of Waves. We moved around a lot but i finally found a place too raise her. Land of Waves was it. Maybe you will meet her one day Lady Hinata. She takes after her mom.... and grandma.
*A hyuuga interups them saying the Main House wants a meeting with Yuna tommorow morning. Yuna agrees too the meeting*
Yuna: I'm going too retire for the night. Good night Lady Hinata. *bows*
Hinata: Good night Yuna.

*Yuna arrives early in the morning for the meeting. The main house has questions for her. The questions are not too personal, however as the meeting goes sour when it comes too her family*
Elder: Ok Yuna. Just a few more questions. Do you have any family.... son or daughter?
Yuna: What if i did?
Elder: Do not dodge the question Yuna.
Yuna: You are going too use the curse mark on her aren't you!?
Elder: Yuna.....
Yuna: One she is too old for it and two she doesn't deserve too have it put on her. She was not born here, she was born else where. And have thought about it a different way?
Elder: What do you mean?
Yuna: She can pass for a Main House memeber. If she had the mark, she would be seen a side branch memeber. Without the mark she is a squad leader of the police force in her village. She has earned everything she has gotten in her life. I'd rather die then see her get the curse mark put on her......
*While Yuna talks, Hinata and Hanabi eves drop. Even though they are not supposed too.*
Elder: Ok Yuna. We all agree with you. Now about your father.
Yuna: *disgusted look* ...................
Elder: He left a scroll for you. *has a another hyuuga take the scroll too Yuna* now......
*Yuna gets up, throws the scroll into the air and uses a Fire Release techinque too burn it*
Elder: Yuna!
Yuna: I do not care what that piece of shit had too say. DO YOU REALIZE WHAT HE HAS DONE TOO ME!?
Elder: Watch your tone!
Yuna: Or what!? You will fry my brain? I'm glad the son of a bitch is dead. My REAL father died long ago. The bastard that almost beat me, ruined my relationship with Saskei and a long list of other "wounderful" parenting jobs is NOT my father. Oh and he cheated on my mother.
Everyone: !?
Yuna: Suprised? My mother told me EVEVYTHING about what that man had done. I wish i had the courage too kill the son of a bitch myself.
*Hinata and Hanabi are shocked too hear Yuna say those things. Yuna contines too saying things about her "father" that only make everyone hearing them shocked. The elders try too talk too her but Yuna refuses too hear any of it. Soon Hinata and Hanabi enter where the meeting is in an attempt too difuse the situation.
Elder: You two should not be here. This is none of your business.
Yuna: Please leave.
Hinata: No.
Hanabi: We are staying! We both feel that something bad will happen if this continues.
Yuna: Nothing bad will happen.
Hanabi: You feel the energy in this room? It is thick. You can not make us leave.
Hinata: We brought Yuna back here.
Hiashi: You did what?
Hinata: We brought her back here. Akiba has told me of what happened, Yuna further explained things too me and Hanabi. Personally, i feel Yuna needed too come back too heal those wounds which she still has.
Yuna: ........................
Hinata: Yuna, i know from experience. I've had problems with my family. I had it rough. I'm not heiress because my father deemed me too kind and nice too lead the main house.
Hiashi: ....................
Hinata: But i never wanted it. I have all i need right now. I have friends, my family and i the one person whom i am married too that i love so much.
Yuna: (Hinata)
Hinata: I want too help you in anyway i can Yuna.
Yuna: I'll never forgive him Hinata......... what he did......... i can not do it. I'll take this with me too my grave.
Hiashi: Yuna..... Your mother made this for you. It has been here since you left.
