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My "Fairy Tail" experience

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My "Fairy Tail" experience Empty My "Fairy Tail" experience

Post by Starlight on Tue May 27, 2014 5:28 am

Since I'm on Episode 89 I wanted to tell you how mush I know/love about Fairy Tail. So when I started watching it it was great meeting Lucy and then Natsu then my favorite part is episode 2 when Lucy arrived at fairy Tail everyone was fighting and arguing I found it funny xD. Then when they saw Erza eveyone was scared of her (but I thought she was amazing). But what I found interesting is episode 14 the Fight was amazing and Gray's backstory was sad soon when I watched an Episode about Erza's past I instantly shipped Jerza it's just soo cute!!! Then I shipped Gruvia when Gray and Juvia meet each other I'm right now on the part when Natsu Wendy Karla and Happy go to a different world anyways bye guys gonna watch more Fairy Tail xD too addicting~!

PS: I'll definately recommend Fairy Tail to everyone

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