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Naruto Episodes 405-408

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Naruto Episodes 405-408 Empty Naruto Episodes 405-408

Post by H. Uzumaki on Wed Apr 22, 2015 10:50 am

More summaries for those who aren't watching. (You should give these episodes a chance! Except sadly, the Team 8 episodes, which were 403-402. The villains make it... ugh. I too can't wait to get to the manga chapters again)

Episode 405 has Tenten imprisoned with one of the hidden rain ninja, who also has similar talents to Tenten. The rain ninja gives us an insight on their village, Pein, and Konan, who is one of the more liked villains of the Akatsuki, at least by me. While the two work on their escaping, Neji and Lee work with the other two after scaring off some Hidden Leaf Shinobi; both placing the importance of their comrades first over the actual event.

The antagonists are the monstrous ants, which greatly outnumber Tenten and her imprisoned comrade. With a barrier too strong for Neji and co. to take down, its ultimately up to Tenten to realize her training with guy as she manages to release an "ocean" of water, defeating the ant antagonists; and proving to herself she has her own niche amongst team guy. It plays like a typical Heroine story, a reminder to women they can be more than just "preparers of food" and equal to their male counterparts as is the running joke in both Tenten focused episodes. Overall, 405 and 404 are okay, and leagues better than 403 and 402.

406-408 focus on Team Sakura, Ino, and Chouji at last. The first two are Ino-centric; The first episode shows Ino forgoing her father's training for medical jutsu, turning her into a sort of jack of all trades, but master of none. (Though later Tsunade reveals she allows her to learn solely so she can better master her clan's mind techniques.). Like Tenten, the heroine sees her comrades as very strong (Chouji and Sakura) and wants to catch up to them. Its a common theme in heroine stories: Self-worth. In 406, the antagonist is the same giant scorpion that they were easily bested by earlier in the exam, but this time, similarly to how Sakura demolished the giant crab in the Last, Sakura demolishes this scorpion. (Likely, this scene was inspired by the Last.). You also get to see Ino Sakura rivalry, which is sorely missed in the later parts of the manga. In 407, it is the medical ninja and her team that they met before and that healed them after the scorpion attack. This team, Ino's clan jutsu is required to save her teammates through communication, and you see her master a miniature version of the mass communication jutsu that is used in the fourth ninja war. This allows them to best the invisbility technique their enemies employ, since Ino is a sensory type.

408 switches to a fight with a puppet user, and reveals to us Sakura's training in what eventually is her healing powerup in the fourth ninja war. It's revealed to have great fatigue on her, which is a setback when they met another antagonist in a form of a puppet user. Sakura's travails allow a brief frame story with Sasuke, where we see him plotting to eventually turn Sugeitsu and Karin to his side from Orichmaru's; after purposefully letting loose the former to test his abilities.

The running theme in these heroine stories (And many in the manga) is self-worth. Perhaps it is a constant test for Sakura especially because it is a constant question for her and women alike in the troubles of self-esteem (Which men can have problems with too.). Its a neat theme, and one to think about when watching these episodes.
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