*Hiashi gets up and gives the Yuna scroll. Yuna opens it and starts reading it. After a few moments Yuna gets still and strangely quiet. Worried, Hinata and Hanabi approach her, when close too Yuna they find tears rolling down her cheeks. Before Hinata and Hanabi can say anything, Yuna runs for the door as fast as she can and exits the room. Her vision blurry with tears Yuna runs too find someplace where she can be alone. She finds a random door and goes inside the room, slamming the door behind her. Yuna finds out this isn't a room at all, instead, she finds a graveyard. Momentarily regaining herself, Yuna wounders around, when much too her suprise she finds her mothers grave. Her emotions getting the best of her again, falls too her knees in front of her mothers grave*
Yuna: Mom........... I................. I miss you.............. and................ thank you.
*Yuna cries her heart out while leaning on her mother grave stone. Yuna cries for what seems like hours, Hinata and Hanabi eventually find Yuna. They let her go, just watching her. Yuna eventually stops when she feels someone watching her and is relieved too have it be Hinata and Hanabi. Yuna staggers too her feet, Hinata and Hanabi help her walk over too a nearby bench too sit down.*
Yuna: Th...... thank you.
*Hanabi runs off too get Yuna a drink of water while Hinata finds a cloth and some water too clean Yuna up. Her eyes are bloodshot and he cloths are dirty as well as her hands. Hinata does her best too clean her up.*
Yuna: You.... you do not have too do anything for me right now.
Hinata: I told you Yuna.... i want too help you in anyway i can.
Hanabi: *returns with some water* Here Yuna.
Yuna: thank you. *sips water*
*Hinata and Hanabi stay with Yuna, cleaning her up and keeping her calm. Although Yuna does not express it, she is happy too have them by her side.*
Hinata: How do you feel Yuna?
Yuna: Better. I feel so ashamed of my myself for acting in such a manner.
Hanabi: Emotions get the better of us all.
Hinata: I cried when Naruto-kun proposed too me.
Yuna: I shouldn't have run out like that. But what my mother had written down on this scroll............ i had too leave.
Hinata: What did she write?
*Yuna hands the scroll over. The Hyuuga sisters read it. It says that her mother knew she was going too die from cancer. She got cancer from the posion she got while on a mission. Although the posion was taken care of, damage too her internal organs was done. It was only a matter of time before something happened. And it did, she had cancer of her colon, which metastasized in her liver. She hid it until one day she collapse in the garden, where Yuna found her and rushed her too the hospital. Her mother didn't say anything because over how torn up she was over her father forceably ending her relationship with Akiba and well her father making life for both them a living hell. But reminds Yuna that she loves her and will always be with her.... and that she takes after her mom for better or worse. That she wished one day she would return too the Leaf and return too the Hyuuga clan. And that it was her dieing wish too find happiness in life and forget about her father.*
Yuna: The doctors told me she had a few weeks left....... she fought for nearly a year. By the end, she had no strength left, but she fought on until she passed. That is who she was. I wish you could have met her. She was kind and gentle but strong and fearless. My mother knew nothing of fear. A few times when she got angery, her byakugan would glow from light reflecting, like a cats eyes would. But i only saw it twice; once when i was a little girl when she protected me from bullies and when she protected me from my father when he was about too hit me. All the while, throwing him into a wall and saying "if you ever come near me or my daughter again you piece of shit, i'll make your death as painful as humanly possible."
Hanabi: She is strong..... too be able too handle all that.
Hinata: She is fearless.
Yuna: Yes.
*Yuna spend the next few hours telling Hinata anad Hanabi more about her past. Including her relationship with Akiba, more about her daughter and her journeys over the course of the last 30 years*
Yuna: *yawns* I'm exhausted. I think i'll turn in for the rest of the day.
Hanabi: Ok Yuna.
Hinata: Do you want us too walk you back?
Yuna: No Lady Hinata, i'll be fine. I want read more of my mother scroll. It is going too take me awhile.
*Yuna bows and leaves the Hyuuga compound and returns too her hotel room.*

*Yuna spends the next few days reading her mothers scroll. Yuna is happy too know that her mother would have supported her decisions. Her mother would also too have liked too be a grandmother. This makes Yuna sad but knows that her daughter takes after her mother as much her grandmother. Yuna eventually gets cabin fever and has too get outside for a walk. As Yuna walks she feels a sense peace she hasn't felt in a long time and she remembers her mothers words. Having cleared her head she heads back too her hotel room.*
Erika: Hey Mom!
