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Episode 403-404 Review

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Episode 403-404 Review Empty Episode 403-404 Review

Post by H. Uzumaki on Thu Mar 19, 2015 11:19 am

Here's my short review on the recent two episodes.

So Episode 403 concluded the Team 8 short plot and in 404 we return to team Gai.

403: 403 in short was marginally better than 402. The villains they face are very bleh, which is the source of why 402 is also bad. However, watching them be defeated was -very- satisfying. Kiba has some jealousy issues with Naruto, who (Like always) indirectly inspires them to do their best. I enjoyed the parts of the episode that didn't focus on the villains. It was nice seeing Kiba train and work hard to try to learn Naruto's shadow clone jutsu, and realize his shortcomings of not being able to do as many due to his chakra controls. Its kind of relatable and easy to have sympathy with. Still, the Kiba-focused episodes are definitely skip-worthy in general. No fault of theirs, just really, really, really bad villains.

404: Episode 404 is much better than the last episodes. Its a much more quality filler that focuses on Tenten as the lead this time, rather than Lee or Neji. She is trying to find her niche in a group where Lee excels at opening gates and Neji has created his own jutsu. She feels she hasn't created any of her own great achievements. It parallels to Sakura's feelings to inferiority against Naruto and Sasuke, a classic Heroine desire to keep up with her male counterparts and be seen as an equal. (Its rarely never the inverse for heroes.) Their villains are -much- better, hailing from the hidden rain village. They're instructed by Konan herself to try to bring back any Jinchuriki or opponents with high chakra levels. They don't rely on humor, and are an all female group that isn't sexualized, which is a very satisfying fact.

Episode 404 is definitely worth watching. It might be the best episode yet in the arc. The villains are a lot easier to sympathize with as well as the heroine, and you don't get to see Tenten at the lead much. They clearly had different teams working on 404 and 403, and the team working on 404 just excels so much better. Give it a watch!
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H. Uzumaki

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Episode 403-404 Review Empty Re: Episode 403-404 Review

Post by db84x on Fri Mar 20, 2015 4:14 am

Thanks for review, it really good filler episode I hope SP will made another better filler in future.

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