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Byakugan: Original Eyes of the Sage

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Byakugan: Original Eyes of the Sage

Post by Twin Steps on Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:08 am

I have reasons to believe that the Byakugan is the origin of all Dojutsu including the most superior Dojutsu of the main three. I don't think this is a troll, but here is my theory:

When the Sage began his journey into the ninja world, he gained a technique that allowed him to gain knowledge of chakra. A technique called Byakugan. As it was stated by Kishi, the Byakugan has the greatest insight than all other Dojutsu. It not only sees chakra as the Rinnegan and the Sharingan does, but it also sees their tenketsu, have a 360 degree range of vision, and teloscopic vision. This allowed the SO6P to gain knowledge about chakra and began to use it for himself.

As we all know and what has been stated by Kishi is that whoever possesses the Rinnegan will have the power to control all of the elements, and control the Yin and the Yang. But of course this power had to have been handed down by a higher power. Something, perhaps, like the Byakugan. The Hyuga clan, who possess the Byakuugan, has the power of the 8 Trigrams. In Japanese, the 8 Trigrams represent all the elements. The Sharingan, Kakashi said, was derived from the Byakugan. The Sharingan doesn't have the insight that the Byakugan has. It cannot see Tenketsu or a 360 degree of vision.

Also, going back to "Wuji" from my previous theories, it was said to be the beggining and all elements, including Yin & Yang, came from it.

Wuji is known as the beggining of all things. In this void of nothingness, something begins to stir. This event causes the creation of Yin & Yang, both in an eternal battle to over come the other, yet it is impossible, since yin can't exist without yang, and vice versa. This is why yang has a portion of yin in it and why yin has a portion of yang in it.

All those weird names are the elements.....

This theory is kinda weak.....but what evs
Twin Steps

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Re: Byakugan: Original Eyes of the Sage

Post by SID~ on Sun Apr 28, 2013 1:50 pm

Lol well maybe what happened was that the sage originally had the Byakugan and learned the whole chakra thing from it, then his eyes involved into the Sharingan and then the Rinnegan, since that's how the steps seem to be .. So Byakugan must be his original eyes and since the Sharingan was derived from the Byakugan it kinda makes sense BR00 , I think lol :P

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