Yuna: Huh?
*Yuna sees her daughter sitting outside the hotel room*
Yuna: What are you doing here?
Erika: I came too see you mom. i have some vacation time too use up, so i figured i'd spend it with you. Besides, i was hoping too see your Hokage.... so i can be a citizen here.
Yuna: ?
Erika: This is where you were born and raised mom. If i can become a citizen here, i'll be closer too you, understand more about you and your home. I've been so focused on my duties i've forgotten about my hertiage. I'm a Hyuuga, that much i'm sure of. But you have been rather vauge about it mom.
Yuna: I'm sorry sweetie. My past is something that was very painful painful too talk about.
Erika: Was painful?
Yuna: Yes but it isn't now. For the first time...... i'm at peace with my past and with myself. Here sweetie, read this. It will tell you what you want too know.
*Yuna daughter reads the scroll and takes in every word. Most of her questions are answered and she finds out things she never knew before. But really she is happy her mother is at peace with not only herself but her past.*
Hinata/Hanabi: Yuna!
*Erika and Yuna turn too see Hinata and Hanabi approaching*
Hanabi: I.... who is this?
Yuna: Lady Hanabi, Lady Hinata this is my daughter Erika. Erika these are...... your cousins.... more or less. You and me are from a side branch of the Hyuuga clan, they are from the main branch.
*Erika respectfully bows*
Hanabi/Hinata: *look at Yuna and her daughter. Shocked about how similar they look. But introduce themselves and talk with Yuna and Erika. Erika asks about where Lord 6th is and the Hyuuga sisters point Erika in the direction of the Hokages office. Yuna goes with her daughter too Hokages office and is there for the rest of the day. After about one week, Erika is called too the office and is granted citizenship too Leaf village. However during her getting citizenship, Yuna hands over her retirement papers too Lord 6th, which he accepts.*
Erika: Why did you retire mom?
Yuna: I've served under 4 Hokage sweetie, i've traveled the world. I'm done all i've wanted too do. Time for me too settle down and enjoy myself. I still have many years left. Time for me too enjoy them. And spend time with my daughter. *smile*
Erika: *smile*
Yuna! Wait!
*Yuna and Erika turn around too see Hinata, Hanabi their father running toward them*
Yuna: What is it?
Hinata: Father has something too say too you.
Hiashi: Yuna, i have talked too the Elders. You are welcomed back too Hyuuga clan. You have a place... home here. Hinata and Hanabi pretty much convinced us otherwise.
Yuna: Thank you.... all of you...... But not now.
Everyone: Huh?
Yuna: I want too spend time with my daughter. She is on vacation. I'm going too show her the world, all the different places i've been too. She has never been very far out of the her village. This world has so much too be seen. I'm going too show her everything i can.
Hiashi: Ok Yuna. Your daughter is also welcome. We'd like for the both of you.... at your convinence too show our younger memebers how too fight. Maybe even teach my daughters some things.
Yuna: I'd be honored too do such a thing Lord Hiashi.
Erika: I'd be honored as well. If you contact my Hokage, i'll be given time too come over here and do what you asked of me. My mother is now retired so she has time. We will back in a few weeks.

*Yuna and Erika set off on their travels. Mother and daughter travel by boat, train and foot. Erika is amazed by all the places her mother has been too. Yuna enjoys spending time with her daughter, which is something she has not done in a long time. But she enjoys the time with a peace in her mind and heart. By the end of the vacation, Yuna is rested. More so then she ever has been before, not just physically but mentally. Even Erika notices her mothers increased energy. When walking into the village Yuna sees Akiba by the main gate*
Yuna: I want too talk too Saskei Erika, go on ahead. I'll catch up.
Erika: Ok mom.
*Erika heads for the Hyuuga compound*
Akiba: Hey look who it is.
