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Naruto as a Ballet or Cirque Du Soleil production?

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Naruto as a Ballet or Cirque Du Soleil production?

Post by Sweet Fluttershy on Fri Nov 21, 2014 3:21 am


I know this is such a crazyx100 idea (so don't bash me please) but I imagined many Scenes as a ballet scene, like when Neji battled Hinata during the Chuunin exam. I know it is like impossible in many people's eye to translate the actions to dance sequences, but it wouldn't be Classical Ballet, Contemporary would be it because there is more freedom in creativity to accommodate the action sequences.

however i don't think it would happen in a million years unless a brightspark genius decides to take this project and create a Naruto Ballet. There is however a Pokemon Ballet which I saw on Youtube recently and it triggered this post.

Now for Cirque Du Soleil, I haven't seen Cirque Du Soleil show before but I've seen clips of it. Now first of all I don't think Cirque would choose to create a production of Naruto. However with the work they do such as acrobatics, modern circus stunts and special stage effects, I think it's somehow possible, that is if Cirque decide to create Naruto.

then again i am not too sure if they would get the permission to create Naruto

What do you think, can you imagine Naruto being created as a Ballet or Cirque Du Soleil Production?

P.S please be nice with your responses :)

Sweet Fluttershy
Sweet Fluttershy

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Re: Naruto as a Ballet or Cirque Du Soleil production?

Post by Irielo on Fri Nov 21, 2014 5:52 am

No reason to bash you. I find your idea interesting because dance, ballet, cirque and acrobatics are always supported by music. So, there are so much artistic things which can be integrated at the same time to make a great show out of the Naruto story.


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