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Post by Rayleigh on Fri Apr 25, 2014 12:31 am

The scripting/design team have done a few modifications to the forum in the scripting world. A few help from the host management.

Here is the list of modifications we have done over time since the previous:

Reputation Bars displayed beneath your Rep points in every post you create!
When you drag your curser above your reputation bars you will see a hover pop-up showing you how many reputations left for you to earn for the next bar!
People are not allowed to register with the names NaruHina(swear word here)
Moderator bugs and cookies clean up
Forum bugs and cookies clean up
    *please report to either ME or AZUULA if you detect any forum bugs or spelling mistakes for forum development!
Cyan glow go to contest winners such as the Guess the chapter Event and the Birthday contest!
Awards are more instantly clickable than it was previously

This is a picture of the reputation bar if you haven't noticed it:

Forum v5.6 PedwOny

Next we will try our best to add:
A multiple theme choice. (3 themes max)
Background music for the portal!


If you'd like to suggest anything please do so in this section here:

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