Yuna: Hello Saskei *sits down next too him*
Akiba: You look different.
Yuna: What do you mean?
Akiba: You look happy Yuna. You look rested and energized. It has been too long since i've last seen this from you.
Yuna: I'm at peace Saskei. For the first time since i was with you, i'm at peace. I'm happy... i'm free from my chains that held me down...... i've let go of all my baggage. Plus i'm now retired, i get too enjoy myself and have time with my friends and family. I have catching up too do.
Akiba: *puts arm around her* I'm more then happy for you Yuna. I'm glad in fact.
Yuna: *blushing*
Akiba: *teasing look* And i'm still the only person who can make your cheeks turn that shade of red. *laughs*
Yuna: S-Saskei cut it out!!! *covers her face embrassed*
Akiba: Get out of here and enjoy yourself girl. Go on get.
*Yuna leaves and goes too the Hyuuga compound. Erika has already started teaching the younger Hyuugas about combat tactics. Yuna takes a seat down next too Hinata and Hanabi and watches her daughter spare with the younger Hyuugas. Erika shows great skill in all aspects of her abilities, including the Byakugan. After her sparing, all the hyuuga give a applause too Erika. Yuna beams with pride at her daughter getting recongized for her skill. After mother and daughter show the young ones how too do things, they take a break and let the young ones practice. Yuna and Erika go too the grave yard and visit her grand mothers grave. Erika has never been here before nor seen her grand mothers grave. But pays proper respects too her grandma, even sheds tears in sadness over not getting the chance too know her.*
Yuna: It is ok sweetie. You take after me and grandma. She is in both of us.... and she is with both of us. Always.
*Erika dries her tears and mom and daughter have a slient preier too honor their mom/grandma. They head back too the training ground. Hiashi asks Yuna and Erika and too have a double sparing match with Hinata and Hanabi, which they except. The sparing match is fast and furious but the last two remaining are Hinata and Erika. Both put in 110% effort but Hiashi calls a stop too it because neither was able too get the upper hand (and for their safety).*
Erika: We could have kept going.
Yuna: It was not a competiton sweetie, just sparing.
Erika: *hmph* Hinata is pretty good though. She is the best i've ever fought against.
Yuna: Your generation will be better then mine.
*Erika looks at her mother with a look uncertainy but the look turns too one with a slight in hint of pride but sadness as well. Erika and Yuna stay in the Hyuuga compound for the night. The next morning, Erika has too return too her village too resume her duties. Yuna walks her daughter back too her village and walks back too the Leaf.*
Yuna: I guess i'll return my hotel room key, i do not need it anymore.
Hanabi: Yuna!
Yuna: Yes.... Lady Hanabi?
Hanabi: Father wants too talk too you.
Yuna: Ok.
*Yuna and Hanabi go too the Hyuuga compound*
Haishi: This will be brief Yuna. Hinata does not need a body guard any longer, since she is married. But Hanabi does so....
Yuna: I'll do it Lord Hiashi.
Haishi: I didn't finish.
Yuna: It is my duty too do it. Although i'm retired offically..... i'd be honored.
Haishi: .........
Hanabi: I want Yuna too be my body guard father.
Haishi: You do?
Hanabi: Yes. I will not take anyone else father. You've seen what Yuna can do.
*Hiashi looks at Yuna, Yuna has an unobjective look on her face*
Hiashi: If this is what you want. Yuna and i will talk conditions, since she is retired. And i'll honor her status as much as i can.
*Yuna and Hiashi talk the scope of her duties, in such how far she will travel and other things. But the compromises are easy between them. After they agree too terms, Yuna is declared Hanabis body guard. After Yuna and Hanabi talk, Yuna retires for the day in her room. The next day Yuna wakes too the sun beaming into her room*
Yuna: Well..... mom. I guess i fullfiled your wishes................ Even a few i you didn't plan on me doing.
*Yuna looks toward the sun, ready for the next stage in her life.*

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