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NaruHina Month Day 7 - Wedding Planning Fanfiction

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NaruHina Month Day 7 - Wedding Planning Fanfiction

Post by Sweet Fluttershy on Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:49 pm

Sorry for being late, but better late than never right. Here is my fanfiction for the prompt Wedding Planning, Day 7.

A Special Day For Us by Sunny-Babe (me on fanfiction.net)
It's Naruto and Hinata's wedding! Imagine the planning of the wedding day of Naruto, the "prince charming" of Konoha and Hinata the "sweet princess" of the Hyuga clan, the romance and the hilarity ensued.

Please read and review it would be greatly appreciated :) BTW feel free to post it on tumblr as long as there's a link to the fanfic hosted by fanfiction.net and also if I am credited. :)
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